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Chapter 359: Unsealing the Battle Armor
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According to historical records, more than nine thousand years ago, a massive chaos occurred, a tremendous calamity in which uncountable people died. As a result, a lapse appeared in the fields of martial arts and alchemy. Afterwards, the Heaven's Sword Sect, the Absolute Saber Sect, and various other sects stepped out and joined forces to pacify the utter chaos, which was what led to the peace that the future generations had enjoyed for the subsequent eight thousand and more years.

...Compared with the absolute disaster at that time, the current fighting and killing were only a small matter.

Ling Han had a guess. The huge chaos at that time had been incited by the party that those three old men represented. Zi Xue Xian and they were members of the same race; they had wanted to bring her back to the realm of gods but were met with refusal, as she wanted to live or die with this world.

Ling Han had personally witnessed her ultimate end. Though he had not seen the final scene in which she died in battle, without the Thunder Battle Armor, with her heart pierced, and two God-level pursuers behind her, how could she have managed to escape alive?

Zi Xue Xian was a disciple of the Blue Thunder Sect, and in this current era, the Blue Thunder Sect was still standing firm and strong in the middle state. It was said that they were one of the major parties that stood against the chaos all those year ago. In that case, Zi Xue Xian's race probably didn't have anything to do with the Blue Thunder Sect. They had only discovered that there was a member of their race in the Blue Thunder Sect and thus had the intention of bringing her back to the realm of gods.

Jiang Yue Feng and the others, several hundred elites of the Heaven Tier combined together, battled an ultimate elite of the Shattering Void Tier. According to the time, that person could very possibly be an invader from the realm of gods, or even a god himself. However, because he was suppressed by the power of the realm, he could only possess the battle prowess on the level of the Shattering Void Tier. So ultimately, he was dragged into a battle of resilience by so many elites of the Heaven Tier, then killed through their combined forces?

Theoretically, that was probable.

But the problem here was, why did the realm of gods want to invade this world?

It was public opinion that the realm of gods should be rich in resources, and Divine Herbs would be growing everywhere there. Simply picking any one of them and swallowing it would allow a normal person to immediately become a god. Even if he was not able to become a god, then he should still at least shoot up to the Heaven Tier, or the Shaterring Void Tier.

What feature of this world would then attract the covetous eyes of such a rich place?

It was just like how the various parties of the north region were disdainful of the Desolate North—because even if they conquered the latter, what was the point? Only those minor, insignificant parties would think of striving for a niche in the Desolate North.

Could it be that the realm of gods had such parties as well? They could no longer survive in the realm of gods, and so decided to travel to this world?

No, that was not right. Those three old men said that they wanted to bring Zi Xue Xian back, which meant that they had no plans to stay here for a long time. Additionally, Zi Xue Xian mentioned that they wanted to destroy the whole human race. That was not something a conqueror would do.

Without subjects, was a ruler still a ruler?

Most important were Zi Xue Xian's last words. She said that everything the future generation heard were lies. What could that mean?

In terms of her era, she must have been talking about that huge calamity that had happened about 10,000 years ago. It was not true? It was only a lie?

Ling Han could not help but feel a headache coming on. What should have been a very logical story seemed to have been turned completely turned upside down with a few words from Zi Xue Xian. But Zi Xue Xian was so determined to send out these words even if it meant that she would die in battle, so how could she possibly be joking around?

That was definitely impossible!

It appeared that he definitely had to make a trip to the Clear Harmony Palace Hall at the Boundless Mountain and find the answer Zi Xue Xian had buried there. He knew where the Boundless Mountain was—the middle state. Of course, it might no longer be called the Boundless Mountain by now.

Furthermore, after 10,000 years, was the Clear Harmony Palace Hall still standing?

He'd think about it in future.

Ling Han sighed. You obviously had the Memory Crystal on you, so why hadn't you simply recorded all the answers inside instead of forcing him to have to make a side trip to the Boundless Mountain!

"Small Tower, can you repair this battle armor?" he asked.

"No!" Small Tower moved left and right. This was a gesture it made when it was shaking its head. If it was nodding, it would move forwards and backwards. Ling Han was already familiar with its gestures. It paused, then continued, "However, I can disperse the various energies within so that this battle armor could still be used for a while."

Ling Han was delighted, then said, "Then, come over quickly."

Small Tower trembled slightly, and a powerful might gushed forth. The Thunder Battle Armor instantly floated midair and began to shake. Zi, zi, zi . Multiple patterns on it lit up, and then extinguished. However, it was only a short while before this battle armor fell back down onto the ground with a smack.

"It's done," Small Tower said expressionlessly.

Ling Han was not that surprised anymore. It had also erased the tool spirit in the Demon Birth Sword as easily and as quickly like it had done now. Moreover, this was only a Level Ten Spirit Tool that was severely damaged. He put on the Thunder Battle Armor and tried to activate it.

Zi, zi, zi . Multiple patterns lit up, and abruptly, there were uncountable lightning bolts jumping all over his body. It was not just his torso, but his whole body, and they formed a barrier of lightning.

Ling Han gave a wave of his hand, and xiu , a blazing white electric light shot out into the distance and transformed into a sharp blade. He delivered a punch, and the electric light transformed into a blazing white fist that possessed formidable force behind it.

With a sharp whistle, he attacked repeatedly with both hands. Xiu, xiu, xiu . Fist Qi and Sword Qi were shot out simultaneously and, compounded by the Thunder Battle Armor, transformed into blazing white swords of lightning and fists of thunder!

Ling Han could not help but laugh uncontrollably. This Thunder Battle Armor had at least given him a power upgrade of five Battle Stars! Furthermore, this was only in terms of attack. He had yet to try out its defense, but he believed that this barrier of thunder would definitely not be weak.

He was only capable of activating a portion of the patterns on the Thunder Battle Armor now. In other words, with the advancement of his cultivation level, the might of the Thunder Battle Armor would also advance accordingly. However, it could not possibly reach the level of the Shattering Void Tier anymore, because the two holes in its front and back were still there. That meant there was a portion of patterns missing, and no matter what, it could not possibly display its strongest abilities anymore.

"Zi Xue Xian, we have not had many relations in the past, but the choice you've made has impressed me very much. Don't worry, I will definitely find the answer that you have left behind, and not allow the calamity to happen again!" Ling Han said somberly. After making this oath, he shrugged on his outer garments. The Thunder Battle Armor was a high level Spirit Tool and could actually adapt accordingly to the different physique of its wearer. Thus, while he was obviously taller and broader than Zi Xue Xian, he did not feel it was in any way tight when wearing this battle armor.

There was still that bottle.

Ling Han opened it and looked inside. There was only a drop of purple-colored blood inside, and it was exuding a very powerful aura, instantly making him feel as if his skin was being pared by knives, like his skin was going to crack.

Was this Zi Xue Xian's blood?

Ling Han replaced the lid on the bottle. This might be the key to opening the place in the Clear Harmony Palace Hall where Zi Xue Xian had buried her answer, so he could not use it now.

He exited the Black Tower; there was still some time left until dinner. Furthermore, if they wanted to go to the Duan Residence, they would have to go in the middle of the night, and it was still a little too early now.

He had free time anyways, so he called Liu Yu Tong and the others over and began to teach them martial arts.

First was an enquiry session. He asked them to inform him of the difficulties they had encountered during cultivation, which he would clarify and answer. After that, he taught them different cultivation and martial arts techniques based on their different abilities.

He did not need to teach Liu Yu Tong, however. Zhu Wu Jiu was a swordsman as well, so Ling Han taught him the Four Seasons Sword Technique. Can Ye wielded a saber. Unfortunately, Ling Han had not managed to get any supreme saber technique from the Setting Sun Saber Emperor. However, there was no shortage of saber techniques in his head, so he found a Black Demon Saber Technique which he had Can Ye learn. This was a Black Grade high level martial arts technique, and it was an excellent choice for his current level. It could nearly be considered Earth Grade.

At the moment, Liu Yu Tong was at the eighth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, whereas Zhu Wu Jiu was at the fifth. They had improved very rapidly—this was naturally due to the alchemical pills they had taken. Ling Han warned them repeatedly that they must not be in a rush to break through when they reach the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, but should rather strengthen their foundations firmly before taking the final step of breaking through. Otherwise, the cultivation that had been accumulated with the use of alchemical pills would be too weak, and it would be impossible for them to climb to the highest level of their cultivation.

At night, Guang Yuan finally came downstairs and joined them for dinner. Then, they quietly waited for midnight to arrive.
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