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Chapter 356: Memory Crystal
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Ling Han considered the matter for a moment, then asked, "You suspect that Qing Yue had not died naturally?"

"Qing Yue's talent in martial arts exceeded even mine and Duan Zheng Zhi's, so how could she have possibly died from illness?" Guang Yuan shook his head immediately. "I am currently in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and Duan Zheng Zhi has even broken through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier; then no matter what, Qing Yue would at least have been in the Spiritual Ocean Tier three years ago. How could a martial artist in the Spiritual Ocean Tier fall ill and die from illness?"

Indeed, once a martial artist had broken through to the Element Gathering Tier, they would fall ill only in very rare circumstances. With Origin Power to protect their bodies, they would not be affected by ordinary ailments. Unless they were poisoned or injured by another, they would definitely live healthily all the way until they died of old age.

"Since you have suspicions, why don't you go and get to the bottom of the matter?" Ling Han asked.

"I fear remembering her when I see things related to her, and am afraid that the long suppressed old affections would emerge again," Guang Yuan said, shaking his head.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and asked, "How are you any better than that if you continue like this? Where does that Duan Zheng Zhi live now?"

"En, he settled here seven years ago, and has developed quite well since. The Duan Clan can be considered a considerably powerful party in the Sea Breeze City, with many elites of the Spiritual Ocean Tier under their banner," Guang Yuan said.

This was also one of the reasons why he had not made his way to the Duan Residence. That was because if he made an official visit, he would not be received, and if he sneaked in, with so many elites in the Residence, should he be caught red-handed, how embarrassing would that be in front of his old love rival?

Ling Han broke out into a smile and said, "That's all right. We'll go take a look tonight, and conclude one of your preoccupations."

Guang Yuan thought the matter over and sighed, but did not refuse.

He indeed very much wanted to know how Nong Qing Yue had actually died. Otherwise, it felt as if he had a heavy stone weighing down on his heart. This matter has caused him to be unable to eat well or sleep well, and there were even signs that his cultivation was degrading these days.

After taking a look at all the members of his group, Ling Han entered the Black Tower.

He wanted to study the Thunder Battle Armor closely.

This battle armor looked like it was a vest. It did not have sleeves, and looked like it could only protect one's torso. It was also made from a material Ling Han could not identify. It was made from multiple silver-colored metal plates woven together with a metallic thread.

Upon close examination, every single metallic plate had a pattern on it. They were all different from each other, and looked a bit like the lettering on the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, but also looked as if they were drawings.

If that was really the case, then the Thunder Battle Armor would have come from a very important background. It was possible that it was not any mere Spirit Tool, but could possibly be a God Tool that had come from the realm of gods!

However, this battle armor was extremely severely damaged. There was a hole on the chest part, and when he compared it, it was precisely the spot lying over the right side of the chest, where the heart was. In other words, someone had worn the Thunder Battle Armor yet had his heart pierced with a single strike from his opponent. The wearer had naturally died, whereas the battle armor experienced fundamental damage.

There was now no one capable of reviving the battle armor, but because the material it was forged from was definitely Level Nine or perhaps even Level Ten, it could not be penetrated by any kind of weapon. Thus, should one wear it, it could still be effective as a protective covering, which could be considered of little value when compared to its real worth.

If that hadn't been the case, how could the Winter Moon Sect possibly use it as a prize? However, it was originally arranged to be won by the Seven Sons of Ao Family, and this was also the result from the hardworking efforts of the Elder of the Ao Clan. Yet, unexpectedly, it had fallen into Ling Han's grasp in the end.

"Has the tool spirit vanished completely?" Ling Han injected his divine sense into the battle armor, and indeed, there was no sign of life from this Spirit Tool. The tool spirit no longer existed within.

"Nothing to be done if the tool spirit is dead. It's only that it cannot revive itself anymore." Ling Han rubbed a hand over the battle armor. "As long as my martial intent is strong enough, I will still be able to actiate this battle armor. Moreover, I heard that there is a Thunder-aligned martial arts technique concealed within, though I don't know whether it's true or mere rumor."

"Let's see if I can activate it!"

The members of the Winter Moon Sect could not accomplish this feat because even the strongest of the Winter Moon Sect was only in the Spiritual Infant Tier, whereas this battle armor was at least a Level Nine Spirit Tool. But it was a different story for Ling Han. He possessed a sliver of divine sense of the Heaven Tier, plus he was currently in the Black Tower.

He injected his Origin Power into the Thunder Battle Armor, but there was no reaction. Then he poured his divine sense into it, and still there was no reaction.

Yi, this can't be right, even his divine sense of the Heaven Tier was actually unable to stimulate the martial intent within? Or was he unable to stimulate it because it was too severely damaged?

Then he could only use the power of the Black Tower.

With a thought from Ling Han, the Black Tower immediately reacted. Weng , the battle armor began to light up. One metallic plate after another, those patterns lit up and transformed into a language that was completely illegible to Ling Han.

He now understood slightly. This was not really letters, but a very high level martial intent, and if one wanted to try to figure it out, he would possibly need a few hundred, a few thousand, or even more than 10,000 years to do so.

It was the same for the Indestructible Heaven Scroll.


He stilled slightly, and with another thought, he saw a very small crystal suddenly float in midair.

This was actually a space that the Thunder Battle Armor possessed on its own. It was revealed to him after he had activated it, and aside from this crystal, there was a small bottle, but who knew what it contained.

This crystal… Memory Crystal!

Ling Han recognized what it was, and was extremely surprised.

Once a Memory Crystal was activated, it could record everything that was happening around it, but it was only a one-time record. After that, the next time it was activated, one would be able to observe every single detail that happened every minute, every second, and from every angle, as if one was observing from the point of view of a god.

This Crystal was extremely valuable, and was ordinarily used to record when an ultimate elite was practicing his techniques, which would then be recorded by the Crystal and passed on to later generations.

Ling Han looked at it closely. There was a black line on the Memory Crystal, which meant that this Crystal had been used once before. Otherwise, it would be completely clear and pure.

He immediately injected his divine sense into it. Weng , he instantly appeared in an unfamiliar environment. In this environment, he did not have a physical body, but could move according to his will and appear anywhere he liked. However, this environment was only about a mile-size circle, and there was a completely white space outside of this single mile.

That was because that the Memory Crystal could only record events as they happened within this limited space.

Ling Han's eyes swept over, and instantly looked shocked. A girl with long purple hair was currently speeding through the wilderness, bringing rapid change to the scene. Thus he confirmed that the Memory Crystal had to be on her, which was why she was the central part of this scene and could cause changes to the scene.

And this girl was precisely Zi Xue Xian, one of the seven elites of the Heaven Tier from his last life.

This had obviously happened after Ling Han had been obliterated by the Black Tower, because Zi Xue Xian's ability… was unfathomable. Not even Ling Han could fully figure out her true prowess, but the Memory Crystal was very vividly recording the fluctuations in her aura.

Ling Han deduced that this aura was weaker than the Asura Demon Emperor's and Zi Xue Xian should have broken through to the Shattering Void Tier.

Indeed, after he "died", there should have happened a revolutionary change to their environment, which allowed Sword Emperor and the others to charge all the way into the Shattering Void Tier. Even that crazy disciple of his, Jiang Yue Feng, managed to take this step, and they could have possibly shattered the void and entered into the realm of gods!

However, there was an obvious anxiety in Zi Xue Xian's expression, and from the look of her, she seemed like she was fleeing!

One of the elites of the Heaven Tier from his last life, who had even broken through to Shattering Void Tier, was actually fleeing?

Why was she fleeing? And what enemy was she fleeing from?
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