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Chapter 351: Ao Feng Appears
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"What are you planning to do?" Yue Kai Yu exclaimed darkly. Since he had made his decision, he displayed the decisiveness that was characteristic of a member of a Great Clan.

"He killed Junior Sister Zi Tai, we will kill him to avenge her!" the crowd shouted in fury.

"Insolence!" Yue Kai Yu humphed coldly. "Is the sect the kind of place that allows you all to have fights in private? It is naturally up to the sect to judge whether Junior Brother Han has committed a crime, so how could you all be allowed to make trouble?!"

"That's right. This is indeed something to be handled by the sect!" A clear voice rang out, and all of a sudden, there was another person in the courtyard, and none of them actually managed to see how he had suddenly appeared.

Of course, Ling Han was the exception.

"Greetings, Attendant Ao!" When the masses saw the newcomer, they all raised their clasped hands to pay their respects.

Ling Han was a little surprised. So this was Ao Feng?

He turned his eyes to the newcomer, and saw that it was a man who looked to be in his forties. He was quite tall and slender, his complexion as clear as jade, and looked extremely handsome. Furthermore, he had an elegant bearing, and could very easily make women fall for him. No wonder he could be a stud. His appearance and bearing were both well above average.

Moreover, Ao Feng was also unusually talented in martial arts and already had one foot in the Flower Blossom Tier by now. That was already over a dozen years ahead of the greatly talented and bold Rain Emperor, which was proof enough of his extraordinary ability.

Of course, there were talented people in every generation, and among the Seven Sons of Ao Family, at least Ao Xing Lai had already exceeded Ao Feng when the latter was at his age, and set against the whole north region, Lu Yang, Zhu Xuan Er, and Zuo Yu Da were even more dominating.

Ao Feng's eyes paused on Ao Zi Tai's body for quite a while. He had been a womanizer his whole life, with innumerable illegitimate children, and it was only these few years that he had exercised a bit of restraint. In truth, even he himself could not remember the names of every single one of his children.

However, there were a few outstandingly talented children that were precious to him.

One example was Ao Xing Lai and another was Ao Zi Tai.

A mere disciple who had just recently entered into the sect actually dared to kill his beloved daughter?

The more outraged Ao Feng was, the calmer his expression became. He said calmly, "It is a great breach of rules for a battle to commence in private within the sect. However, as an Attendant, I probably have the right to handle this matter, don't I? Isn't that right, Nephew Kai Yu?"

The aura of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier surged forth, and Yue Kai Yu erupted in an uncontrollable cold sweat. Ao Feng already had one foot in the Flower Blossom Tier and possessed a sliver of an immortal's aura. This made Yue Kai Yu feel as if there was a mountain weighing down on him. Even standing up was an exercise of willpower and force for him, but his legs were already uncontrollably shaking. How could he even speak now?

However, it was at this moment that Ling Han stepped out and stood in front of Yue Kai Yu, taking this kind of tremendous pressure onto his own shoulders.

Yue Kai Yu instantly felt lightened. He could not help but feel both thankful and worried, because no matter how much of a monster Ling Han was, he was also in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier just like himself, so it was practically an impossibility for him to be able to take on the aura exuded from someone who was half a step away from the Flower Blossom Tier.

Yet Ling Han appeared extremely calm. Ao Feng wanted to use his aura to suppress him, someone who had once been in the Heaven Tier? He had better try it again when he had reached the level of someone like Sword Emperor or Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

He smiled calmly, and asked, "What does Attendant Ao plan to do to me?"


The crowd inhaled sharply at this and could not help but be secretly impressed by his courage.

In front of someone who was half a step away from the Flower Blossom Tier, Ling Han could still be so calm. He had to be exceedingly brave, and this point alone was worth them all giving him a thumbs up.

"A life for a life; naturally, the punishment is execution," Ao Feng said calmly as well. He was half a step away from the Flower Blossom Tier, and possessed absolute authority here.

Ling Han suddenly laughed loudly and said, "Ao Zi Tai plotted and intended to frame and set up both myself and Senior Brother Yue. I am the champion of the open trials this time round, and with my talent, it would be no issue for me to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier in future. Senior Brother Yue is Grand Elder Yue's great grandson. Who are we? And how very important are we to the sect? Yet Ao Zi Tai actually wanted to frame us and accused us as despicable, lewd villains. Such a person… shouldn't she be executed?"

When everyone heard this, they could not help but twitch as they all shared the same thought. They had seen some who had really thick skin, but they had never seen someone who would praise themselves to the extent that Ling Han had! He actually dared to exaggerate and claim that he would definitely break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier in future; this kind of boast was really mad!

However, those who had actually witnessed Ling Han's battles during daytime were nodding in agreement.

He, someone who was merely in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, could actually defeat all the Seven Sons of Ao Family. This guy's talent in martial arts could only be described with the word 'monstrous'. Furthermore, he was already in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier at the mere age of nineteen, and this kind of achievement could already be counted within the top hundred in the history of the Winter Moon Sect.

And among these hundred people, there were fifty-six that managed to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier in the end, and there were thirty-one that had also reached the ninth layer of the Flower Blossom Tier.

As for the remaining thirteen?

It was either that they had vanished amongst the crowd, or died at a young age. Otherwise, they would have at least broken through to the Flower Blossom Tier.

History had already proved that Ling Han indeed had that kind of potential, and was not merely boasting.

Ao Feng was stunned. He had never imagined that Ling Han would actually still be able to speak so much with such a sure tone when he was under the pressure of his aura. However, he was not angered, because he possessed absolute power. What need was there for him to get angry when he had such power?

"I don't care, I only know that you've killed my daughter. No one can kill anyone from the Ao Clan, no one!" He moved, and hong , a sharp brightness arose from behind him; his martial intent was at full power, forming what seemed to be a world of its own.

It was within this short instant that multiple thoughts streaked through Ling Han's mind.

Should he have the Black Tower instill power into him, or draw out the Demon Birth Sword, and kill this enemy directly? Or he could duck into the Black Tower and temporarily avoid confronting him directly, because he very much wanted to leave Ao Feng to Ling Dong Xing himself to deal with.

However, before he had come to a decision, he saw a huge crimson palm strike forth and parry Ao Feng's attack. "Humph, the Winter Moon Sect is not your private kingdom where you can do as you like."

Hong , a violent power surged forth, forming a brilliant light.

When the light had died out, another man had stood in front of Ling Han. He looked to be in his forties as well, with a sturdy hair and his black hair fluttering around him. He withdrew his fist, folded his arms behind him, and said, "I think that the fault lies with Zi Tai. As for Han Lin, he can only be claimed to be a bit too rash, so it would be enough for him to get a little black mark."

"Dad!" Yue Kai Yu immediately exclaimed in delight and surprise. What made him even happier was the fact that his father had obviously made the same decision as he had—that was to shield Ling Han to the best of their ability.

"Greetings, Attendant Yue!" Everyone once again greeted. The person that had come this time was, of course, Yue Zhen Shan.

Ao Feng looked at Yue Zhen Shan coldl, and asked, "Then my daughter has died for nothing?"

"Hoho, Senior Brother Ao, you have my condolences!" Yue Zhen Shan said without any sincerity in his words. "Although Niece Zi Tai has gone too far, but we should honor the dead. Thus, there is no longer any need to pursue her fault in this matter."

Ao Feng was so angry that he looked like he wanted to breathe fire. Then, he said coldly, "Today, if this boy does not die, I will definitely not let matters go!"

"You have so many sons and daughters anyway, so it's not such a big issue if a few of them die," Yue Zhen Shan mumbled.

"What!?" Ao Feng instantly jumped up and raised a palm in a strike at Yue Zhen Shan, which attack transformed into eight eerily sharp blades. He was a swordsman, so even if he did not have a sword in his hands, every move he made was filled with sword intent.

When they heard Yue Zhen Shan's words, quite many felt some sympathy for Ao Feng, and secretly thought that it was rumored that Yue Zhen Shan was a brainless and straightforward character. The rumors were indeed true. How could he say such words in front of everyone?
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