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Chapter 350: Killed with a Single Slash
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"Who is this guy, how could he have such dominating power!"

"One punch was enough to fling seven martial artists of the Spiritual Ocean Tier away, and furthermore, Senior Brother Liu is someone in the sixth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier!"

"Hiss, when did such a freak appear in our sect?"

"Hehe, you guys don't know, do you? He is one of the newly accepted disciples this year. Moreover, he has just entered into our sect the day before, and today, he has gained the first place position in the entrance trials!"


"With the Seven Sons of Ao Family participating, he still managed to get the first place?"

"What kind of news did you guys get? The Seven Sons of Ao Family, as well as Senior Brother Yue, have all been defeated by him!"

"I seem to get it now; no wonder Ao Zi Tai had put on such an act."

There were no idiots here, and as long as they could keep their calm, they could very easily understand the ins and outs of the whole story.

"Han Lin, release Junior Sister Zi Tai first, we can discuss things calmly!" Someone asked Ling Han for mercy.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "When you all burst in just now, you all looked very fierce, as if you wanted to beat me to death at any moment. I'm really very scared!"

"Eh!" Everyone was struck speechless. You are so ferocious that you have even defeated all the Seven Sons of Ao Family, so who amongst the people gathered here would be able to threaten you? But as Ao Zi Tai was still in his grasp, he could naturally say whatever he liked.

"Junior Brother Han, I know that there is displeasure in your heart, but Junior Sister Zi Tai is Attendant Ao's beloved daughter, and is also the great-granddaughter of Grand Elder Ao!" someone reminded.

Ling Han laughed lightly, and said, "Senior Brother Yue is also Yue Zhen Shan, Attendant Yue's son, as well as Grand Elder Yue's great-grandson, but this ugly woman had still set him up without the slightest bit of hesitation! Since she has not given any face to him, Senior Brother Yue naturally need not give her any face, either."

Yue Kai Yu suddenly gaped. Why was he so suddenly dragged into this issue? But when he thought about it for a moment, he did not say anything to refute Ling Han's words. Ao Zi Tai's actions had made him extremely displeased, and he had the intention to make her suffer a bit.

If he really tolerated this without making any attempt at payback, then wouldn't that mean that the Yue Clan was beneath the Ao Clan?

Thus, this was not a matter that could be settled with him simply saying that he would let things go, because this affected the competition between two different factions.

"Junior Brother Han, you are indeed unusually strong, and there may be no one capable of standing against you in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but there are so many of us here now, so we are at the advantage in terms of numbers. Why don't you first release Junior Sister Zi Tai? The sect will naturally serve out justice for yourself and Senior Brother Yue," another said.

Ling Han laughed, but turned to look at Yue Kai Yu and said, "Senior Brother Yue, if the accusation that we attempted molest and rape was made solid, what would happen to us?"

"There are three taboos in martial arts: defying one's parents, betraying one's master, and committing a sexual offense. Our Winter Moon Sect has always strictly observed these three taboos, so if the accusation of rape was really made solid, the punishment would be execution!" Yue Kai Yu said after some consideration.

Ling Han's eyes turned cold, and said, "I am actually someone nice. If you respect me, I will respect you as well. But I also remember my grudges very well; whoever treats me badly, I will definitely avenge myself!

Since you want me to die, then why should I allow you to live?" These words were directed at Ao Zi Tai.

Ao Zi Tai could not help but quiver, and said, "Could it be that you actually dare to kill me?"

"Junior Brother Han, don't be rash. That, after all, is merely conjecture—" Yue Kai Yu hurriedly said.


Yet Ling Han snatched away someone else's sword, and with a light scrape, blood gushed forth and Ao Zi Tai's throat was already slashed open. She stared at Ling Han in disbelief, one hand holding onto her throat, yet she was not able to stop the onsurge of blood at all.

She had died just like that?

She had merely come to stand up for her brothers, and planned to use her influence among the younger generation to forcibly remake Ling Han into a despicable character who would molest women, and by that time, public clamor would be able to obscure the actual truth. How would Ling Han be able to continue to stay in the Winter Moon Sect?

He would definitely have his cultivation crippled and be forced out of the sect.

Even if events had exceeded her expectations in the later half, she was not the slightest bit anxious. Anyways, if one plan did not work, there was always another. But she had never thought that Ling Han would be such a decisive character—he had actually killed her with a single slash!

She was of the Ao Clan; why had Ling Han dared to do something like that?

She would never know the reason. As the last signs of life left her body, she fell onto the ground with a peng , and her beautiful face, just like that, was stuck onto the dirt.

Hiss , continuous sharp breaths were heard from all around. Then, a considerable number turned to stare at Ling Han with red eyes.

"Want to fight? I am willing," Ling Han said calmly.

He was especially angry, because he had just about managed to get some information about his mother, but was forcefully interrupted by Ao Zi Tai. Furthermore, his mother was currently imprisoned, and the cause for it was because the Ao Clan was involved. Now that Ao Zi Tai was also planning to set him up, his killing intent was naturally overflowing.

He entered the Winter Moon Sect indeed to find out his mother's location, and indeed because he wanted to obtain the Thunder Battle Armor, but this did not imply he was willing to submit to humiliation!

He was someone who had been in the Heaven Tier and the Alchemy Emperor in his last life—how could his backbone be soft?

In the worst-case scenario, he could give up on the Thunder Battle Armor. Moreover, as long as he was able to become more powerful, how could he not be capable of crushing the Winter Moon Sect and rescuing his mother? It was only that this plan would take longer, and he wanted to rescue his mother as soon as possible.

"Han Lin!" at least a few dozen people roared in anger, eyes red, their killing intent sky-high.

No matter what fault Ao Zi Tai had done, she did not deserve death! Now that their goddess had passed away, this made them extraordinarily outraged, and they were determined to crush Ling Han into dust.

It was only now that Yue Kai Yu came back from his shocked state, and he could not help but wipe away the cold sweat that had gathered on his forehead. This guy was really a little ancestor; he had actually killed Ao Zi Tai just like that.

What could be done now? The Ao Clan would definitely not let things go like that!

But after only an instant, he made the decision to shield Ling Han with all his effort.

The Yue Clan and the Ao Clan had been on fair terms twenty years ago, and had even advanced to the level that they wanted to ally their clans through marriage, but after Yue Hong Chang's matter had happened, the relations between the two clans swiftly deteriorated.

Currently, the two clans would oppose each other in all aspects and compete in everything, and the Yue Clan was now obviously at disadvantage.

If they were comparing the older generation, Ao Feng dominated over Yue Zhen Shan, and in the younger generation, those Seven Sons of Ao Family were all stronger than Yue Kai Yu, and the gap between the two clans was not small in any way.

It was all thanks to the fact that their elders were at a tie, and the deciding factor was the ability of the Spiritual Infant Tier. Thus, even if the younger generations of the Yue Clan were not as strong, they were still able to stand on equal footing with the Ao Clan—at least, this was true now, while the Elder of the Yue Clan was still alive.

But the problem was, if the Yue Clan continued to wither in this manner, or if the younger generation of the Ao Clan completely developed, then the Yue Clan would definitely lose in the competition between the two clans.

The Yue Clan had really put in enough effort. For example, Yue Kai Yu had obviously obtained more cultivation resources than the Seven Sons of Ao Family, but why was his cultivation still at the eighth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier? That was because he had continued to suppress it and did not make any attempt to break through yet, intending to solidify his foundation and trying his best to perfect his cultivation at the level of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Yue Kai Yu's talent was not too bad, but he was not so talented as to defy logic. Furthermore, he alone was standing against seven opponents, so his chance of winning was really miniscule.

Yet it was at this moment that Ling Han had appeared.

His talent defied logic and he had the backing of an alchemist. More importantly, right from the start, he was already on the opposite side of the Ao Clan. Thus, Yue Kai Yu wanted to befriend Ling Han. Who knew, perhaps he would become a strong weight on the power balance against the Ao Clan in future.

Now that Ling Han had killed Ao Zi Tai, on the surface, he had made a life-or-death enmity with the Ao Clan, but in truth, wasn't this a chance for the Yue Clan? A chance for the Yue Clan and Ling Han to become real allies.
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