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Chapter 349: False Accusation
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Within mere moments, a considerable number of people raced over, and all surged forth into the courtyard.

"Junior Sister Zi Tai, are you all right?"

"Who molested you? Tell me, I will tear him apart!"

"To dare to have intentions even on Junior Sister Zi Tai, he's really tired of living!"

They exclaimed one by one. Those that were qualified to live on this peak were at least in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and there were even some disciples in their thirties and forties who had already broken through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Among them, there were some that could possibly break through to the Flower Blossom Tier, or even the Spiritual Infant Tier.

Ao Zi Tai was indeed very popular. Just one shout from her, and so many people had immediately raced over. Some of them had even been in seclusion yet still ran over without a care.

Beautiful women were a limited resource in the first place, and there were even fewer beauties that had considerable cultivation levels, what more when Ao Zi Tai was unusually beautiful.

Ao Zi Tai was indeed an excellent actress. Her previous arrogant, cold, and merciless expression was completely withdrawn from her face. She had fallen and sat on the ground, with tears coating her face, and sobbed. "They wanted to molest me, and force me! Wu, wu, wu, I don't want to live anymore!"

Hong , instantly, everyone's rage was ignited, and they all glared furiously at Ling Han and Yue Kai Yu, looking like they wanted nothing more than to swallow the both of them whole and skin them alive.

However, there were still some that had not lost their senses, bewitched by Ao Zi Tai. Someone asked, "That's not really possible, is it? In this kind of place?"

This was a place under the close supervision of the Winter Moon Sect, and any bit of disturbance sensed would immediately attract the attention of the elites of the sect.

"What's so impossible about it? Or are you doubtful of Junior Sister Zi Tai's words and her charm?" However, these doubts were immediately drowned out. "Perhaps these two had the same thoughts, and that's why they were so outrageously bold to dare use brute force here!"

"Kill them!" Quite a number had eyes red with anger.

"Cough!" Yue Kai Yu stood up and said, "Senior and Junior Brothers, you all are being too arbitrary. Just because of one word from her, you do not care about what the truth is?"

"Hehe, others may not dare, but if it was Senior Brother Yue…" someone said.

When the others heard this, they nodded respectively. Yue Kai Yu was the great-grandson of Grand Elder Yue, and if he had indeed molested Ao Zi Tai, then as long as the Elder Patriarch of the Yue Clan was willing to make a bit of compromise, it was not an impossible thing for Yue Kai Yu to marry Ao Zi Tai in recompense.

When they thought this, a considerable number felt a layer of cold sweat accumulate on their bodies. Thank goodness they managed to get here in time.

Now, the majority had already lost their senses due to their overwhelming anger, and even if there were some who were still rational, they were in the minority.

"Apprehend the two of them and deal with them according to the rules of our sect!" they exclaimed, and one after another, they leaped out to take action.

"We can spare Yue Kai Yu, but Han Lin must be executed! What kind of wretched thing he is to dare to actually molest Junior Sister Ao Zi Tai!"

"That's right, kill him!"

They were all extremely furious. Yue Kai Yu was a member of the Yue Clan and no one dared to kill him, but Ling Han was a different story. He was just a newbie that had just recently been taken into the sect, and even if he was killed, it was not advisable to offend the masses. How would the sect actually afford to punish all of them just for the sake of one single person?

Ao Zi Tai had naturally foreseen that would be the case, and that was why she had used such an underhanded scheme.

Ling Han shook his head. Against young men like them, beauty was indeed a powerful weapon. A tiny trick like that was enough to turn these so-called geniuses into rash, hot-blooded fools; really, even if they were sold off, they'd be counting money for the person who had sold them off.

In truth, it was hard to blame them for it. These people had always admired Ao Zi Tai, and all of a sudden, they heard that their goddess had almost been defiled and raped—they were naturally ouraged. In the midst of rage, it was of course natural for them to lose the common sense that they should have.

He humphed lightly and exclaimed, "A bunch of idiots!"

He had instilled a sliver of intent of a Heaven Tier elite in this exclamation; there was not much force behind it, but it was enough to enter directly into the minds of every single one of them. Instantly, they all looked dazed, and calmed down from their fury.

Yi, there seemed to be something off with this; even if Yue Kai Yu intended to rape Ao Zi Tai, he should not have dragged Ling Han in as well.

Ling Han beckoned Yue Kai Yu over and signalled the latter to cooperate with him. Then, he said, "Take a look at the clothing on this woman..." With a chila , he began to tear at Yue Kai Yu's clothes, which gave the latter a scare.

"If they had been torn by another, they should look like this!" Ling Han raised Yue Kai Yu's arm. "But that woman's clothing, hehe." He paused a while, and continued, "Senior Brother Yue, tear your own sleeve."

Yue Kai Yu finally understood what Ling Han wanted to do, and quickly nodded. With another chila , he tore open his other sleeve, and indeed, because the angle at which he exerted force was different, the resulting tear looked completely different.

Shua , everyone's eyes instantly turned to stare at Ao Zi Tai.

They were all at least in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so how could they be idiots? Just now, they had only been fooled because of Ao Zi Tai's beauty, and had their reason overridden by anger, but with Ling Han's reminder, they had all calmed down and begun to consider the matter seriously.

Attempted rape was, in the first place, an illogical thing, because this was Yue Kai Yu's personal courtyard, so why had Ao Zi Tai appeared here? On the other hand, if it was Ao Zi Tai who was trying to frame them, everything would become logical.

"Don't you all trust them; for the sake of escaping punishment, they would of course make a false countercharge." Among the masses, someone immediately called out, making a few of them regain their looks of rage and return to glare at Ling Han and Yue Kai Yu.

Ling Han strode out, his eyes sweeping over the crowds, and said, "To hide the head and show the tail, do you think I don't know that you're hiding there?" He directly acted, and peng, peng, peng... there were a few that attempted to stop him, but Ling Han forced them away with a palm strike each.

He instantly grabbed onto a man and asked Yue Kai Yu, "Senior Brother Yue, do you recognize this person?"

"He should be one of Attendant Ao's sons, but as for his name… hehe!" Yue Kai Yu said after a moment of consideration.

Ao Feng really had too many illegitimate children.

With a toss, Ling Han threw the man onto the ground and said, "Everyone should know by now that these two belong to the Ao Clan, they are merely putting on the trick of covering for one by the other shouting with the crowd."

It was very obvious that this guy was there to fan the flames.

Silence fell upon the crowd. They were not fools, after all. Ao Zi Tai could make use of their admiration for her, but ultimately, she could not continue to deceive them forever.

Ao Zi Tai screamed shrilly, "Don't listen to their nonsense. They almost molested me, and are still trying to slander my name, they have gone too far!"

Ling Han humphed and once again walked towards Ao Zi Tai. His slender figure created a long shadow on the ground, which shrouded Ao Zi Tai.

"You, what are you doing?" she asked in a trembling voice.

"You framed myself and Senior Brother Ao, so should you not receive some punishment?" Ling Han asked coldly and stretched out a hand to subdue Ao Zi Tai.

"Stop!" Instantly, there was a considerable number of people who acted simultaneously, attacking Ling Han at the same time.

It was one thing for Ao Zi Tai to make use of their feelings, but even if they knew that they had been deceived, how could they simply let go of their feelings of admiration just like that? They naturally could not simply stand by and watch as Ling Han made a move against Ao Zi Tai.

"Those who attempt to stop me should pray for luck!" Ling Han said coldly, his battle prowess on full power.

Peng, peng, peng, peng . Six flashes of Fist Qi danced unhindered. Silvery images of dragons surged forth, and those who stood in his way were completely unable to stand against their might. They were all flung away with a punch from him, and it was as if stalks of straw were flying around in the air.

Ao Zi Tai was astonished, and she could no longer pretend to sob piteously on the ground. She hurriedly leaped up, intending to make her escape by ducking into the crowd. There were over a hundred Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists here, and she did not believe Ling Han could defeat all of them in one go.

"Your limbs are quite swift!" Ling Han smirked coldly. He used the Shadow Wind Motion and instantly appeared behind Ao Zi Tai. With a hook of his right arm, this woman fell into his grasp.
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