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Chapter 348: Worming Facts
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Yue Kai Yu was very enthusiastic, and had prepared drinks in his personal courtyard early on. The moment he saw Ling Han, he said, "Junior Brother Han, quick, please, please, please, you're not going home till you're drunk!"

Ling Han laughed. "If I'm drunk, what do I do if I don't remember the way back?"

"Then just stay for the night!" Yue Kai Yu said without the slightest bit of hesitation.

"This place that Brother Yue is staying, tsk, tsk, tsk!" Ling Han seemed to be very envious. This was not the Rising Sword Peak, but rather Halting Peak—among the seven peaks, it could be ranked second in terms of having the most abundant Spiritual Qi.

Naturally, only extremely talented members of the younger generation like Yue Kai Yu and the Seven Sons of Ao Family were qualified to stay here, whereas the elites of the Spiritual Pedestal, the Flower Blossom, and the Spiritual Infant Tiers could stay on White Cloud Peak, which had the densest Spiritual Qi.

"With the talent that Junio Brother Han has, it would be a piece of cake for you to get your own courtyard on the Halting Peak." Yue Kai Yu patted Ling Han's shoulder. "Come, come, come. Drink! Drink!"

Yue Kai Yu's courtyard was very quiet. Aside from a single scholar boy, there was no one else, which was proof enough that Yue Kai Yu had his complete focus on martial arts, without any other unnecessary thoughts.

From this aspect, Ao Feng was indeed a genius. He was an absolute womanizer, yet his cultivation could soar all the way up to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and now, he already had one foot in the Flower Blossom Tier, which was indeed something to be impressed about.

Ling Han had the intention to worm information about his mother out of Yue Kai Yu, so he began to engage in a drinking competition with the latter. If he managed to get the latter drunk, then it would naturally be easy for him to ask his questions.

"Come, I'll have a cup and you have one too, and whoever does not drain his cup is a bastard!" Ling Han declared, raising his cup in a toast.

"You have one, and I'll have two!" Yue Kai Yu said very generously. However, without waiting too long, he was already having a headache, and his body was swaying. He was already half-drunk, and there was completely no need for Ling Han to encourage him to drink as he had already filled his own wine cup continuously.

'Cousin, so sorry!' Ling Han thought to himself. The wine that he had drank had directly entered the Black Tower, so naturally, no matter how much he drank, there was no way he could be drunk. When he saw Yue Kai Yu was already drunk and his eyes had turned hazy, he asked, "Senior Brother DiscipleYue, don't you have any siblings?"

"N-none. My dad only had me!" Yue Kai Yu said stammeringly.

"Could it be that your grandfather also only had your father as a single child?" Ling Han asked deliberately.

"I still have an aunt."

Light flashed through Ling Han's eyes, and he continued to ask, "Then does your aunt not have any children?"

My aunt, my aunt committed a huge crime, and has been imprisoned by my grandfather at, at..." Yue Kai Yu shook his head, as if he was remembering and struggling at the same time.

"Imprisoned where?" Ling Han asked as he filled another cup of wine for Yue Kai Yu.

After he had drank a few cups, Yue Kai Yu was grinning dizzily, and said to Ling Han, "Junior Brother Ling, what cultivation technique have you practiced? Why is it that I suddenly see three, and then suddenly... there's two of you? Hahaha, why have you gone back to becoming only one of you?"

Ling Han sighed. He couldn't feel offended by a drunk man! He used a sliver of his divine sense of the Heaven Tier and asked sternly, "Where is your aunt now?"

Yue Kai Yu instantly stiffened, his body frozen; confusion appeared in his eyes as he said, "My aunt is currently imprisoned at—"


It was right at this moment that a loud bang was heard, and the main doors were heavily kicked open. A slender young girl strode in. "Where is Han Ling, get out here!"

With such a commotion, Yue Kai Yu had mostly sobered from his drunken state in an instant. His eyes swept over the intruder and he could not help but frown. He asked, "Ao Zi Tai, what are you doing here?"

Another with the surname Ao? Most probably, this was one of Ao Feng's daughters.

Ling Han, too, turned to look at the young girl. She looked to be in her early twenties and looked very beautiful, not the slightest bit inferior to Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan. However, the arrogance in her expression made her seem as if she could fly at any moment. Such a woman... no matter how beautiful she was, Ling Han could not be moved by her beauty, what more when she was the daughter of his foe.

However, Ao Zi Tai's cultivation was actually already in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and considering her age, this was very surprising. She had beauty and a high talent in martial arts, so no wonder she was overwhelmingly arrogant.

"Yue Kai Yu, so he's Han Ling?" Ao Zi Tai did not look the slightest bit guilty for barging in by force. Instead, her tone was extremely overbearing as she pointed a finger at Ling Han.

"He is indeed Junior Brother Han. However, what do you mean by entering without an invitation?" Yue Kai Yu asked darkly, flames of anger burning in his expression.

No matter who it was that had his home forcibly trespassed by someone else, he would naturally be angry.

"What do I mean?" Ao Zi Tai humphed and said, "This guy injured a few of my brothers, I want him to kneel in front of them in apology!"

"Nonsense!" Yue Kai Yu slammed a hand heavily onto the table and rebuked, "Junior Brother Han had defeated those brothers of yours in a fair battle, and this is something that is publicly known. Yet you come and make trouble here, this will only discredit the reputation of the Ao Family."

"I don't care!" Ao Zi Tai shook her head, her expression furious. "I only know that this man has injured my six brothers and caused them to be humiliated. I want him to crawl all the way to the quarters of my seven brothers and kowtow sufficiently in front of their doors to beg for the forgiveness of my seven brothers."

Yue Kai Yu was angry and also wanted to laugh at the same time. He said, "Are you a kid that has yet to grow up to actually say such childish words?! Go back quickly and don't make others laugh at you or increase your own humiliation!"

"Yue Kai Yu, are you going to help me or not?" Ao Zi Tai asked coldly.

"Heng, I have no intention to accompany you in your wilfulness!" Yue Kai Yu refused decisively.

Ao Zi Tai once again turned to look at Ling Han and said, "Han, I'll give you one last chance. Immediately crawl over and kowtow in front of my seven brothers in apology!"

"Does the Ao Clan keep producing these women that have problems with their brains?" Ling Han asked Yue Kai Yu.

"You, you dare to insult me?" Ao Zi Tai was stunned. This outrageously bold criminal was really too despicable.

"Brother Han, it's best not to offend her." Yue Kai Yu neared Ling Han, and said in a low voice, "She is Attendant Ao Feng's most beloved daughter, and she herself is very beautiful with very high talent in martial arts. As a result, there is a large number of young people in our sect that admires her.

In other words, once you offend her, that would be equivalent to offending a majority of the younger members of the sect, and that would be a scenario where your enemies would be everywhere."

No wonder she was so arrogant and behaved even more egotistically than the Seven Sons of Ao Family.

Ling Han smiled calmly and said, "Get out of here now. Otherwise, I won't just insult you, I will smack your face as well! You should remember clearly the looks of those brothers of yours, so it couldn't possibly be that you want to share the same appearance that they have, right?"

"Don't the two of you regret this!" Ao Zi Tai said coldly. Then, she reached out and ripped her own clothing. With a few tears, there had already appeared a few holes in her sleevs and her pants, and her fair skin could clearly be seen.

She ruffled her hair, then screamed out suddenly, "Molest! Molest!"

An elite of Spiritual Ocean Tier was already very much stronger than an ordinary person, and though the voice of one could not be described as thunderous, it was not that far from that level either. Instantly, her voice had spread throughout the whole peak, and even people on some of the nearer peaks heard her.

Yue Kai Yu instantly understood what trick she was playing, and could not help but wear a darkened expression, looking extremely furious.
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