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Chapter 347: Defeating Ao Xing Lai
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Gasps of shock arose from the audience. The Seven Sons of Ao Family could all be claimed to have a well-known reputation and the Winter Moon Sect had high expectations of them. Furthermore, in the history of the whole sect, very rarely had there ever appeared seven brothers who had such high ranking at the same time.

However, five out of them were defeated, one admitted defeat on his own, and if even Ao Xing Lai was unable to defeat Ling Han, then the Seven Sons of Ao Family would become a complete joke.

And they were defeated by the same person on the same day!

Both Ling Han and Ao Xing Lai took a few steps back. One had a hand on his ribs, whereas the other had one hand pressing down on his face.

The Lone Wolf's Blood continued to circulate and Ling Han once again charged forth. He continued to circulate the Indestructible Heaven Scroll to heal his injuries, intending to defeat Ao Xing Lai in one go.

As his cultivation level rose, the power upgrade that the Lone Wolf's Blood could provide had become less and less, and now, it could only give him a power upgrade of around one Battle Star's worth of battle prowess, but every little bit counted. The slightest bit of power upgrade was still something useful.

Ao Xing Lai's expression was filled with shock. He had purposely held one flash of Sword Qi back and attacked Ling Han when he was off guard, but he actually only managed to seriously wound his opponent... no, that couldn't really be considered as a serious wound, but only a slightly heavier injury, that was all.

Meanwhile, Ling Han's counterattack was to give him a harsh punch, which smacked two teeth out of his mouth.

However, there was no time left for him to be shocked at the moment as Ling Han quickly followed up with another punch, and he could only react. With a wave of his sword, seven flashes of Sword Qi suddenly emerged in a dance. Since he had already revealed his trump card, there was no longer any necessity to hide anything else.

With the upgrade provided by the Black Star Sword, the seven flashes of Sword Qi possessed a shockingly swift and fierce might.

Ling Han gave it his very best, and with the help of the Eye of Truth, he managed to dodge six flashes of Sword Qi but was still unable to completely dodge the seventh, which left another wound on his leg. However, Ling Han acted as if he had not felt a thing. Peng, another punch was delivered, which crashed into Ao Xing Lai's face.

This was completely using his own injuries to exchange for injuring his opponent.

In the eyes of everyone, the Black Star Sword was extremely sharp, and was also a Level Five Spirit Tool, possessing martial intent that could completely dominate the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so no matter how strong Ling Han's determination was, how many times could he continue to exchange his own injuries for injuring his opponent?

If Ling Han did not change his strategy, then he would only be continuously wounded severely by Ao Xing Lai, and finally lose his ability to battle.

Yet they did not know that Ling Han had the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. With that, ordinary injuries could be healed instantly; he also had three drops of Indestructible True Fluid, which could allow him to recover three times from a state of heavy injury.

What kind of concept was that? That meant he was practically a monster that could not be killed!

Moreover, he also had a sliver of divine sense from the Heaven Tier, and how easy would it be for him to dispel the martial intent that a Level Five Spirit Tool brought with it? If any other person was wounded even once by the Black Star Sword, even if it was just a flash of Sword Qi, they would be bleeding endlessly or even have their spirit completely destroyed. Otherwise, why would Spirit Tools be so feared?

To Ling Han, the only advantage that the Black Star Sword had was that it was slightly sharper than normal. En, it was extremely sharp, even his Body of Rock Cliff was unable to block it.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

The two continued to use their own injuries to exchange for wounding their opponent. Though Ling Han was completely covered by injuries and had a pale face due to losing a large amount of blood, Ao Xing Lai did not look that much better. There was not much difference between his face and a pig's face.

In other words, even if Ao Xing Lai was able to emerge victorious from this battle, that was not something he should be proud of, either. Not only had he depended on the might of a Spirit Tool, but his whole face had been thrashed until it resembled a pig's face, so he had completely lost all face.

Most importantly, Ao Xing Lai might not even win.

They could see as Ling Han continued to take alchemical pills, and forcibly suppressed the injuries on his body. From the look of things now, he could still continue to stand fast for a very, very long time.

...Ling Han was naturally only putting up a pretense by taking alchemical pills; he had no intention of letting anyone know that he had a strong recovery ability. Anyways, he had already said that he had an alchemist as his master, and he could even afford to give out whole bottles' worth of Return Spirit Pills, so it would not be something too strange for him to have a large amount of healing pills on him.

This scene made that elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier look hesitant, not knowing if he should step out and cease the battle or not. If things continued this way, both of them could very possibly be cripped at the end of the day. If that really happened, then even he could not absolve himself from blame.

And while he was hesitating, Ling Han and Ao Xing Lai had already exchanged another dozen fierce blows.

Ao Xing Lai was throwing up blood and his body staggered. Though he was in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, he did not have the supreme recovery ability like the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, and now that he had been on the receiving end of multiple punches at Ling Han's hand, how could he remain unscathed?

He was now only forcing himself to stay standing with his willpower. He could not lose, he definitely couldn't lose. He was the head of the Seven Sons of Ao Family and he had inherited the Black Star Sword, so he could only be glorious for his whole life.

Yet why was his sight becoming blurrier?

Ao Xing Lai's whole face was covered with blood which had blurred his eyes, and his determination was also wavering. If anyone had received multiple punches by an opponent within the same cultivation level, how could they not be dizzy and have blurred eyes?

Everyone understood his current condition. Even if Ao Xing Lai, too, took some alchemical pills, it would still take some time for the medicine to take effect. Furthermore, medicine was only medicine; it was not a divine pill.

This was confusing to everyone, because Ling Han was obviously more severely wounded, yet he was still very active now. Though he was completely bathed in blood, his condition was better than Ao Xing Lai's by an unknown number of times.

Could it be that the pills that this brat had taken were really divine pills?

"I will not lose, I will not!" Ao Xing Lai's feet stumbled, determination was keeping him upright. He definitely could not allow himself to pass out. He was Ao Xing Lai, and he definitely could not lose against an opponent of the same cultivation level.

That kind of fighting spirit unavoidably made everyone impressed. It was one matter whether or not Ao Xing Lai was a likable person, but this stubborn willpower was something worth praise, and even Ling Han nodded internally in approval.

However, they were on different sides. Furthermore, this involved the Thunder Battle Armor, so he could not possibly stop.

"For the sake of your fighting spirit!" Ling Han once again delivered a punch. Ao Xing Lai had trouble even standing, so how could he possibly dodge or even parry this attack? Instantly, Ling Han's fist crashed into his chest. "I shall gift you with a dignified loss."

Peng, Ao Xing Lai crashed heavily onto the ground, and was completely unable to get back up again.

No matter how strong his determination was, there was a limit to it.

The nine successive battles had ended, and Ling Han had a result of nine victories and zero losses, so he was undoubtedly the champion.

"Very good. Now, you may all return to rest, and tomorrow, we shall award the prizes," that elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier announced. He was also relieved. Though Ao Xing Lai was very severely thrashed, he ultimately did not suffer any heavy injuries that he could not recover from.

"Haha, Junior Brother Han, come, come, come. Come and play at my place!" Yue Kai Yu immediately approached and offered Ling Han an invitation.

Putting aside the fact that Ling Han had given him three bottles of Return Origin Pills, just the fact that Ling Han had defeated all Seven Sons of Ao Family was enough to make Yue Kai Yu treat him as a friend.

Ling Han said, "Let me clean myself up a bit before I head over to Senior Brother Yue's place."

"Of course! Of course!" Yue Kai Yu quickly nodded. Ling Han was completely covered in blood at the moment and cut a very sorry figure, so he naturally had to take a bath and put on clean clothes.

Ling Han returned to his accomodations at the Rising Sword Peak and directly entered the Black Tower. He cleaned himself up and ate a stalk of one-hundred-year ginseng to nourish his body before heading to look for Yue Kai Yu. He wanted to probe for some information about his mother from the latter.
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