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Chapter 345: The Final Battle
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Ling Han obtained two successive victories. Furthermore, each victory was gained very efficiently and his momentum was getting stronger and stronger.

The third round of challenges began, and Ling Han encountered yet another one of the Seven Sons of the Ao Clan. He was the sixth one, and his name was Ao Ming Jie. As a result, there was no reason for Ling Han to be reserved. He activated the Eye of Truth and slap his opponent's face as much as he liked.

After thirty-two heavy punches, Ao Ming Jie also became a "toothless guy".

This time, everyone was now clear. Ling Han definitely nursed a grudge against the Ao Family. Against anyone else, Ling Han would merely defeat his opponent. Though he would still heavily wound his opponent, but none of them had such horrible encounters and had all their teeth beaten out of their mouths.

However, what kind of existence was the Ao Clan in the Winter Moon Sect? A Boss! The forefather of the Ao Family was one of the sect's Grand Elders, an old monster in the Spiritual Infant Tier; why did he have to make relations so tense with the Ao Family?

Even if he was young and hot-blooded, he still shouldn't have acted so arrogant.

Ling Han had no need for others to understand the way he did things. He simply waited. The opponent for the next round was also one of the Seven Sons of the Ao Clan, Ao Xing Han, who was third in the order. Needless to say, the result was that Ling Han gave him a heavy thrashing, and he, too, became a "toothless guy".

In the next round, Ling Han was up against Si Qi Meng.

This girl was indeed very strong. She had charged all the way here, and her current result was one victory and three losses. Her one and only victory was obtained during her battle with Bai Ming. She was quite straightforward as well, and directly admitted defeat.

There was nothing else she could do. Her three losses were experienced at the hands of the Seven Sons of the Ao Clan; since Ling Han was capable of thrashing the Seven Sons of the Ao Clan so easily, what need was there to clearly describe the gap between her and Ling Han?

She was a delicate beauty, and if she was actually beaten black and blue in front of everyone, how embarrassing would that be?

Ling Han currently had five victories and zero losses, and at the moment, was ranked first together with Ao Xing Lai and Ao Yuan Wei.

In the sixth round, he came up against Bai Ming.

Bai Ming forfeited.

In the seventh round, he was up against Ao Feng Xing, and Ao Feng Xing actually decisively admitted defeat and escaped the fate of having his face slapped and becoming a toothless guy. This made Ling Han very displeased. His expression was completely black, as if no matter whom he looked at, they were displeasing to his eyes.

Everyone felt their faces twitch. Indeed, Ling Han really had a grudge against the Ao Clan. It was unacceptable to him even if his opponent admitted defeat, and he would actually be mad because of it.

In the eighth round, Ling Han was up against Ao Yuan Wei.

However, this guy did not admit defeat, and wanted to battle with Ling Han.

His ability was indeed slightly stronger than that of the other five sons of the Ao Clan, but that was only by a small margin. He had just moved to attack when Ling Han instantly activated his Eye of Truth to see the pattern of his attack clearly. Ling Han rushed out and gave him a heavy thrashing. Immediately, he fell to the same fate as his four brothers and also became a toothless guy.

Ling Han covered his eyes. As he had successively activated the Eye of Truth, the burden was too heavy on him. This was not the kind of injury that could be healed just by circulating the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, but rather a powerful weariness that had arisen in his spirit. He would need a long rest to recover after this.

In the final battle against Ao Xing Lai, it looked like he wouldn't be able to use his Eye of Truth anymore. Otherwise, he could possibly suffer a severe backlash, and that was definitely not a pleasant experience.

That was all right. The Eye of Truth was only one of his trump cards. He still had other trump cards, such as the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. If worse comes to worst, he'd use his own injuries in exchange for injuring Ao Xing Lai and see if that would kill the latter!

When he thought of this, Ling Han could not help but exude a powerful vicious aura. Family was his reverse scale, and Ao Feng actually injured his father and imprisoned his mother; this provoked the demonic nature in his bloodstream.

"This is the final round, begin!" the elite of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier said calmly, though his eyes were fixed upon Ling Han and Ao Xing Lai. In his opinion, Ao Xing Lai was the most likely candidate for the champion—the only possible candidate, but there was actually another with eight victories and zero losses now. This was something that he had never imagined would happen.

The victor that would emerge between these two young men would be the champion of the disciple recruitment trial this time round.

However, if Ling Han was the champion, that would make the forefather of the Ao Clan very unhappy. That was because the forefather of the Ao Clan was the one who had strongly suggested for the Thunder Battle Armor to be used as the prize for the champion. His intentions were very clear, and that was to make this Thunder Battle Armor the property of the Ao Clan.

At first, this was practically assured. All Seven Sons of Ao Family had stepped out, but the result… was really not that certain.

Between Ling Han and Ao Xing Lai, who was stronger?

Before this, no one would have any doubts, and would definitely confirm with absolute certainty that the strongest in the Spiritual Ocean Tier in the Winter Moon Sect was definitely Ao Xing Lai. But now, after witnessing Ling Han's formidable battle prowess, no one would dare to vouch for it so surely.

This young man was really too miraculous!

Ling Han faced Ao Xing Lai directly. This was Ao Feng's most outstanding son, and if he thrashed him heavily, Ao Feng would definitely be very displeased, wouldn't he? Ling Han could not help but grin and said, "I hope you will not admit defeat."

"Haha, do you think I'm one of those trash?" Ao Xing Lai asked coldly, his face filled with disdain.

These words were a blow against the other six sons of the Ao Clan, and made the five that were still here all look furious. However, their faces were all swollen from Ling Han's thrashing, so one couldn't really tell that there was any change in their expressions.

"Very good, then I will have no need to worry." Ling Han released a breath in relief. "I am definitely going to slap your face!"

Ao Xing Lai was so furious that his whole body shook. That was underestimating him too much!

"Young man, usually a loose tongue causes a lot of trouble; you have a bad mouth, and a pair of bad hands as well. I will cripple both your arms to let you know that the reputation of the Ao Family is not to be tarnished by anyone!" he said darkly. He had already suppressed all signs of his rage, which showed his training in martial arts.

"Those are nice words, but you need real ability to back them up!" Ling Han hooked his finger at him. "Come on, then. My fist can no longer wait to leave a mark on your face."

"Insolence!" Ao Xing Lai finally moved. A long sword appeared out of thin air. It was as black as ink, and the moment it appeared, the whole sky darkened for a moment before returning back to normal.

"Black, Black Star Sword!" the disciples of Winter Moon Sect exclaimed in shock. Even the other five sons of the Ao Clan wore ugly expressions, strong jealousy brimming in their eyes.

The Black Star Sword was Ao Feng's signature weapon. It was a Level Five Spirit Tool, and could be successively activated. Even in the hands of someone in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, it would be able to express the greatest battle prowess at the level of Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Now that this Black Star Sword had appeared in Ao Xing Lai's hands, this at least clearly signified two things.

First, Ao Feng saw Ao Xing Lai as his real heir, and that was why he had passed on his own weapon to the latter. Second, it was very likely that Ao Feng was really about to step into the Flower Blossom Tier, so he could even give his Level Five Spirit Tool to someone else.

"That's right. This is the Black Star Sword!" Ao Xing Lai's face was filled with arrogance, and when he saw the jealous eyes of the other five sons, it made him extremely pleased. He had worked hard at cultivating for close to twenty years and did not dare to relax or be careless for even the slightest moment, and now he had finally made it.

He was the new representative of the young generation of the Ao Clan, the one and only.

"Han Lin, I am representing the Ao Clan to punish you!" Ao Xing Lai activated the Black Star Sword. One by one, the patterns lit up on the sword, and a terrifying aura emanated from it.

"Punish your sister!" Ling Han humphed. "Waving a chicken feather like it is a token of authority, who do you think you are?"

He took the initative to attack. A fist flashed out and the images of seven dragons appeared, heading towards Ao Xing Lai in an assault.
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