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Chapter 343: Fifth Oldest
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Ling Han stood on the side, feeling slight pain in his right eye. This was because his cultivation was not sufficient, causing a sense of discomfort after using the Eye of Truth for a short while. He immediately activated the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, and with that supreme art circulating, his right eye soon recovered.

After all, he'd only used it for a short while; but if he used it for a longer period of time, then it definitely wouldn't recover so easily.

Ao Jian Cheng no longer had the face to stay. He had no chance for top ten anyways, so he naturally turned to leave—otherwise, wouldn't he be a laughingstock for others?

Everyone looked at Ling Han with shock in their eyes. This guy made his mark with this victory. The Seven Son's of Ao Family were definite prodigies among the younger generation; although above them were Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors, all of them were over thirty years old.

In the world of marital arts, thirty years of age was the demarkation between the young and the mature. You were young below thirty and mature above—of course, the boundaries had to be renewed after crossing into the Flower Blossom Tier, when martial artists' lifespan greatly increased.

It could be imagined that after today's exam, the entire Winter Moon Sect would be in a commotion, and the old monsters that stayed hidden for a long time could appear, fighting over this exceedingly talented guy to become their direct disciple.

"Now the battles for top ten will be carried out," the formidable Spiritual Pedestal Tier said. "Only the ten of you remain, each person has to fight the other nine once. A win marks three points, a draw marks one point, and a loss marks none. Each battle will be at most a little over half an hour and if it runs out, that would be treated as a draw."


He swept Ling Han a glance, somewhat irked, but Ling Han's talent was too freakish—it didn't matter even if he was annoyed; in a few years, Ling Han's cultivation might surpass him to the point where he could only look up to him.

In the martial arts world, only cultivation and strength mattered; who would look at age and experience?

Everyone picked opponents with caution.

There was a strategy to this; for example, if one could originally rank in the middle but encountered a formidable foe right away and ended up heavily injured, then one's rank might end up at the bottom. After entering top ten, the reward they received would be much better with every rank, so everyone naturally wanted to scoop up more points.

Ling Han was too strong, and Ao Xing Lai was probably the only one qualified to be his opponent, so most people wanted to avoid him, facing him and Ao Xing Lai as the last two opponents.

But, how could this be possible?

Ao Xing Lai also didn't decide to challenge Ling Han first, and instead picked another person as an opponent.

Amongst the top ten, six were from the Ao family, so Ling Han chose one at random—the chance of encountering Ao Family's men reached two thirds.

His opponent was Ao Jian who ranked fifth—everyone called him Ao the Fifth or Fifth Eldest Ao.

Ao Jian dared not to be careless; he stepped forward with a stern expression and his sword in hand.

Ling Han smiled slightly, a baleful look in his eyes. He had no positive feelings for anyone in the Ao Family, so if he caught one, he'd give them a fierce beating. If he weren't at the Winter Moon Sect, he would definitely take the Fifth Eldest into the Black Tower—whether he'd just imprison him or kill him, that would be entirely up to his mood.

Ao Jian didn't speak superfluous words, simply striking with an ultimate move. As the sword struck out, surprisingly whole six flashes of Sword Qi flew unhindered.

The Seven Son's of Ao Family ruled the roost in the younger generation of the Winter Moon Sect, they certainly shouldn't be underestimated. Just looking at the six flashes of Sword Qi, one would know. In the Rain Country, even the older generation of sword users didn't have such strength.

The amount of Sword Qi represented one's understanding of the sword path.

Ling Han opened the Eye of Truth, dashing forward and forcibly shuffling through the space between Ao Jian's attacks and arriving with ease before Ao Jian, whose gaze was full of disbelief. Pa, pa, pa, pa , he attacked his face.

With each punch thrown, Ao Jian would spit out a mouthful of blood along with a cracked teeth. Ling Han threw a total of thirty-two punches, and Ao Jian also spat out thirty-two mouthfuls of blood and thirty-two broken teeth.

Peng , when Ling Han threw the final punch, Ao Jian was sent flying in a parabolic arc, landing heavily on the ground and passing out right away.


Everyone gasped in astonishment. The saying went: beat someone but not their face, but Ling Han specially beat the face—that was too vicious, right? Martial artists wanted face the most, not to mention such proud people like the Seven Sons of Ao Family.

However, the two that fought hand to hand against Ling Han had all of their teeth cleared out; would this lead up to a death feud?

He was too vicious.

Yue Kai Yu involuntarily touched his face, feeling even luckier that he only lost three teeth. Ling Han said that he wanted to be friends with him, and it was quite true, but something felt off?

This fight ended very quickly. From the start of the battle, Ling Han extremely dominatingly slapped Ao Jian thirty-two consecutive times, so fast like it was a gust of wind. After the wind blew by, the battle's outcome was decided.

That Spiritual Pedestal Tier overseer's expression was a bit gloomier. This was the second son in the Ao Family to be cleared of all his teeth. Ao Feng would definitely have a grudge against him for this since he was the supervisor. This was an undeserved catastrophe, making him feel a bit more displeased with Ling Han.

Ling Han didn't care about these things and sat down abruptly to recover some of the Origin Power he expended.

Actually, he really didn't expend much Origin Power. He only did it for show so that he'd appear a bit more normal. It was mainly to relieve the soreness in his eyes—activating the Eye of Truth two consecutive times gave him some pressure.

The Indestructible Heaven's Scroll already circulated and the discomfort in his eyes disappeared quickly, but this time, it was somewhat slower than the first time.

Half an hour later, all the battles ended, and everyone swapped opponents, battling again.

This time, Ling Han's opponent wasn't one of the Seven Sons of Ao Family, and it wasn't a Winter Moon Sect disciple, either; it was Yang Chong.

The Little Overlord Spear.

"Brother Han, how could such a strong person like you have no reputation and suddenly pop out today?" Yang Chong unleashed his six meter long silver spear. The spear's body was like clear * 1 , pointing at Ling Han and emitting a terrifying baleful aura.

Ling Han smiled slightly and said, "Can't I just cultivate wholeheartedly and make my mark with one brilliant feat?"

"Then Brother Han's restraint is truly worthy of admiration!" Yang Chong took sudden large strides and charged towards Ling Han, using the spear like a long rod and fiercely sweeping it horizontally. Hu , the gust of wind whistled as if a silver dragon, rippling waves of gust. Ppa, pa, pa , ceaseless explosive sounds rang out as well.

This spear's speed broke through the speed of sound!

Ling Han charged up his punch and fired it at the body of the spear.


His punch landed on the body of the spear, and instantly, his whole body trembled fiercely.

Every inch was an advantage; this long spear swept horizontally, not only accumulating Yang Chong's full power, but also maximizing the power in the motion. Unless Ling Han's power far surpassed Yang Chong's, this would be the only result of receiving this attack head-on.

In contrast, Yang Chong's thenar space cracked open and blood oozed out; however, he immediately changed the sweep to a thrust, plunging towards Ling Han's chest.

Sweeping the long spear again like a rod needed lots of room to rotate it, and if he were to sweep again, then it would give Ling Han a lot of time to recover—so how would it be a smart move for him?

Thus, he thrust the spear.

This was a follow-up move, and one of the strongest moves in "Overlord Spear Art."
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