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Chapter 342: Face-slapping Starts with the Seventh Oldest
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Ling Han had the absolute initiative. He hadn't activated the Eye of Truth, or else, Ao Jian Cheng's weaknesses would be plain for him to see. As long as their battle prowess wasn't too different, this would definitely be lethal, allowing him to win in a few moves.

After all, this was a Mystical Power.

"Impossible!" Ao Jian Cheng bellowed in anger. He was now near his full battle prowess, but he not only couldn't suppress Ling Han, but also lost the upper hand; he couldn't accept this at all.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "Nothing's impossible, just behave and get slapped!"

"You wish!" Ao Jian Cheng was very conceited; ranking last amongst the Seven Sons of Ao Family was something he had to bear temporarily, and sooner or later he would soar into the skies. He hadn't soared yet and already suffered a heavy hit to the head, making everything look chaotic and gloomy.

He actually couldn't beat someone at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier!

He absolutely couldn't believe and accept it.

"Ah!" he yelled angrily, took out a Spirit Talisman, and pressed it onto his chest. Instantly, violent Origin Power overflowed like a sea as his power increased sharply—his battle prowess soared by two stars.

This allowed him to directly suppress Ling Han, retaking the initiative.

The Spirit Talisman he used was called Small Devil Sky Talisman—it could temporarily increase power, and its effects lasted about ten minutes. So, he definitely had to defeat Ling Han within this time, or else this precious Spirit Talisman would go to waste.

"No way, seventh eldest Ao was forced to use a Spirit Talisman!"

"It's truly unbelievable, so the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier can be so strong!"

"I've heard of a prodigy called Ling Han in the Desolate North. At the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, he defeated Feng Yan who was at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. I always thought it was impossible, but seeing this situation, I actually believe it now."

"That's too surprising, how can someone at the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier possess such terrifying battle prowess?"

"Just how many stars does this guy's battle prowess have?"

Everyone looked on, shuddering with fear. It was too unacceptable that a person could be so strong; even the old Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator's brows twitched. They really picked up a jewel, such a prodigy could be counted first-rate even in the middle state.

"Why don't you lose?! Lose! Lose!" Ao Jian Cheng shouted. If he still couldn't win after activating the Spirit Talisman, then he would really be disgraced.

Ling Han snorted and said, "Quit daydreaming!" He finally activated the Eye of Truth; light golden vein-like lines flashed by, and Ao Jian Cheng's each and every move was infinitely slowed down in his eyes.

Here, here, and here, full of weak points!

Ling Han was shocked; with his Heaven Tier experience, he only found seven of Ao Jian Chen's weak points, but considering both the power and attack speed, none of the seven weak points could be used… if he picked any of these seven points to attack, the result would bring destruction to both sides.

He had the Indestructible Heaven Scroll and definitely could endure more than Ao Jian Cheng, but he refused to win like this.

This was Ao Feng's son, so he had to win with ease and verve.

Under the Eye of Truth, the number Ao Jian Cheng's weak points was enlarged to nineteen. He immediately began calculating in his mind, simulating the result of an attack on each weak point. An instant later, he found an answer.


He charged towards Ao Jian Cheng.



"Did my vision blur?"

In the midst of everyone's cries, Ling Han avoided all of Ao Jian Cheng's attacks. His body swayed continuously as if he'd turned into a man made of paper. It looked unbelievable and completely unreasonable, but it turned out to be perfect evasion, which allowed him to arrive in front of Ao Jian Cheng with ease.


Ling Han raised his hand and threw a slap, landing a solid blow on Ao Jian Cheng's face, crisp and clear-sounding.

Ao JIan Cheng's eyes turned red. He yelled furiously, "I'll kill you!" He was beyond furious. How humiliating was it for one of the dignified Seven Sons of Ao Family to be slapped in public?

He attacked in frenzy.

However, before Ling Han who activated the Eye of Truth, what meaning did such counterattacks have? Their strength was about the same, and the effects of the Eye of Truth were extremely amazing.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Ling Han threw slaps continuously, and Ao Jian Cheng kept being slapped. One tooth after another fell out, but he couldn't resist at all; he could only shout angrily in vain. What meaning did it have that his attacks were brutal if they couldn't land?

"Enough!" The Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator could watch no longer. This wasn't called a battle, but a one-sided torture. It wouldn't be a big deal if it were someone else, but Ao Jian Cheng was Ao Feng's son, so he couldn't possibly stare blankly while Ao Jiang Cheng was humiliated; otherwise, Ao Feng would definitely give him a hard time.

Ao Feng could at least cross into the Flower Blossom Tier in the days to come, and he wouldn't want Ao Feng to bear a grudge against him.

Pa, pa, pa, pa, Ling Han whipped out for more slaps, cleaning out all of Ao Jian Cheng's teeth before withdrawing his hand and backing down.

"Ah!" There was no way Ao Jian Cheng could stomach an insult like this, so he leapt out again towards Ling Han.

"Sir already said to stop yet you continue to fight, are you looking down on sir?" Ling Han taunted Ao Jian Cheng.

Ao Jian Cheng was almost driven mad. 'Earlier, when the Spiritual Pedestal Tier overseer said to stop, you damned still slapped me four times, and now you're trolling me? How shameless can you be!'

Too base, too lowly, and too treacherous!

The Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior's expression was somewhat gloomy, annoyed at both Ao Jian Cheng and Ling Han. These two guys didn't take him seriously at all. One was Ao Feng's son, and the other had freakish battle prowess which meant boundless prospects; he couldn't do anything about either of them.

This naturally made him very morose.

"Enough!" he said coldly. "In this battle, the seventh son loses, and Han Ling wins."

Yue Kai Yu touched his face and said, "Compared to the seventh son, I only lost three teeth. I guess that counts as preferential treatment, right? What sort of medicine did this guy eat that made him so fierce!"

The other battles ended one after another, and the other six sons of Ao family won, but their expressions were quite terrible.

No matter how competitive the atmosphere within the Ao Family, they were all Ao Family's people as far as outsiders were concerned. Now that the seventh son was slapped publicly and even had all his teeth cleaned out, how could they not be livid?

"This guy actually dares to humiliate Ao Family's people in public, we can't forgive him!" Ao Jian said coldly.

"However, he can defeat Seventh so easily, I'm afraid that other than the eldest, the other sons wouldn't be his match."

"More importantly, that guys is only in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier! No matter what—Spirit Tool, Spirit Talisman, or medicinal pill—he has used to give him such battle prowess, it's still terrifyingly shocking."

The six sons of Ao family frowned at the same time as an intense sense of danger arose among them.
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