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Chapter 341: Battling the Seventh Son of Ao Family
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Previously, people thought that Ling Han was just a chicken, but now, this guy not only turned into somewhat of a fierce tiger, but also a god of wealth. Such a person… who would want to battle him?

First, they might not even win!

The top hundred and their strength had no definite relationship; Yue Kai Yu's strength was definitely in the top ten, but in the first round's exam, he only ranked in the twenties.

Therefore, even Yue Kai Yu was defeated at the hands of Ling Han, who else would be able to fend against Ling Han?

Moreover, even if they won, it might not be a good thing— who would want to be their friend if they were marked by Ling Han?

So, each person wanted to avoid Ling Han; there were nine other people to challenge anyways.

However, there had to be a person with bad luck that would face Ling Han. He laughed embarrassedly, and said, "This humble one is Zeng Yuan, it's an honor to see Senior Brother Han. This battle won't be fought, this humble one concedes." First, he certainly wasn't Ling Han's match, and second, he wanted more do Ling Han a favor.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "You let me win."

Zeng Yuan couldn't help but be dumbfounded—was that all? He wanted to be friends with Ling Han. This guy was rich and imposing, and was absolutely shocking when he gave out three bottles of Restore Origin Pill at once.

In everyone's eyes, Ling Han was probably foolishly rich. Wasn't he? Taking out such a great gift to a person he just met, if this wasn't foolishly rich, what was it?

Since that was so, why not give him a few bottles?

He felt extremely awkward, but he had to turn back, retreating into the crowd.

Seeing this, everyone thought to themselves, 'So this guy wasn't an idiot!'

After this round, there was only one more round left. Those who won could advance into top ten and receive rewards. However, if they wanted to be first, then they definitely had to experience many battles.

One hour later, the second last round completely ended, with only twenty people still remaining on the field. Amongst them, Winter Moon Sect's disciples took fourteen spots. A large sect was a large sect after all; they certainly had deep roots.

However, there were still six outsiders that remained. This meant that the strength of these outsiders was quite out of the ordinary.

The truth was so.

Some forces didn't establish sects or factions, and instead developed as a family. Although their strength couldn't be compared to that of a sect, after generations of accumulation, they possessed a shocking amount of cultivation resources. Concentrated all on one descendant, it was enough to create a prodigy.

Yang Chong, Bai Ming, and Si Qi Meng were amongst those, while the last two were males called Wang Ping and Xi Zhi Yuan. Both were at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, which was truly shocking as they were only slightly inferior to Yue Kai Yu.

"Last round, start," the Spiritual Pedestal Tier overseer said.

"Hehe, which one of you will pick that guy?" The Seven Sons of Ao Family looked at each other—they had their attention on Ling Han.

"This guy can't be underestimated, even Yue Kai Yu was defeated at his hands," Ao Jian Cheng said.

"That's because Yue Kai Yu is too stupid and didn't use the Spirit Tool he had, stubbornly fighting head-on empty-handed. He was defeated because of idiocy," Ao Feng Hang said.

"That might not be the case, he received three bottles of Restore Origin Pills, the price of which exceeds even the Thunder Battle Armor."

"Not in the first place, yet he received medicinal pills that surpassed the first place; clearly a smart move."

"Whatever, if we can avoid him, then we'll avoid him and play with him in the final ranking battles."


They reached a consensus, but the problem was... they wanted to avoid Ling Han, but what about others? It wasn't like people didn't see that Yue Kai Yu was no match for him, so as they stepped out, the other three people had already found their opponents—obviously, none of them picked Ling Han.

In other words, amongst the seven of them, one had to face Ling Han.

"I'll go." Ao Jian Cheng came forward.

"Alright, then it's up to you, Seventh Brother."

"That's right, he's merely in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. If any other of us was sent out, then that would truly be thinking too highly of him."

The other six sons nodded one after another, then each searched for their own opponents.

"Admit defeat and forfeit." Ao Jian Cheng stood in front of Ling Han with his hands behind his back and his chin slightly raised, revealing an air of arrogance.

"Has no one ever told you your mouth stinks?" Ling Han snorted. "Speak less with that stinky mouth. If you must pollute the air, then it looks like I'll have to slap you a few times and wake you up a bit."

"What an arrogant guy." Ao Jian Cheng frowned. "Where do you get such courage from?"

"Obviously from my strength!" Ling Han hooked his finger in provocation. "Come at me. If I don't beat you into a pig head, then I won't be surnamed Han."

"Haha, I certainly want to see how you will beat me into a pig head." Ao Jian Cheng laughed coldly, revealing a baleful expression; he was really infuriated.

Ling Han attacked; this was Ao Feng's son who chased behind his butt in the previous exam. Since he didn't want to unleash the Demon Birth Sword and there was a strong cultivator secretly watching, it was hard to kill him even if he wanted to.

Now, he advanced into the Spiritual Ocean Tier, having the true qualifications to fight him head-on without relying on external forces.

Hong , he fired a punch; the earth spiritual ocean's Origin Power burst out violently and poured into his fist as martial intent manifested, forming bright vein-like lines and firing towards Ao Jian Cheng.

Ao Jian Cheng had a stern expression. He dared not to be careless, since his opponent could defeat Yue Kai Yu, meaning he had a battle prowess of at least a shocking fourteen stars. He drew his sword, and with a qiang , a chilling light like an expanse of autumn waters formed six flashes of Sword Qi, firing at ling Han.

Six flashes of Sword Qi meant great mastery!

Being able to rank in the Seven Sons of Ao Family—even last—Ao Jian Cheng's strength was extremely powerful.

This was a Spirit Tool that could increase his battle prowess by two stars.

…The higher the tier, the better effects of Spirit Tools, medicinal pills, and Spirit Talismans were. This was obviously the case, so a two star increase in battle prowess was already quite considerable.

Now, Ao Jiang Cheng's battle prowess skyrocketed to sixteen stars. As the sword struck out with six flashes of Sword Qi moving unhindered, the air was torn apart, forming swirls that kept spinning in the air.

In all fairness, Ling Han's cultivation was certainly a shortcoming, and even though his power could rival the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, Ao Jian Cheng was in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, not to mention that he might be stronger than an average cultivator with that power.

More importantly, fist techniques were Ling Han's forte. Fourteen stars, nearing fifteen stars was his limit at this moment, and it was impossible to increase it.

No matter, he also has a Spirit Tool.

Purple Star Handguard.

He immediately activated this Spirit Tool. Weng , under a power boost, his battle power instantly skyrocketed. Power was the most essential core aspect of battle prowess; as power increased, his battle prowess increased correspondingly by a step.

However, fifteen stars near sixteen stars still was a level inferior to Ao Jian Cheng.

Ling Han still had moves. Heaven Tier's experience was there; Ao Jian Cheng's every move could be immediately seen through, including where the next attack would land. Such foresight not only offset the difference in battle prowess of one star, but also made Ling Han have the upper hand.

Hiss , the people that watched standing in a circle all cried out; this was too inconceivable.

"Looks like the new friend I made is a downright freak!" Yue Kai Yu muttered, and reached to feel the Restore Origin Pills inside his pocket; he now felt a sense of unrealiness.
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