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Chapter 340: A True Tycoon
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For a genius like Yue Kai Yu, the more solidly he compacted his foundation, the higher the tier he would be able to charge into in the future and the stronger his battle prowess compared to the same tier would be. Normal people were different—being able to break through was a great joy; they didn't care about the foundation and whatnot, prioritizing improving their tier.

If the foundation wasn't sturdy enough, then how high of a building could one build? When it reached a certain height, it would collapse!

Thus, the more talented one was, the less one would be in blind pursuit of improving tiers.

Amongst the seven Heaven Tier warriors in Ling Han's past, Ma Wei Yang was the typical case of a great talent that matured slowly. His aptitude was the worst amongst the seven and his every leap slower than the others', but at each and every step, he compacted his foundation extremely sturdily. No large tier ever posed a problem to him, and at last, he crossed into the Heaven Tier only ten years later then Sword Emperor and the rest.

It was clear just how important compacting the foundation was.

The problem lay in that that even though everyone knew that compacting it at each step was very important, just how should they do it? Relying on one's own efforts to solidify a tier to the extreme then breaking through needed at least a dozen years, or even more.

However, in case of those below the Flower Blossom Tier, they only had a hundred years or so of lifespan, so how could they have enough time?

Thus, it was obvious just how precious medicinal pills that compacted one's cultivation were.

First, such medicinal pills were hard to refine, and second, the original ingredients were too scarce; there was demand but no supply. Even if one carried a mountain of gold and silver, one might not even be able to buy it—and even if one were able to, one might not be able to buy enough.

It wasn't like taking one was enough. It needed to be consumed continuously as one raised one's tier so as to keep solidifying each tier.

Yue Kai Yu was now at the eighth layer of the Spiritual Ocean, and he at least needed a hundred or so Restore Origin Pills to fully compact his cultivation at the Spiritual Ocean Tier to the point of it being unshakable.

Once he saw Ling Han take out such a medicinal pill, not only was Yue Kai Yu's gaze burning with desire, even the Seven Sons of Ao Family revealed greedy expressions. There were too many descendants in the Ao Family—even if their family was affluent, after dividing share after share, what could possibly remain?

Luckily, the Seven Sons of Ao Family had amazing talent, receiving the sect's emphasized fostering, or else, relying solely on the Ao Family to grow, it would be pretty decent if just one or two of them excelled in their family.

After all, the Winter Moon Sect wasn't the Ao Family's.

"So?" Ling Han shook the pill bottle. Inside was a total of twenty Restore Origin Pills, which he refined after receiving Yellow Dragon Fruits. He originally planned to give it to Liu Yu Tong and the others, but he unexpectedly met Yue Kai Yu first. "Planning on being my friend yet?"

"Hmph, I'm indomitable before threats and immune to bribery!" Yue Kai Ku said, clenching his teeth.

Ling Han sighed, took out another pill bottle, and shook it. Inside it were twenty more Restore Origin Pills.

'F*ck.' The temptation of one bottle of Restore Origin Pill he could resist, but two bottles… even if it couldn't compact his tear to perfection, half of the work would be done. Besides, the Yue Family was also a large family, and with forty Restore Origin Pills, he'd already have half and be more sure of getting all eighty he needed… he already ate ten pellets before, so he would probably be able to cultivate the Spiritual Ocean Tier to perfection.

At this rate, he should be invincible at the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and once he crossed into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, he would possess at least five stars battle prowess!

Ling Han laughed mischievously and took out a third pill bottle, shaking it and placing it with the others.

Yue Kai Yu couldn't help but lick his lips and said, "Don't you say that this bottle is also Restore Origin Pills?!"

Ling Han threw over the three pill bottles and said with a smile, "You've probably eaten these outdated pills, check for yourself."


Hearing this, everyone felt the urge to beat the hell out of Ling Han. If Restore Origin Pill was outdated, what counted as recent? The well fed wouldn't know how the starving suffered.

Yue Kai Yu opened a pill bottle and dumped the medicinal pills onto his hand. These were yellow, bean-sized pills, each emitting a bittersweet smell, which was very familiar to him.

"It certainly is a Restore Origin Pill, and the quality is extremely high!" he cried out, hurriedly checking the other two bottles of medicinal pills. The result was the same, which made his heart palpitate.

The Yue Family had few descendants, and he was the only one in the younger generation. It could be said that all the resources were used on him, but he had only ever eaten a dozen or so Restore Origin Pills, which cost the Yue Family countless financial resources and favors!

However, Ling Han causally took out sixty Restore Origin Pills... what did this mean?

A tycoon, a super-tycoon!

"How can you possibly have so many Restore Origin Pills?" he asked with a quiver in his voice. Seeing such a large fortune would make even his old man's knees go soft, because it could just about foster a perfect Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior—it was an extremely shocking thing.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Still bothered by that punch and not going to be my friend?"

"Pah, If you give me two more bottles of Restore Origin Pill, I can let you punch me twice more," Yue Kai Yu immediately said, having no backbone.

This didn't cause other people to look down on him. Those were Restore Origin Pills, and even if one punch could only be traded for one pill, countless people would be willing to present their faces for a beating. But who would be that bored and waste medicinal pills so extragavantly?

Yue Kai Yu was proud without a doubt, but he wasn't an idiot. He immediately lowered his attitude and placed the benefits first. It wasn't humiliating to be beaten in a jest, anyways.

He reached out to grab Ling Han and borrowed his power to stand up, but he then reached to touch his face and said, "But honestly, that punch of yours was truly heavy."

Ling Han smiled. Thinking of the pain his old man suffered, could he have thrown a weak punch? If this punch landed on the Seven Sons of Ao Family or Ao Feng, it wouldn't be just about pain, but about taking their lives.

"My master is an alchemist, and is busy with refining pills all day. So, ask me for whatever medicinal pills you want. I'm so broke that the only thing I have left are medicinal pills," Ling Han explained.

Everyone came to a sudden realization: this guy had a high-grade alchemist behind him. It was no wonder he could take out three bottles of Restore Origin Pills. They were all envious, they wanted to be poor like that too!

They looked at Ling Han with completely different gazes now.

This wasn't a new member of the sect, but a golden and dazzling treasure chest, inside of which were infinite medicinal pills! The men all looked enviously at Yue Kai Yu who easily received three bottles of Restore Origin Pills, and they wanted even more to become friends with Ling Han—medicinal pills could be taken as one pleased.

The females looked at Ling Han with burning and seductive gazes. It obviously needn't be said what their intentions were.

No wonder this guy had a Fourth Tier high quality Spirit Tool that could made his battle prowess break through fourteen stars. Would one who could casually take out three bottles of Restore Origin Pills lack money? Other things aside, as long as he was willing to trade Restore Origin Pills, would he still not be able to get a Fourth Tier high quality Spirit Tool?

After this round of battles ended, there were only thirty people who qualified to stay.

"Eleventh to twentieth place step forward." The Spiritual Pedestal Tier was also somewhat shocked at Ling Han's confidence, but he still had a mission at hand. He still announced the start of the eighth round of battles.

And this time, everyone avoided Ling Han the best they could.
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