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Chapter 339: Let's Be Friends
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Ling Han stepped forward and battled Yue Kai Yu.

He also used the War Elephant Fist, without any intention of holding back. Five flashes of Fist Qi burst out; one punch could fire out four light-silver dragon elephants that emitted a primitive and desolate aura, charging towards Yue Kai Yu.

Dragon elephants were mythical beasts from the ancient times that completely disappeared many millennia ago, leaving behind only a legend. There was no doubt that the dragon elephant was strong, being able to topple mountains and overturn sees, even splitting open heaven and earth.

However, the true dragon elephant was entirely golden, and had the torso of a brute elephant. The power from curling its trunk could strangle even a true dragon to death! On the top of its head grew dragon horns that could support the skies, and its limbs were like the pillars of world that could suppress the earth.

The dragon elephant that Ling Han fired out was only light-silver in color, and only had the shape of a brute elephant without horns, so the power was naturally far from comparable to the real dragon elephant.

However, this also made Ling Han quite surprised. If this fist technique was developed to its limits and could form a true dragon elephant, then just how powerful would one punch be?

As expected, those six Heaven Tier warriors in his previous life all had surprising backgrounds; this fist technique was definitely not simple.

However, Ling Han had an indistinct feeling that the fist technique he received was not complete. If he continued to develop it, it could only reach Earth Grade, and wouldn't be able to become a Heaven Grade art, not to mention crossing into god grade.

From this perspective, Sword Emperor was the most practical; the Three Styles of Black Origin could be activated as long as one grasped Sword Qi, Sword Ray, or Sword Heart.

If Na Tu Lan also didn't die and entered god realm, then he would definitely beat him up if there would be a chance to in the future!


As Ling Han pondered, his battle with Yue Kai Yu became more intense.

Yue Kai Yu was certainly beyond the norm with his cultivation of the eighth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but his true battle prowess reached fourteen stars, possessing battle prowess surpassing six stars. 1 This was very surprising, so even the expressions of the Seven Sons of Ao Family changed slightly.

Yue Kai Yu could now fight on par with the six of them and only Ao Xing Lai could easily win, but if Yue Kai Yu advanced into the ninth layer, then maybe even Ao Xing Lai could only share the limelight with him.

'Wrong, my battle prowess surpasses seven stars!' Ao Xing Lai said inwardly. His gaze swept by, appearing to show some disdain. Although these brothers stood side by side, his battle prowess was stronger by two stars, making him feel somewhat wronged.

The seven of them should be called one dragon and six tigers. His strength was much stronger—the six other brothers had no right to stand by his side!

But Ling Han was even more surprising.

If his opponent was weak, his performance was relatively mediocre, but if his opponent was strong, his battle prowess changed accordingly. Yue Kai Yu's battle prowess reached fourteen stars, but Ling Han completely kept up, without even a hint of falling at a disadvantage—how could anyone believe this?

Just how strong was this guy?

He was clearly in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but also possessed battle prowess surpassing six stars, so his battle prowess should only be seven stars. How could he then rival Yue Kai Yu's fourteen stars of battle prowess? Could it be… the Spirit Tool on him could further increase battle prowess by seven stars?

Yue Kai Yu bellowed repeatedly. Whether Ling Han used a Spirit Tool or not, he, who was a dignified practitioner at the eight layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, still couldn't suppress Ling Han at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier... it was a fact he couldn't accept at all.

He naturally had Spirit Tools, Spirit Talismans, and medicinal pills that could increase battle prowess for a short amount of time, but he was too proud; having such a great advantage in cultivation, he still needed to use external things like Spirit Tools?

Then what meaning would a victory—should he win—have? He would only lose face.

He held in his breath, and continued to exchange blows with Ling Han.

"Hye, hey, hey, that newbie this year is too strong, right? Even Senior Brother Yue can't suppress him. If both of them get eliminated, then that would be too hilarious," a Winter Moon Sect's disciple said.

"Wouldn't that be a good thing, another spot would be open."

"True. Of those under thirty years old, only the Seven Sons of Ao Family can suppress Senior Brother Yue."

"That guy there called Sword of Justice something is strong too. He's only at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but his battle prowess is at least twelve stars. Truly surprising."

"Didn't you guys hear Elder Chief Shi say that martial arts are in a super-golden age when prodigies are emerging without end, and perhaps there would be freaks in the future with battle prowess surpassing ten stars?"

The were many discussions in the surrounding people, and as more and more people were eliminated, the remaining people were the more dazzling.

"Senior Brother Yue, thank you!" Ling Han suddenly said without rhyme or reason.

Yue Kai Yu completely had no idea what he was talking about, and just when he was about to snap back, Ling Han threw a punch with six flashes of Fist Qi advancing and turning into seven dragon elephants that charged at him.


He was greatly shocked that there were actually six flashes of Fist Qi. This was already the consummate of great mastery, almost crossing into the rank of kings.

This was too scary. He, too, only grasped six flashes of Fist Qi—the seventh flash was like a chasm, which he was stuck at for more than four years; he just couldn't cross into the king's realm of seven or more flashes.

This 'thank you' was because Ling Han quickly achieved a breakthrough under Yue Kai Yu's pressure.

Of course, the main reason was that he had originally grasped seven flashes of Sword Qi, or else no matter how much of a genius he was, he wouldn't be able to easily achieve a breakthrough.

With these six flashes of Fist Qi firing out, and on top of the War Elephant Fist, Ling Han gradually took the upper hand.

His power was originally no weaker than Yue Kai Yu's, and now he was no longer at a disadvantage in the amount of Fist Qi flashes. Moreover, his art was stronger than Yue Kai Yu's, and adding the discernment of a Heaven Tier on top of that, if he still couldn't take the upper hand, then he should really just find a block of tofu and knock himself to death.

Hong, hong, hong, he launched punch after punch like a barbarian from the wilderness, impervious to reason, simply throwing punches of iron to crush everything.

Flash after flash of martial intent exploded, its light dazzling.

Yue Kai Yu retreated repeatedly; with his current battle prowess, he was no longer a match for Ling Han.

He hesitated on whether or not he should unleash his Spirit Tool, because Ling Han 'apparently' used Spirit Tools. However, as he thought of the great advantage he had in tier, which was enough to compensate for this Spirit Tool, the two were fighting fairly. If he used a Spirit Tool, then it would not be the fair fight he'd sought.


Without completing his train of thought, he took a heavy punch on the face and was instantly sent flying. He only felt numbness on a part of his face and a pungent taste in his throat. He opened his mouth and hacked out blood continuously, along with three broken teeth.

Ling Han leapt over and reached with his hand out toward Yue Kai Yu, smiling as he said, "We're even, and from now on we're fellow brothers!"

Yue Kai Yu only thought that "fellow brothers" meant senior or junior apprentice. He instinctively touched his cheek, and said, "You punched me so heavily and still think of becoming brothers with me?"

Ling Han smiled mischievously, took out a pill bottle, and said, "This is Return Origin Pill."

Yue Kai Yu's gaze instantly burned up with fervor. Return Origin Pill was the highest quality Fourth Tier medicinal pill. It couldn't improve cultivation and couldn't restore Origin Power—it had only one function: compacting one's tier!
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