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Chapter 338: Cousin
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The Ao Family and the Yue Family had never got along, and the "older people" naturally knew why, but the newbies didn't understand. They only thought that elder chiefs, Ao and Yue, had differing views, which resulted in their juniors also being locked in a fierce struggle. However, they didn't know that it was because of the hatred between their children twenty years ago that made the two families that were supposed to become relatives stand on opposing sides.

But no matter how much they didn't get along, they wouldn't end up in a deadlock in public; after all, the two families each had one elder chief, but looking again at the two families' descendants, while there were certainly many incompetent people in the Ao Family, there had to be a few prodigies because Ao Feng left his seed everywhere and had so many children.

And the probability of it was somewhat surprising, since there were actually seven people, and each one was stronger than Yue Kai Yu; apparently, in the fight between the families' descendants, the Ao Family won, moreover with an overwhelming advantage.

If Ling Han knew, he would definitely sneer: 'Really? if every one of Ao Feng's sons died, then it would be useless no matter how talented they are'.

In the field, Ling Han's threw punches like the rain. His fists became faster and faster, and the fifth flash of Fist Qi was almost cultivated by him, just about to burst out.

This gave the girl an enormous amount of pressure; she was doing her best to set off the exquisite pagoda, but this was a Spirit Tool and its strongest power was only comparable to the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier—so how could it be of threat to Ling Han?

When one hour was almost up, Ling Han threw a heavy punch and sent the girl flying with five flashes of Fist Qi.


This time, quite a few people were truly shocked. Even if Ling Han had already grasped five flashes of Fist Qi and concealed it earlier, that itself meant he was extraordinary. Besides, Ling Han clearly battled continuously for an hour earlier, and still persisted in a high intensity battle for another hour, such resilience was truly terrifying!

'This one shouldn't be underestimated.'

Ling Han stood tall, battling for two hours straight, but with his dantian and spiritual oceans' massiveness, such energy expenditure didn't even take up one hundredth of all his energy. Otherwise, he wouldn't battle in this way... tsk, he wasn't stupid.

"Twenty one to thirty step forward," the Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior said in a tone that was calm and without emotion.

Yue Kai Yu took a sudden stride forward, arriving in front of Ling Han, and said, "You can now rest, and whenever you've recovered, we can battle."

As he said that, quite a few people insulted him, calling him an idiot.

Those who didn't take advantage where there was one were bastards! It involved the top ten spots, and even if they couldn't get the top one, they could still receive medicinal pills and whatnot as rewards; who wouldn't give it their all?

Was it because he was too strong that he had such confidence?

"Haha, he knows that he can't beat us the Seven Sons of Ao Family, so he might as well pretend to be generous. With us seven here, he can at most rank number eight anyways," Ao Jian said, showing his extreme disdain.

Because Spiritual Ocean Tier battles' destructive power was extremely immense, everyone watched the battle from several hundred meters away. At this distance, and on top of all the noise of the battles, it was very hard to hear what they said.

So, Ling Han didn't know that the person in front of him was called Yue Kai Yu, and Yue Kai Yu couldn't hear Ao Jian's slander.

Just from those words alone, Ling Han had a favorable impression of Yue Kai Yu, cupping his hand in obeisance as he said, "Senior Brother, what should I call you?"

"Yue Kai Yu."

Ling Han was temporarily startled; surnamed Yue, could he be Yue Zhen Shan's son? He probed, "I wonder if you can tell me who Commander Yue, Yue Zhen Shan, is to Brother Yue?"

"He's my father." Yue Kai Yu didn't find it strange. He was Yue Zhen Shan's son, and all Winter Moon Sect's disciples would know such a matter—it wasn't some secret.

As expected, this was his elder cousin!

Ling Han laughed inside, and said inwardly, 'Oh, elder cousin, elder cousin, its' your old man's fault for not stopping Ao Feng back then, causing my family to be worlds apart. Today, I'll beat up this elder cousin and hang that old uncle and beat him, then this contradiction can be counted as cleared.'

A family had no overnight hatred.

This would seem to violate morals for most people—how could a nephew beat his uncle? But, the soul dominating this body was the Grandmaster of alchemy from ten millennia ago, and although he accepted his current identity, it didn't mean his every word and every action would be limited by this identity.

In a bad mood? Just vent that anger.

"No need to rest, let's fight!" Ling Han made a hooking motion with his fingers.

"I'm at the cultivation of the eighth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, with one foot already in the ninth layer. Moreover, I cultivate three high level Black Grade arts—if you don't adjust to your optimal status, you definitely won't stand more than a single exchange of blows!" Yue Kai Yu said, annoyed. "I want to defeat you at your best, and not just win!"

"Hehe, why must I satisfy you, who do you think you are?" Ling Han laughed aloud, charged outwards, and initiated the attack.

Yue Kai Yu snorted, throwing a casual punch. He wanted to let Ling Han know what disparity meant; then, he would give Ling Han time to rest so that they could fight as fair as possible.

Ling Han gave no sign of weakness, and greeted the attack with a punch.


The two clashed once, and immediately, a visible shock wave rippled outwards. The pairs on the side were actually quite far away, but they were sent retreating continuously by this shock wave, staring aghast at them and caring no longer for their own battles.

"Huh?" Yue Kai Yu was shocked. The power of Ling Han's punch wasn't much weaker than his! He had the cultivation of the eighth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier with overbearing power, but he couldn't suppress a guy in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier; the Spirit Tool on his opponent had to be truly overpowered.

Ling Han smiled and said, "Senior Brother Yue, let me beat you up, then we can be friends hereafter."

There was subtext to his words; after we fight, we're all on the same side.

However, Yue Kai Yu didn't know who Ling Han was, and couldn't help but be angered. This guy actually wanted to beat him up? Too contemptible! Where did he get such courage and confidence from?

He released a long cry and began his attacks on Ling Han. This time he was infuriated, using arts—both his fists instantly turned as dark as iron, the chilling metallic light on their surface.

As the punch was thrown, martial intent blossomed. On his right fist, vein-like lines immediately shined, forming an odd pattern that instantly extended to his entire arm, almost as if his entire right arm turned into a Spirit Tool.

With one punch thrown, even the air was pressuring Ling Han, forming visible hurricanes.

"Huh, that one surnamed Yue seemd to have greatly improved his fist techniques," Ao Jian Cheng said, frowning.

Ao Feng Hang nodded and said, "If his power increased another tier, he might actually be a threat to us."

Ao Xing Lai simply laughed arrogantly. His strength surpassed the rest of the seven by a whole lot. These six were truly narrow-minded, completely unaware of their own strengths, guessing presumptuously.
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