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Chapter 337: Polishing the Fist Technique
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Inside Ling Han's body were two spiritual oceans, one on the bottom as earth, and one on top as heaven, symbolizing the yin and yang.

When he allocated his Origin Power, he could choose one of the two spiritual oceans, but if necessary, the two large spiritual oceans could both circulate at the same time. One yin and one yang, although opposites, it could give terrifying bursts of spiritual power, making his power skyrocket to the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Against a nobody like Zhao Hong Cheng, he naturally didn't have to use his full strength; the earth spiritual ocean circulating was enough of a power support.

He mainly experienced the subtle changes in the War Elephant Fist, improving upon his fist path.

All arts in the world aimed for the the same end, so if he could form seven flashes of Sword Qi, then it also meant he could reach seven flashes of Fist Qi. However, there had to be a process, and he was reducing that process now by battling Zhao Hong Cheng.

"Die! Die! Die!" Zhao Hong Cheng was as if he were in frenzy. Seeing that it was almost the time limit of an hour yet he was still tangling with Ling Han, he thought he and Ling Han would both be eliminated.

This enraged him beyond control as he felt that Ling Han was extremely detestable. Ling Han obviously couldn't beat him, but why must he continue to tangle with him?

"Die your sister!" Ling Han yelled out explosively as he threw a punch fiercely. Four flashes of Fist Qi set out, turning into four silver fists, which evolved into four dragon elephants that charged at Zhao Hong Cheng.


Everyone cried out—was this a breakthrough during the battle?

If it were true, then this guy was too scary; one who could turn pressure into motivation during battle to break through one's own limits was definitely a genius amongst geniuses.

"Impossible, this guy probably formed four flashes of Fist Qi long ago but avoided using it, and now unleashed it explosively to intentionally scare people."

"Hehe, he wants to make people think he broke through during battle to attract the sect's attention—what a truly deep scheme."

"Truly too naïve."

They all shook their heads. They were all conceited themselves, but such a breakthrough was impossible even for them, so they subconsciously thought it was fake; otherwise, wouldn't it be saying that they were inferior?

However, a few people were in deep thought—what if this was real?

Fortunately, there were only four flashes of Fist Qi, just entering the accomplished level and not yet qualified to be called a king.


Four flashes of Fist Qi against three flashes were like a fourth layer's suppression against a third layer. There was still a great difference between the one who was at the middle stage and the one who was at the early stage; so, this punch rolled over, sending Zhao Hong Cheng flying along with his sword.

At this moment, it was roughly about an hour since the fight began.

The ten who ranked thirty or so had their sight on Ling Han. This guy just experienced a great "neck and neck" battle and had absolutely no time to recover, so if they could challenge Ling Han, then it would be equivalent to fighting a pushover.

Zhao Hong Cheng lay on the ground, his face full of disbelief. He actually encountered an opponent that broke through during the battle.

"The top thirty, step forward!" the Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator said. "Begin the next round."

Shua , a lithe and graceful girl was the fastest to arrive before Ling Han. She smiled enchantingly at the surrounding people as she said, "This little sister thanks every fellow brother for giving way."

This was a very beautiful girl, and on top of her alluring figure, people involuntarily looked twice. When she leapt out, she intentionally swung her hips and stuck her chest out and fully displayed her physique, making the other nine instinctively look toward her; that was how she ended up getting Ling Han, the "pushover."

The other nine cried out 'bad luck' inwardly—why did they harbor lust?

"Just admit defeat!" The girl attacked Ling Han.

She was stronger than Zhao Hong Cheng, at the third layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. However, if she was only so good, then she naturally wouldn't rival Ling Han who possessed "battle prowess of six stars." Since she dared to challenge Ling Han, she obviously had something to rely on.

As she attacked, she unleashed am exquisite pagoda embodied by jade; flashes of vein-like lines shined, forming a visible wave that vibrated towards Ling Han.

Ling Han immediately felt Small Tower emit a thought of extreme disgust—this thought obviously wasn't directed at him but the exquisite pagoda. 'Heh, this Spirit Tool is quite interesting, can't stand other tower-shaped spirit tools?'

Weng , the wave was like a tidal wave, extremely tempestuous.

Ling Han threw out a blank punch and formed a vein-like line that expanded rapidly, as if a shield protecting him. The wave the exquisite pagoda emitted passed by, sending layers of ripples as the vein-like lines immediately showed several cracks.

When the shield was shattered, the exquisite pagoda's attack also ended.

The girl couldn't help but be surprised that power contained in Ling Han's punch was so accurately measured, not a single bit enough or too much—as if he'd fought her before. However, at this moment, it wasn't time for her to be shocked. She immediately shook the tower lightly, releasing a wave and drawing her sword to attack as she leapt outwards.

Xiu, xiu, xiu , four flashes of Sword Qi spread out, its power overwhelming.

As expected, she could come this far not because of the Spirit Tool's power, but because she personally possessed amazing strength.

Ling Han received her attack, continuing to use his opponent to practice War Elephant Fist.


Some people took notice of Ling Han and couldn't help but reveal shocked expressions—the girl's strength was obviously above Zhao Hong Cheng's, but Ling Han was still able to fight back and forth without falling at a disadvantage.

This meant that Ling Han held back his strength. Since that was so… could it possible be that Ling Han wasn't using his full strength right now?

"If he can advance into the next round, I'll pick him as my opponent," a man with an imposing appearance said. His cultivation of the eighth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier was quite out of the ordinary.

"Haha, Senior Brother Yue's actually harboring the urge to battle a small fry in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier?" Someone laughed, but immediately revealed an expression of doubt. "Senior Brother Yue, aren't you thinking too highly of him?"

Senior Brother Yue revealed a smile, and fighting spirit flashed past his eyes. "No, no, no, my senses can't be wrong. This guy is worthy of a battle!"

"Tsk!" The Seven Sons of Ao Family snorted at the same time, appearing to think very much otherwise.

"Seven Sons of Ao Family, what are you snorting at, need a beating?" Senior Brother Yue looked over without hiding the scorn in his expression.

"You? A defeated opponent!" Ao Jian Cheng waggled his finger, appearing to think otherwise.

"Haha, Yue Kai Yu, whenever you can beat the seventh, then you can challenge the rest of us!" Ao Xing Lai said.

Ao Jian Cheng wasn't the youngest amongst the Seven Sons of Ao Family, but since his strength was the weakest, he ranked last. Hearing Ao Xing Lai's words, Ao Jian Cheng couldn't help but reveal a hint of anger; inside the Ao Family, competition was also fierce, and he was not resigned to sit at the seventh place.

Yue Kai Yu said, "Wait till I advance into the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, I will challenge each one of you!"

"You say it like you're very impressive." Ao Feng Hang picked his ears, and then blew at his finger, showing his disdain in overtones.
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