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Chapter 336: Reexamination
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"Time's limited, and you will all be this sect's disciples hereafter with many chances to spar, so today's reexamination will be carried out quickly," the Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator spoke. He pointed at the plaza and continued, "Yesterday's ninety first to one hundred step forward, and line up on the field." Immediately, ten people stepped forward and stood separately on the field.

"Eighty first to ninety step forward," he said again, waiting for ten people to step forward, and continued, "You guys can pick one to challenge, the victor stays, and the loser gets eliminated. The battles begin now, but whether or not the battle ends, the second round of battles starts an hour later, and if the two people are still battling on the field, then both will be eliminated."


With that said, at least five people already started to fighting.

Rest was counted in the time of battle, with a total of one hour's time, so the faster one's opponent was taken care of, the more time one had to rest. Moreover, the order in which people took the field was a reward for those who scored well yesterday—the top ten could battle at their best in the final round.

Of course, a true expert would not care about that at all, having the confidence to easily overcome their opponents.

The battle soon became heated. If they lost in this round, they would be eliminated, so everyone fought with all their might; of course, if they didn't need to use their trump cards, they wouldn't. After all, if they wanted to advance into top ten, there were still many tough battles ahead.

Ten minutes later, the first battle was over, and another pair tangled for an hour without a victor; well, the two were both eliminated.

The seventy-first place to the eightieth place took the field, and the second round of battle started. A lucky fellow won without fighting, and could welcome the third round of battles in his peak form.

Round after round, each one an hour. This speed was very fast, and after four hours, it was Ling Han's turn.

"Huh?" Ling Han revealed an astounded expression, because his opponent was Zhao Hong Cheng; before the exam, he was the one who mocked Qi Yong Ye and others as narrow-minded, and also looked down completely on Ling Han.

What a coincidence that Ling Han actually bumped into him.

"Do you forfeit or should I beat you till you concede?" Zhao Hong Cheng said arrogantly.

Ling Han smiled and said, "We're both in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, where do get your confidence from?"

"Haha, from this!" Zhao Hong Cheng brandished his sword. It was an oddly shaped sword, with the tip split like a snake's tongue and an extremely thin fuller; seven vein-like lines could be seen on top of it.

"Silver Serpent Sword, Fourth Tier Spirit Tool! Under full activation, it can rival the battle prowess of one in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier!" He circulated his spiritual Qi and began to activate the martial intent of the Spirit Tool. Instantly, the vein-like lines shone and the Spirit Tool emitted a strong presence.

In a sense, the Spirit Tool was equivalent to a cultivator of the same tier, and Zhao Hong Cheng himself was a Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior, which was enough to fully activate the Silver Serpent Sword's powers; therefore, it was now equivalent to two Spiritual Ocean Tier opponentss attacking Ling Han together. Moreover, Silver Serpent Sword's power was comparable to an opponent in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so no wonder Zhao Hong Cheng would be full of confidence.

One in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and one in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier—that meant there would be some chances of winning even if encountering an opponent in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Zhao Hong Cheng never used the Silver Serpent Sword in the previous exam in order to surprise people at the next examination.

However, there was no rule in the tournament that one couldn't use Spirit Tools, so even if he won relying on the Silver Serpent Sword, at most people would only look down on him for not winning with his own skills.

Ling Han smiled faintly and said, "Should I reveal a sense of fear to coordinate with you?"

"Don't need to pretend, you're certainly feeling scared!" Zhao Hong Cheng charged out with his sword. Being at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier while fully activating a fifth layer Spiritual Ocean Tier Spirit Tool was a great burden for him, so he hoped to take care of Ling Han as soon as possible, obtaining some time to recover.

Ling Han formed a fist and moved. Hong , martial intent circulated, and vein-like lines spread out as a silver-colored dragon elephant stepped through the air, charging at Zhao Hong Cheng.


In a fierce clash, Zhao Hong Cheng backed up repeatedly, his expression extremely pale. The power in that attack was too heavy, shaking his internal organs such that he felt it extremely unbearable, almost spitting out blood.




Seeing this scene, those who were originally absent-minded all revealed astounded expressions.

That this punch pushed back Zhao Hong Cheng wasn't a big deal as he was at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier after all, but he held a Spirit Tool that was fully activated—now, that was weird.

"His battle prowess should be six stars." Many people evaluated.

This was very surprising; a first layer Spiritual Ocean Tier youth that had six stars battle prowess... that was very hard to believe.

"He should be wearing some sort of Spirit Tool that's already activated, otherwise... hehe, battle prowess surpassing five stars? Even amongst us not many can do it, right?" Someone immediately thought of a "reasonable" explanation.

Vambraces or leggings could be worn underneath clothes, so it would be very hard to discover them even when they were activated.

"There are still a few people with battle prowess surpassing five stars, but only Ao Da has six stars." Someone's gaze moved towards a twenty-two to twenty-three year old youngster; this person was Ao Da, whose real name was Ao Xing Lai.

The Seven Sons of Ao family's ranking was not based on age, but on ability.

Ao Xing Lai was Ao Feng's most remarkable son, with cultivation in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. It was said that he already had one foot in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and such talent could be called a prodigy even in the middle state—of course, not top-notch. At least in the north region, there were already Spiritual Pedestal Tier prodigies in this age segment.

Ao Xing Lai slightly raised the corner of his lips. He certainly didn't believe that Ling Han possessed battle prowess surpassing five stars, and even if it was so, it couldn't rival his; his battle prowess fully unleashed could actually surpass seven stars!

His confidence not only came from being the head of the Seven Sons of Ao family and the Winter Moon Sect's number one genius, but also from being north region's number one prodigy. One day, he would enter the middle state and sweep across the prodigies there, casting down his legendary reputation that would go down in the annals of history.

"I! Don't! Believe!" Zhao Hong Cheng straightened his sword, charging right back. "I'm in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier and you too; we both have Spirit Tools as well. Could I be weaker than you!?"

He brandished the long sword and four flashes of Sword Qi were shot out.

'Four flashes of Sword Qi, not bad, not bad, he's got talent on the sword path.'

Lign Han fired a punch, also with four flashes of Fist Qi circulating, forming four golden fists that traveled towards Zhao Hong Cheng.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, Sword Qi and Fist Qi collided, annihilating one another.

"Ah!" Zhao Hong Cheng bellowed, brandishing his sword continuously. They were both in the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so even with a Spirit Tool in hand, their energy consumption was very great; he only had to last a little longer than Ling Han to win.

Ling Han's dantian space was a hundred times larger than a normal Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior's, and his spiritual ocean was also ten times larger; moreover, he had two that formed yin and yang, almost returning to the universe's origins.

Thus, he didn't hurry and just used his opponent to practice the War Elephant Fist.
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