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Chapter 332: Two Spiritual Oceans!
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Inside Ling Han's body, an earthshaking change happened.

His muscles, bones, and veins were becoming stronger, breaking through the Rock Cliff Body's limits and bringing it up a level. This wasn't the Indestructible Heaven Scroll's contribution, but a breakthrough acquired from him pushing his own body.

Such a great change didn't occur on his body alone, but also in his dantian.

He had fused nine nuclei long ago, and turned nine spring's eyes into one—the most important step in breaking through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier. His spring's eye was surprisingly large, as if a great lake, and now it was super-spring's eye that was expanding at the rate of a tsunami.

Forming an ocean!

Hong long long , the spring's eye burst out a surprising amount of Origin Power. If Ling Han used his divine sense turned into a human figure for comparison, the spring's eye had already become a vast body of water, so extensive that the end couldn't be seen.

Hiss, this could already rival the spiritual ocean in his previous life when he was at the peak of the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but now he just broke through and the Spiritual Ocean was still expanding at a fast pace, far from reaching the early stage of the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Truly astounding.

This process for Ling Han was following a beaten path. Tidal wave after tidal wave, the spiritual spring turned into an ocean, massive and boundless.

After whole three hours, the spiritual ocean's expansion finally stopped. However, as Ling Han thought he'd smoothly advanced, a tide suddenly rose and the spiritual ocean transformed again, beginning to split!

'Sh!t, what's this situation?'

At Gushing Spring Tier, he only had one super-sized spring's eye, but others had nine. And now, others fused nine springs into one, turning into one spiritual ocean. Could he be the opposite, possessing nine spiritual oceans?

Fortunately, his spiritual ocean only split into two, and no longer continued to divide.

Two spiritual oceans!

One on top, and the other on the bottom, as if heaven and earth. Moreover, one spiritual ocean swirled clockwise, while the other rotated counter-clockwise, like the yin-yang fish in the diagram of cosmological scheme.

Ling Han was driven mad. After crossing into the Element Gathering Tier in this lifetime, everything was different.

Other people's origin nucleus was singular, but he had five small origin nuclei combined. Other people's nine spring's eye, while he had one. Other people had one spiritual ocean, yet he had two.

Holy crap!

However, the real change probably happened when he was at the ninth layer of the Element Gathering Tier when he fused nine origin nuclei, which now emerged as an intrinsic change. After all, having small origin nuclei, it could be done as long as one had multi-element spirit base.

Nine nuclei fused into one—this was probably unprecedented, at least according to what Ling Han knew in two lifetimes. Another like this had yet to appear in the world, so his path of cultivation that followed might bring him many surprises.

Very soon, the two spiritual oceans finished expanding, completely stabilizing, which meant that he truly crossed into the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

Ling Han was shocked, because his spiritual ocean now was ten times as big as the one in his previous life.

With a thought, the spiritual ocean raised in a wave as Origin Power swept past, surging violently.

He casually threw a punch, sensing the power within. He nodded; his power could now rival the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier!

This was extremely scary. Just stepping into the Spiritual Ocean Tier, his power could rival the late stage Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors, so when he reached the peak stage of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, would it be possible for him to battle those in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier?

…Relying on his own power, and not with the help of the Demon Birth Sword.

This was very much possible; even though the higher the tier in martial arts, the larger each step, he compacted his foundation too sturdily, allowing him to possess extraordinary tier-surpassing battle abilities.

"This time, fighting Ao Jian Cheng again, I can beat him bare-handed till he calls his ancestors!" Ling Han smiled faintly. "However, I still don't want to expose my identity. I have to infiltrate the Winter Moon Sect to find out mother's whereabouts, so it's best not to use a sword.

Fist techniques? Palm techniques? Or, leg techniques?

Ah, got one, it's Na Lan Tu's War Elephant Fist—the one I requested when he asked me to refine pills. Its said to be quite a special Black Grade technique, which Gushing Spring Tier martial artists can't cultivate as they're one Tier too low to manifest martial intent.

It'd be nice if this fist technique is like the Mysterious Three Thousand.

However, Na Tu Lan didn't have a stinky face as if his parents had died like the one Sword Emperor had when he handed it over. I guess I'll be disappointed."

Ling Han turned over the War Elephant Fist inside his consciousness, as he said, "Small Tower, can the second layer be opened now?"

The Small Tower's figure surfaced; it paused slightly, seeming to attempt it, and then it immediately swayed left to right as if it was shaking its head. "No, you're not strong enough right now!"

"Hey, hey, hey, I am now in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and counting upwards, the Spiritual Pedestal, the Flower Blossom, the Spiritual Infant, the Deity Transformation, the Heaven, and the Shattering Void Tiers, a total of six more steps left. Even if I could open one layer every time I advanced, then when I become god, I can still only open up the eight layer, meaning… god realm also has level differences!" Ling Han inferred.

This was counting closely. If, by any chance, he needed two or three Tiers before he could open a layer of the Black Tower, then just how many stages was god tier divided into?

Small Tower was silent. Its intellect was limited—or maybe it was because it was damaged too heavily, affecting its intelligence?—at any rate, it was unable to respond to questions out of its range.

Ling Han sighed. It made sense—Black Tower was undoubtedly a product of the god realm and its original owner definitely died, while the tool's spirit was annihilated as well, rebirthing as another one. This explained that even gods were divided into the weak and the strong—dividing them into levels would naturally be normal.

Interesting, interesting, so following this line of thought, alchemy doesn't end at the Heaven Tier?

Ling Han revealed a smile. He was enthralled by alchemy in his previous life and this life he focused on martial arts, but that didn't mean he no longer had interest in alchemy. He had already gone to the extremes in alchemy and could no longer advance any further.

But in reality, alchemy was the same as martial arts—god tier was not the end; perhaps it was close, but definitely not the end.

He could explore alchemy again. This made Ling Han very happy, an excitement which he hadn't felt in a long time.

Whatever, first he'd practice that fist technique; there wasn't much time.

Inside the space of the Black Tower, he could use his abilities fully, grasping the slightest changes. This was clearly extremely helpful in practicing techniques.

However, he wasn't in too much of a rush, either.

Wanting to enter the top hundred in the exam, it wasn't that the more people he defeated, the better—it was enough to defeat those who had enough gains… If you beat ten thousand people, you can only gain ten thousand tokens, but if you beat one person who has defeated ten thousand opponents, then you can reap ten thousand and one tokens.

So, Winter Moon Sect's disciples actually weren't at all disadvantaged joining the exam on the third day.

Ling Han cultivated for an entire day, and after grasping the basics of the War Elephant Fist, he left the Black Tower. Now, it was time for him to fully display his capabilities. However, he disguised himself again because Qi Yong Ye and the others should've seen through the earlier identity; knowing his identity actually wasn't such a good thing for them.

He shuttled through the mountains, gaining quite a lot. At nighttime, he raised a bonfire, grilling Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf's meat.

"Mm, smells good!"

"Really does smell good!"

A bunch of people rushed out from the forest; there were at least two hundred people

"Yo, brother Zhao, it's a guy all on his own!"

These people looked at Ling Han as if Ling Han was a course on their table.
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