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Chapter 330: Completely Exterminated
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Honestly, the one called Yu Gang Liang was only in the seventh layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, not very strong; but even if he wasn't that strong, the seventh layer of the Gushing Spring Tier's battle prowess was enough to crush the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier by tenfold. However, he exploded from a kick—how was anyone supposed to accept this?

"This is called Wind God Kick." Ling Han randomly came up with a name. He didn't use his sword nor fists or palms only because he didn't want Qi Yong Ye and the others to be suspicious of his identity. But how many Gushing Spring Tier warriorss like this were there? It was practically impossible not to be suspicious; Qi Yong Ye and the others' eyes already lit up.

"C-courting death!" Zhan Yuan was infuriated, and yelled, "Go all together, and slaughter him! Slaughter him!"

This was supposed to be their hunt but one of them was killed, how could he not be infuriated.

The remaining five charged at the same time. Their cultivation was higher than Xu Gang Lian's, and even if they couldn't annihilate Ling Han five against one, it shouldn't be a problem to fight on par.

However, they were up against Ling Han!

"Wind God Kick!" Ling Han sprung out, pa, pa, pa, throwing kicks continuously.

Comprehension of one law meant comprehension of all other laws in martial arts. He already cultivated seven flashes of Sword Qi on the sword's path, so as he flicked his legs, a flash of Qi fired out, turning into a sharp sword and sweeping towards the five people.

Every movement was a sword.

His battle prowess now was enough to annihilate a normal opponent at the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so how could these five people rival him? Pa , his kick landed between the legs of one of them and powerful Qi rose upwards, turning into a sharp sword and tearing that person in half!

Hua la la , intestines, heart, liver, and brains spilled everywhere—an extremely gruesome sight.

Even Ling Han didn't expect that his kick would fire out Sword Qi, having such an effect. But this explained that he was somewhat accomplished on the sword's path, able to turn his body into a sword, forming swords in all ways.

Pa, pa, pa, pa , Ling Han threw four consecutive kicks, and four more corpses that were completely indistinguishable lay on the ground.

Everyone felt chills. Those were five late stage Gushing Spring Tier experts, but they were almost all killed instantly at the same time. How could anyone believe it?

Zhao Huan and the others thought: could this guy really be Ling Han? Although he looked completely different, there couldn't be so many freaks at the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier in the world!

Ling Han looked balefully at Zhan Yuan and said, "Now it's your turn."

Zhan Yuan instinctively felt a chill from Ling Han's gaze. Just what kind of gaze was it that could make him tremble from the bottom of his heart, as if his soul was frightened? He hurriedly encouraged himself: this was only a small fry in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier—although his battle prowess was somewhat nature-defying, but no matter what, it was impossible for it to reach all the way over the Spiritual Ocean Tier threshold. Or else, wouldn't the martial arts tiers be just for looks?

"Daring to kill Winter Moon Sect's disciples, you're seeking your own death!" he bellowed, initiating an attack.

"Those who murder will also be murdered by others, how can you guys be the exception?" Ling Han threw another explosive kick. Pu , the kick undoubtedly broke through Zhan Yuan's defense, landing fiercely on his face.

Zhan Yuan instantly staggered backwards, but in a few steps, pa , his head instantly exploded. The headless body swayed for a while, finally falling loudly onto the ground.

Qi Yong Ye and the others were already stupefied. Zhan Yuan and the other six killed from hundred till there were only twenty left, but once Ling Han attacked, he annihilated the seven in a clean sweep—just how great was the difference between the two parties?

"Ling... Master Ling?" Zhao Huan asked tentatively.

Ling Han glared at him and said, "What Master Ling, where's my Yellow Dragon Fruit. You guys couldn't possibly be thinking of swallowing up my share, right?

Zhao Huan hurriedly took out the Yellow Dragon Fruit, handing over the entire stalk, and said, "Please receive it, sir!"

Seeing that Ling Han didn't admit his identity, he didn't dare to acknowledge him carelessly—he could only address him respectfully.

Ling Han took away half the Yellow Dragon Fruits. With his contributions, even taking away ninety percent was reasonable. Moreover, he just saved these people and his martial arts abilities were laid bare, so even if he took all of them, Qi Yong Ye and the others would only be able to nod.

Meeting acquaintances, Ling Han naturally wouldn't take all the gains. Leaving them half, he said, "I'm taking half, you guys don't have any objections, right?

"No!" They hurriedly shook their heads like rattle drums.

Ling Han left half the Yellow Dragon Fruits; the rest he stored inside the Black Tower. He was about to leave to charge towards the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but frowned, turning to look to the left side.

Xiu, xiu , two figures appeared almost at one step after the other. They were precisely Ao Jian Cheng and the purple-clothed youngster.

"Interesting." Ao Jian Cheng had both hands behind his back. His gaze swept pass Zhao Huan who hadn't stored the Yellow Dragon Fruit as he said, "Huh, it's actually the Yellow Dragon Fruit, no wonder it triggered a battle. Honestly, even I'm a bit moved."

"What? Senior Brother Jian Cheng, this is our sect's disciple." The purple-clothed youngster looked at the ground for a while, his gaze locked onto a sleeve—it had traces of blood on it, but a moon design could still be seen underneath.

Ao Jian Cheng immediately revealed killing intent, and said threateningly, "You guys have such great nerve, daring to slaughter our sect's disciples!"

"Hmph, they coveted our things and wanted to kill and rob us, so were we supposed to stretch our necks and await death?" Zhao Huan said, unwilling to give in. In the Rain Country, he was the prodigy of one of the eight large noble families, but here he suffered threats on his life repeatedly; it was a truly great contrast.

"The people are already dead, and you guys can say whatever you want," the purple-clothed youngster said coldly, "I can say that you guys killed and robbed this sect's disciple, yet still tried to put the blame on them."

"Put down the Yellow Dragon Fruit and take your own life!" he said haughtily.

Qi Yong Ye and the others were angered half to death; could they be more unreasonable?

"When all is said, you guys simply set your eyes on the Yellow Dragon Fruit." Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "You guys go first, leave this to me."

"You...!" Qi Yong Ye and the others hesitated.

"You guys still don't believe me?" Ling Han raised his eyebrows with soaring confidence.

"Go!" Qi Yong Ye and the others originally suspected that he was Ling Han, and now they no longer doubted it, turning one after another to leave. Staying here, they would not only be unable to help Ling Han, but instead become a hindrance.

"You talk quite big!" The purple-yellowed youngster laughed grimly—a mere small fry at the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier dared to speak of blocking them? Where did he get such courage? He immediately leapt out, wanting to block Qi Yong Ye and the others.

Ling Han also moved, unleashing a metal sword. With a shua , Sword Qi flew out.

The purple-clothed youngster was forced to stop and reached to wipe the wound on his cheek slit open by Sword Qi. He couldn't help but be infuriated, and said, "Damn it, you dare hurt me!"

"So what?" Ling Han said indifferently.

"Die!" The purple-clothed youngster dove out again, but this time, his target was Ling Han. As he stretched his arms and legs, martial intent flowed; his battle prowess was extremely shocking, at least ten stars.

Possessing battle prowess that surpassed one's tier by three stars in the Spiritual Ocean Tier was very remarkable.

Ling han didn't dare to be careless. Ding, ding, ding, ding, the long sword danced rapidly, Sword Qi surged through the sky, and Four Seasons Sword Technique followed his will smoothly as he battled fiercely with the purple-clothed youngster.
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