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Chapter 329: Slaughter
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Ling Han had previously heard the title 'the Seven Sons of the Ao Family', and now that he'd seen one, it was certainly a well-deserved reputation.

Ao Jian Cheng was at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and to be able to rise above hundreds of those with the same cultivation, his battle prowess had to have surpassed nine staras.

Ling Han never underestimated himself, but his battle prowess now was only at nine stars at the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Unless he used the Demon Birth Sword, that is—then his battle prowess could certainly increase by a few stars; after all, it was a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool.

But, using the Demon Birth Sword in front of so many of the Winter Moon Sect's people? Not only would he be unable to get the Thunder Battle Armor, he also would have the Demon Birth Sword taken away… unless he hid inside the Black Tower.

In any case, he definitely wouldn't get the Thunder Battle Armor.

This was contrary to his plans.

Fortunately he already obtained the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf and digested the benefits. After compacting his last fundamentals, he would be able to charge into the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Other people who wanted to charge into the Spiritual Ocean Tier could only dream if they didn't have a few months' time, but for Ling Han, one to two hours was enough.

…Even Feng Yan used only less than ten days' time, could he be inferior to Feng Yan?

Speaking of Feng Yan, this guy should've already returned to the Winter Moon Sect, and with the Winter Moon Sect's ability, they could probably get him a prosthetic. Would he also attend this exam? After all, not to mention other people, this Thunder Battle Armor would move him as well.

Ling Han nodded inwardly. He definitely had to break through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, or else, continually beating opponents at the Spiritual Ocean Tier with the cultivation of the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier would inevitably cause suspicions.

However, he first had to recover his power.

Pa, pa, pa , with a thought, a piece of Origin Crystal instantly shattered and intense Origin Power surged out, surrounding Ling Han.

Inside the Black Tower, Ling Han could do whatever he wanted.

Instantly, Origin Power seeped into his skin, and after only a little "processing" from the Spirit Base, this Origin Power would be completely available for his use. This was why Origin Crystals could become the holy item of cultivating—it was easily absorbed.

Unfortunately, it required one's complete concentration to be refined, and couldn't be used during battle. Thus, speaking of recovering in battle, one had to rely on medicinal pills, but for cultivating, normally, Origin Crystals and medicinal pills worked both.

One Origin crystal needed a Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior spending an entire month to refine it, so the Origin Power within was abundant enough that, after refining this piece of Origin Crystal, Ling Han's strength was entirely recovered.

However, he lost quite a lot of blood; even if he ate several hundred year old ginsengs, he couldn't immediately recover it all. His expression was somewhat pale, but under the disguise, it was hard to tell.

He exited the Black Tower. The Nine-Eyed Beast wolf was already in his pocket and wouldn't leave his grasp no matter how hard it struggled. He now had to find Qi Yong Ye and the others.

Although he didn't care about the Yellow Dragon Fruit, he naturally wouldn't give up what should belong to him. Moreover, he wanted to relieve Qi Yong Ye and the others, telling them that he was still alive.

After he received the Yellow Dragon Fruit, he would find an excuse to leave to charge into the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and there should still be enough time for him to collect tokens. If he didn't even make it into top hundred, then that would be really amusing.

He walked towards the place which they agreed upon, and very soon arrived there. However, before he'd gotten close, he heard ping, ping, pang, pang —they were sounds of weapons clashing—and indistinct shouts of indignation.

Could it be an internal conflict because of the Yellow Dragon Fruit?

Ling Han frowned and leapt upwards, appearing on top of a tree. Looking downwards, it looked practically like hell on Earth.

On the ground lay at least ten corpses—severed heads, cut intestines, chests torn open... too horrible to look at. And these people… were ones from the Rain country, with only a few still alive. They were now lingering with one last breath of life, being attacked from all sides by seven people; they could die at any time.

Ling Han's gaze swept by. Of those he knew, several had died—such as Li Dong Yue, Xia Chong Guang, Huang Wei Ze. Those who weren't dead were Qi Yong Ye, Baili Teng Yun, and a few others, riddled with scars and barely surviving by relying on their Spirit Tools.

There were only seven people in the other party, but six were in the late stage of the Gushing Spring Tier, and one was even at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier—it was precisely because of his existence that Zhao Huan, Qian Wu Yong, and Hu Feng Yue, the three of the best, were completely suppressed, forming a one-sided slaughter.

" Ga, ga, ga 1 , you refused a toast only to drink a forfeit, so all of you go to hell!" Zhan Yuan laughed coldly. He multitasked, not only suppressing the three in the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, but also blocking those who sought to escape the battlefield.

"You guys will die a painful death!" QI Yong Ye said with his teeth clenched as blood dripped down his eyes.

"Hmph, cursing belongs only to the weak—a useless groan. You guys aren't the first to be annihilated by me, and won't be the last!" Zhan Yuan said coldly, without any pity.

Ling Han's forefinger twitched, signaling that he harbored killing intent.

"I heard that in the Rain Country, there's a person called Ling Han who's very arrogant, daring to harm one of our sect's eldest chief's disciple?" Zhan Yuan said like a cat toying with a mouse. In reality, there weren't many who died in his hands, but he achieved the essential result.

"Hmph, if Ling Han were here now, you guys would be cruelly killed!" Zhao Huan yelled out.

"Haha, a bunch of frogs at the bottom of a well dare to speak conceited nonsense. What genius could come out of a mere small country of the Desolate North?" Zhao Yuan smiled haughtily. "Some time later, I'll go to the Desolate North, murder that Ling Han or whatever, and carry his head back!"

"Senior Borther Zhan is most imposing!"

"Hehe, maybe Elder Chief Shi would be in good spirits and take Senior Brother Zhan as a disciple!"

"Then we'd have to rely on Senior Brother Zhan's guidance and support."

The other six boot-licked one after another.

Zhao Yuan laughed aloud, appearing self-satisfied.

"Bullsh!t, Ling Han is already an Earth Grade alchemist, the Winter Moon Sect's sect master wouldn't dare touch him, let alone you! Besides, with Ling Han's strength, killing you is as easy as killing livestock!" Qian Wu Yong shouted sharply.

"Earth Grade alchemist?" Zhan Yuan was startled momentarily, then burst into laughter. What a joke, an Earth Grade alchemy master could rise up from the tiny Nine Nations of the Desolate North? These country bumpkins were truly idiotic, dreaming right before their death.

"What's so funny, let me have a laugh too." A cold voice sounded as Ling Han appeared on the field, both hands behind his back, his gaze baleful.

"Hu Yan!" Qi Yong Ye and the others cried out one after another. First was exultation that this guy was actually alive after luring away the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf, but then came worry, immediately leading to a change in their expressions; a mere youth at the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier couldn't do much—they were still destined to be slaughtered, weren't they?

Not everyone was a freak like Ling Han.

"Oh, another one that has come to die?" Zhan Yuan sneered, snapping his fingers. "Junior Brother Tu, kill him!" It was just a mere small fry at the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier.

"Yes!" A youngster jumped out, and revealed a vile smile. "Remember, the one who killed you is called Yu Gang Liang!"

"A mere dreg, stop with all the rubbish!" Ling Han raised his legs, and with a pa , the kick hit the other's chest. Under the power's shock, that person was immediately sent flying, and as he floated in midair, with a pa , his entire body imploded.

'Hiss.' In an instant, the entire place was silent, and everyone involuntarily stopped what they were doing.
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