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Chapter 327: Both Releasing Ultimate Moves
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The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf couldn't tolerate that a mere Gushing Spring Tier human dared to covet its body.


It pounced again, waving its claws towards Ling Han.

Ling Han didn't dare to receive it head on. He instead kept shifting his figure, activating the Indestructible Heaven Scroll to heal his wounds. One in the Spiritual Ocean Tier could manifest their martial intent, so if he was hit, the opponent's martial intent would also enter through the wound, slowing down the recovery and even entering the consciousness, destroying the spirit.

The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf was a king, and its martial intent was even stronger. Ling Han immediately felt it extremely insufferable as if infinite vicious wolves were biting him.

With the Indestructible Heaven Scroll already activated, the Nine-Eye Beast Wolf's martial intent instantly melted immaculately as if a mantle of snow met boiling water.

Ling Han couldn't help but reveal a smile. This was because the Indestructible Heaven Scroll's level was too high, and thus, once it was activated, it could wipe away Nine-Eye Beast Wolf's martial intent; this was the suppression of a higher level.

It certainly was a lost art that even he took ten millennia to learn, its power solid.

"Puppy, obediently become my rations!" Ling Han laughed loudly and waved his sword as he moved, but without a few hits he was sent flying by the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf. He bled nonstop, but since the Demon Birth Sword was extremely sharp, the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf would also bleed even from a mere graze.

Theoretically, the damage they sustained was completely on different levels, and Ling Han would definitely be the one to die of serious injuries as time went on. However, he had the Indestructible Heaven Scroll at hand, and his wounds could immediately heal. Furthermore, the Demon Birth Sword was a Tenth Tier weapon and had martial intent—even if it wasn't resuscitated—so it could still threaten a Spiritual Ocean Tier beast.

Thus, the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf would continue to bleed, although not by much; the longer the time, the more serious a damage would bleeding inflict.

Ling Han aimed precisely for this.

He waved the Demon Birth Sword as he took out a ginseng and, without any caution, just munched on it like a carrot.

If someone were to see it, they'd definitely scold him for squandering fortune.

This was a hundred year old ginseng, how could he waste it like that?

Ling Han didn't care at all. For others, this was a hundred-year-old ginseng, but for him, it was truly no different from a carrot—there were plenty inside the Black Tower. Besides, it was a few days since he departed from the Fallen Moon Gorge, and these ginsengs were ten years older with even better effects.

Gigseng was a great tonic, so he was alright with its support despite the profuse bleeding—or rather, he was at least a lot better off than the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf.

As they fought, the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf obviously realized this, and instantly went berserk; its attacks became even fiercer, seeking to kill Ling Han in one hit.

"Haha, although you are a king, I'm not too shabby, either!" Ling Han activated the Demon Birth Sword and seven flashes of sword qi flew across, showcasing that he was also a king—a king amongst humans.

However, there was still a large tier's difference between them after all. The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf completely had the upper hand, and Ling Han could only parry its attacks.

"Sigh, I've been smacked in the face!" Ling Han mocked himself, but no one would laugh at Ling Han for this, only admiring him greatly.

The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf was a king amongst beasts, and on top of a large tier's advantage, it should've absolutely dominated him; the results were completely inconceivable.

Ling Han knew his own limitations. It wasn't that he was strong enough, but that he possessed the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, giving him the ability to tangle with it; otherwise, he would have already been annihilated by the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf. How could an art that needed ten millennia to comprehend not be strong?

He also possessed the Demon Birth Sword, and a large amount of hundred-year-old ginsengs, which gave him enough confidence. Without either of these conditions met, perhaps he would be able to protect himself, but he would be incapable of harming the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf.

He still hadn't used the Mysterious Three Thousand, because he wasn't certain if this attack could annihilate the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf. If this beast wolf suffered a great loss, it would definitely retreat, and with its speed… Ling Han couldn't catch up.

Thus, he definitely had to wait for the most opportune time to unleash the Mysterious Three Thousand.

After a long battle, Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf finally revealed a hint of weariness, and viciousness flashed by its eyes as all of its hairs all stood up. Zi , its nine eyes shot out lightning at the same time.

"It's unleashing its ultimate move!" Ling Han immediately looked stern. Nine flashes of lightning struck at the same time from different directions, locking all of his escape routes. Moreover, he could at most block two flashes of lightning.

This was an ultimate move unleashed by a Spiritual Ocean Tier Beast King, so how could it be easy to block?

"Can't block it, I can only dodge." Waiting for the moment the lightning hit his body, Ling Han entered the Black Tower, and then immediately came out. Entering and exiting so fast that it was almost unperceivable, the lightning had already surged pass him.

He smiled faintly; although he had an unfair advantage, he didn't want to be electrified tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Besides, there was a great gap between his and the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf's cultivations, fighting head-on was unfair to him.

The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf's eyes showed its confusion; how did this human dodge its ultimate move? It should have been absolutely impossible. It accurately calculated Ling Han's speed and ability to wield a sword, so it should never have happened.

If it could open its mouth to speak, then it would definitely have already asked by now.

"Little wolf dog, you definitely wouldn't know, so just submit obediently without putting up a fight." Ling Han laughed loudly—the Black Tower was his true trump card.

The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf's hairs stood up again. Pa, pa, pa, pa, nine flashes of lightning struck violently again.

Ling Han played the same old trick, entering and exiting the Tower, avoiding the beast wolf's ultimate move easily. He revealed an exulted expression, as an ultimate move like this used frequently would be a heavy burden for the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf; the time when he could unleash the Mysterious Three Thousand to end the battle was also getting closer.

However, as a king, the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf naturally wasn't stupid. Seeing that its ultimate move was useless, it no longer used it. Instead, it continued to tangle with Ling Han. As the fight went on, its aggressive attitude weakened—not because its body couldn't hand it, but because it lost patience.

As a beast, it was violent, bloodthirsty, and proud, but at the same time, it lacked patience. Under a drawn out battle, it still couldn't take down its prey and its injuries were also not light—it made it finally conceive the thought of retreating.

Ling Han couldn't help but frown. He could obviously tell that, so he had to clench his teeth and unleash his ultimate move, or else this beast king would really run away.

The Mysterious Three Thousand!

He kept waiting to unleash it after having accumulated enough power, so the ultimate move was unleashed as soon as he thought of it.

Eight hundred sword lights fired out without reservation, yet didn't turn into black-armored warriors like last time. Apparently, Ling Han needed to cross into the Spiritual Ocean Tier—such miraculous effect might've only been produced under Black Tower's power boost, needing Ling Han to cross into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier to display that move's power again.

Even so, eight hundred sword lights were still extremely terrifying, covering the sky and the sun, with only five-colored sword lights shining down upon the world.

The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf revealed intense fear. This sword technique's power was too strong, making even it feel anxiety, but at this moment, it could only receive it head on.
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