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Chapter 326: Fighting a King of Beasts Head-On
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"Who are you?!" Zhao Huan immediately asked in a raised voice.

"Who are we?" Those seven people laughed aloud, and raised to reveal their hands. "Are you guys blind, can't even recognize the sect you're joining?"

"You're Winter Moon Sect's disciples!" Everyone came to a sudden realization.

"Didn't they say that you guys could only enter the test on the third day, how come you guys are here now?" Qian Wu Yong asked.

"You guys care about too many things!" one of Winter Moon Sect's disciple said. "Hmph, that Yellow Dragon Fruit belongs to this sect, and we're responsible for guarding it. You guys immediately hand it over, and we won't fuss over it."

"Bullsh!t!" Baili Teng Yun, young and aggressive, immediately lost it. "That was clearly a beast guarding it, so what does it have to do with you guys? I know, you guys definitely saw it coincidentally, and pretended to wait for us to retrieve the spirit medicine, jumping out to get it."

Pa, pa, pa, that Winter Moon Sect disciple began to applaud, and laughed. "Haha, exactly as you said, but so what if you guys know? I, Zhan Ming, am at the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and you guys added together won't even rival me."

On the side, another disciple suggested, "Senior Brother Zhan, the Yellow Dragon Fruit is of great importance, so we should kill them in case the information gets leaked."

Zhan Yuan pondered, and said, "Might as well, or else it wouldn't be good after all if people knew we attended the test today."

"Kill, kill all of them!"

Zhao Huan immediately drew his sword and said, "Wu Yong, Zi Yan, Feng Yue, you guys fight this Spiritual Ocean Tier guy with me; the rest of them are all at the Gushing Spring Tier, we still have some hope."

"Okay!" Everyone drew their weapons; the Yellow Dragon Fruit was too important, and none of them wanted to give it up.

Zhan Yuan sneered, and said, "A bunch of good-for-nothings that know not of their own limitations!"

The battle immediately began, and fresh blood was splattered violently again.


Ling Han leapt swiftly. Behind him, that beast was also getting closer and closer.

The beast didn't know of any movement techniques, but some agility-type beasts were naturally shockingly fast, comparable to martial artists of the same tier using a top grade movement technique of the same; it was as if a sort of art flowed through their blood, and they absolutely didn't need to activate it as it came out naturally along with their instincts.

Similarly, when the beast shot lightning from its eyes, this would be counted as an art in case of a martial artist, but for beasts, it was used in passing.

Thus, beasts would never back down when they encountered martial artists of the same tier, and at the level of kings, beasts were extremely terrifying as they could annihilate everything of the same cultivation.

Even if Ling Han used the high level Black Grade art, Shadow Wind Movement Technique, he was still getting caught up step by step by the Nine-Eye Beast Wolf; a fierce electric arc shot swiftly from its eyes towards Ling Han.

How fast was lightning?

Ling Han had only enough time to parry with his sword, and with a zi , he felt his right hand go numb as the entire sword turned into a puddle of metalitc water; his purlicue was even split open, fresh blood gushing out.

'Shit.' He now had Rock Cliff Body, and his defensive abilities were superb, yet he was injured by this attack.

A King level beast, and its cultivation was whole lot higher than his. He might've been a bit reckless in wanting to kill it? However, this beast was at the kings' level, and could be used as a stepping stone to solidify his last cornerstone for breaking into the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

'No matter what, I have to try. I have Black Tower anyways, I can still hide if I can't beat it,' Ling Han thought shamelessly, but he only had a slight chance; he would definitely not give up even if he would end up riddled with scars.

He would never lose the spirit to adventure because of the Black Tower; it would only make him even more daring.


The Nine-Eye Beast Wolf shot another electric arc over. Ling Han was too lazy to waste another sword, so he threw a punch whilst activating the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. A faint golden light flowed on his hand, and hong , the lightning arrived. Ling Han let out a smothered groan as his right fist was heavily injured again.

'Shit, although I'm in the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, I have long since fused the nine spring eyes, and it's a five elements origin nucleus—such power can definitely parallel a normal fourth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, even the fifth layer. But this large dog is only at the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, so how come its attacks are so fierce?

Were it not for my cultivation of Indestructible Heaven Scroll, maybe my whole arm would've exploded upon receiving one move!' Ling Han thought to himself while activating Indestructible Heaven Scroll. His left hand very quickly returned to how it was before. Indestructible Heaven Scroll wasn't so obvious in improving his defense, at least at the Rock Cliff Tier; the powerful part was on the recovery.

However, it would be different upon advancing into the Diamond Tier. When that time came, his physique would be like an indestructible diamond, and his body would be almost undying.


The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf discharged its lightning again.

"You done yet!" Ling Han stopped running and turned around. It was secluded enough here and he was disguised, so even if other people found out some small secrets, it wouldn't matter.

Demon Birth Sword was unleashed and went head-on with the electric arc.

Pa , the electric arc hit and a bright field of light exploded, forming a dazzling white ball that could blind the human eye.

Ling Han revealed a faint smile, Tenth Tier Spirit Tools were kickass as expected—even if it wasn't fully resuscitated, the properties of it alone broke up the electric arc. It was expected; if it let the electric arc infiltrate his body, then Demon Birth Sword would be too useless.

Weng, weng, on the sword's body, two vein-like patterns lit up; this Spirit Tool was already recovering to a limited degree.

The Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf immediately revealed vigilance in its eyes. It was a king amongst beats, being extremely sensitive to the presence of danger. However, it was quickly at ease, because the presence Demon Birth Sword gave off was dangerous but not powerful, making it fearless.

"Ang!" This beast wolf immediately pounced, waving its right claw, which had ten vein-like patterns lit up at the same time.

Weng, weng, weng, martial intent vibrated, forming a terrifying pressure.

However, this was useless against Ling Han. A thread of Heaven Tier-level divine sense was enough for him to be immune to the majority of the pressure. He raised the sword and launched Four Seasons Sword Technique head-on against the beast wolf. Four types of concepts revolved together, instantly showing the changes of the four seasons and making people feel the lapse and transition of time.


As the beast wolf's claws came down, the sword light was instantly shattered. The claw sent Ling Han flying and the clothes on his left shoulder were torn open, leaving a deep wound. Blood instantly gushed out, and the beast wolf's claw was also slit open, fresh blood gushing everywhere.

Demon Birth Sword was a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool, after all. Even if it wasn't resuscitated, its sharpness had not changed at all.

"My beast wolf blood!" Ling Han cried out regretfully. A beast king's was treasure from head to toe, especially its blood and bone marrow, which were greatly tonic and much stronger compared to hundred-year ginseng.

Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf's eyes instinctively revealed a threatened look. Those as strong as the Spiritual Ocean Tier had already attained wisdom, but they still maintained the bloodlust of beasts. It could understand Ling Han's words, which extremely infuriated it.

He actually cried out dearly for it... so he already took it as his food?
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