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Chapter 325: Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf
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Zhao Huan shook his head repeatedly and said, "That's a Spiritual Ocean Tier beast, so we have absolutely no chance of beating it. My thoughts are that we branch out five people and attack from different directions to lure this beast from its lair.

Once the beast has left, the remaining people will immediately dig up the Yellow Dragon Fruit by the roots, and that beast will definitely not chase too far out. After it returns from its chase, we'll all escape unscathed."

Quite a great plan.

Ling Han wasn't so set on having the Yellow Dragon Fruit, but considering that Qi Yong Ye was an old friend, he was rather willing to lend a hand; moreover, he didn't need the Yellow Dragon Fruit, but he could give it to Liu Yu Tong, Li Si Chang, Can Ye, and the others.

…Hu Niu had also eaten the root of a godly medicine, and although it was only one root, the transformation was very amazing; the Yellow Dragon Fruit couldn't possibly have any effect anymore.

Besides, the Yellow Dragon Fruit was very practical in that it could be refined into a Restore Spirit Pill to compact the tiers of martial artists below the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

"Let's first go check out the situation." Ling Han didn't immediately make a decision.

"Yes." Eveyrone nodded.

They departed, and on the way, Ling Han said, "This Yellow Dragon Fruit is in Yu Long Mountains, so how come it hasn't been taken by the Winter Moon Sect?

"Hehe, that place is too remote!" Everyone laughed.

That made sense; although the entire Yu Long Mountains were the Winter Moon Sect's private property, the mountains were so large that the Winter Moon Sect could in reality only grasp a small area of them. The depths of the mountains were still primitive areas beasts ruled over, and it was said they were extremely terrifying existences in the Spiritual Infant Tier.

Thus, even the Winter Moon Sect would order its disciples not to trespass the Yu Long Mountains' depths, but if one wanted to get rich, one had to go there as high-level spirit medicine could be found in those places. There was even rare gold that could be forged into a divine weapon.

Risk always accompanied opportunities.

This was obviously not the depths of the Yu Long Mountains, but there were still places the Winter Moon Sect's disciples overlooked.

It certainly was so. As Qi Yong Ye and the rest leapt through the path—which was completely not something normal people could walk through, being extremely rugged—they arrived at a precipice, only to see a strange beast lying there and snoring loudly in its sleep.

This beast was a meter long, shaped like a dog, and its entire body was scarlet. However, there was a horn on its head and a circle of eyes on its face, forming a half circle—counting, there were exactly nine eyes.

Beside it grew a stalk of plant that was half a man's height, bearing rings of dense fruits, each no larger than a peanut—the amount was certainly something to be surprised about.

Ling Han's gaze swept by, but he gasped in surprise.

This was a Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf!

It wasn't a normal beast, but a king amongst beasts! This nine-eyed beast was unquestionably in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, but as a king, its battle prowess couldn't be rivaled by normal Spiritual Ocean Tier beasts.

Ling Han immediately knew why this nine-eyed beast hadn't eaten the Yellow Dragon Fruits—it just advanced into the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. Presumably, this beast was waiting until it was at the peak of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier—it would eat the Yellow Dragon Fruit then, rising into Spiritual Pedestal Tier at one go.

A chance like improving one's physique was certainly better the later one's tier was, just like Black Tower's power boost. For beasts, it was so as well. If it absorbed the medicinal power before it broke through, matched with the drastic change inside its body, then it would definitely have an effect that was greater than one plus one equals two.

Beasts were quite intelligent to begin with, and had inborn abilities inherited by blood; although they didn't know how to refine pills, they surpassed humans in using spirit medicine because they always ate it raw.

"I'm afraid you guys will be disappointed." Ling Han shook his head, pointed at the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf, and said, "This is a Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf. It has cultivation in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and is a king amongst beasts."

With that said, everyone was stunned.

A king; for humans, forming three flashes of qi would a be minor achievement, six flashes would be a major achievement, and above seven flashes would make one be counted as a king. In other words, this beast was equivalent to a warrior in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier that had formed seven flashes of qi!

What could they even do?

There couldn't possibly lure it away, as it could kill offhandedly with an attack from extremely far away.

Phew, fortunately they immediately encountered another team; otherwise, if they acted rashly, the team would already be annihilated.

"So what do we do, just give up?" someone said, unwilling to resign.

That was a Yellow Dragon Fruit, which could improve one's physique after it was taken, changing people from their essence.

Ling Han laughed and said, "There's a change in plans. Leave the the mission of luring away the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf up to me, you guys only need to harvest the medicine." His gaze was burning. A beast with a king's bloodline... with such great tonic-like meat to replenish his qi and blood, he should be able to cultivate the Gushing Spring Tier to perfection and charge into the Spritual Ocean Tier.

"No!" Qi Yong Ye and the others immediately shook their heads, but some people nodded unceasingly. Since Ling Han was willing to play the hero, why not go ahead with it? Anyways, they didn't have any friendly relations with Ling Han.

"That's the plan!" Ling Han said. It wasn't that he wanted to be the hero, but to fight a king like the Nine-Eye Beast Wolf, he had to unleash his trump card, so he obviously had to act alone.

Without waiting to see whether people agree or not, Ling Han already charged out, holding a long sword in his hand. Under the surge of Origin Power, shua , he used his longsword as a concealed weapon, throwing it towards the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf.


Before the longsword reached, the beast wolf already stood up; a flash of lightning shot out from one of its eyes, shattering the longsword. It growled deeply at Ling Han, but didn't rise up to chase.

Obviously, its intelligence wasn't low, and it didn't fall for the trap.

Ling Han smiled faintly. Another sword appeared in his hand—he threw it once again at the Nine-Eye Beast Wolf. The space inside the Black Tower was nearly infinite anyways, and the metal swords weren't valuable; he prepared at least several thousand.

Zi , another lightning formed from its eye, shattering the flying sword.

Ling Han didn't care, and just kept throwing. Xiu, xiu, xiu , flying swords shot at the beast altogether.

"Ang!" The great king of beasts was at last finally enraged, diving towards Ling Han.

"Dumb dog, come catch me!" Ling Han broke into a run, and carried out Shadow Wind Movement Technique. He was like a gust of wind, sweeping towards the distance.

Although the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf had high intelligence, it was a beast after all; its natural disposition was violent, as it unhesitantly carried out its chase.

One man and one wolf immediately disappeared into the distance.

"Quick, quickly harvest the Yellow Dragon Fruit!" everyone hurriedly said.

Zhao Huan watched Ling Han's silhouette from behind that had already disappeared, and said, "Don't you guys feel that this person seems like someone."

"What, you think so too?" Qian Wu Yong immediately said.

"Yes!" Qi Yong Ye, Bai Li Teng Yun and the others nodded successively.

"It's not time to talk about this, the Yellow Dragon Fruit's already in hand, let's retreat!"

They hurriedly turned around, retreating to where they promised to meet Ling Han.

"No need to wait, being targeted by the Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf, he's definitely dead."

"That's right, hurry up and divide the Yellow Dragon Fruit!"

Some people immediately began to shout out.

"You guys have no shame. He risked his life to lure away the nine-eyed beast, and you guys say this. Do you guys still have any humanity?

In that moment, everyone was somewhat silent.

"Hehe, well said, have you guys any shame?" A party of seven suddenly appeared.
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