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Chapter 324: Yellow Dragon Fruit
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Although the Spiritual Pedestal Tier old man fell heavily, his strength was out of the ordinary after all; he immediately jumped up again, though his body was covered in blood. He instantly ran back to the restriction and stared fiercely at Ling Han and Ma Duo Bao.

"You guys won't get away!" he yelled, straining his voice.

A dignified Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator actually let two juniors run from right under his nose. How could he bear to stand this? This wasn't just about losing face, but being an incompetent sentry—the sect's punishment would definitely await him.

"Pah, Treasure Master will leave how he wants, and leave whenever he wants. Can you deal with me?" Ma Duo Bao turned around and patted his but at the old man. "If you have the ability, come bite Treasure Master's butt!"

"Tanned Brother, give me a Disguise Pill quickly!" As he turned his head, his expression changed, ingratiating himself with Ling Han.

Ling Han laughed with mischief and said, "We're brothers, and I can surely give you a Disguise Pill, but that hairpin on your head is not bad."

"No!" Ma Duo Bao hurriedly shook his head.

"That waist band…"




"Then goodbye, I wish you luck!" Ling Han clapped his hands, about to walk off swaggeringly.

"Tanned Brother, you can't just stand by when some is in peril!" Ma Duo Bao hurriedly pulled onto Ling Han, and said clenching his teeth, "Treasure Master's going for broke, I'll sleep with you for two days!"


Ling Han instantly spurted out his saliva and hurriedly threw a Disguise Pill at Ma Duo Bao, leaping out. "Damned fatty, stay away from me, or else I'll cut off all your fat!"

Seeing Ling Han disappear in the forest afar, Ma Duo Bao couldn't help but reveal a deep smile of satisfaction. "Interesting, interesting." He picked up the Disguise Pill, smelled it, looked at it for a while, and involuntarily revealed a astounded expression. "This technique is quite experienced, is it truly something that a seventeen year old youngster can refine? Besides, Treasure Master sees that his soul is somewhat strange."

He shrugged his shoulders and walked ahead, leaving the Spiritual Pedestal Tier old man gnashing his teeth in anger and to no avail. This restriction no doubt made people unable to enter the medicinal garden easily, but at the same time, it made the people inside the medicinal garden unable to leave easily.

Ling Han jumped onto a large tree, directly entering the Black Tower. He calmly and collectedly started to renew his disguise, changing into a new pair of clothes. In a short while, he turned into a pale-faced scholar.

If he were willing, he could also activate Origin Power to temporarily change his height, but firstly, it was uncomfortable, and secondly, to maintain it expended Origin Power, so he went without it. In any case, the "Tanned Brother" was also his disguise.

He didn't immediately leave the Black Tower and planted the spirit grasses he had just thrown in. In order to save time earlier, he only put the spirit grasses inside.

It might not have been a lot of time he spent there, but he still dug up a few dozen spirit medicines, seven of which were even Fifth Tier spirit medicine, the price of which was quite shocking.

Unfortunately, there was no time to go to the core area of the medicinal garden, or else he would've earned more.

A few dozen spirit medicines could only make the Winter Moon Sect feel a bit distressed.

After taking care of the spirit medicine, Ling Han came out of the Black Tower. Now that he was done, he was better off getting some tokens, since he had to advance into top one hundred to qualify for the next round's exam; otherwise, how would he get the Thunder Battle Armor?

On his way, he encountered quite a few surprise attacks from those who wanted to seize his tokens, but they were utterly beaten up by him, and he was raking in their tokens instead. At this day's nightfall, Ling Han had over seven hundred tokens.

Ding, ding, ding, the sound of weapons clashing came over. With a flash of wit, Ling Han sped up his footsteps; he wouldn't mind collecting some more tokens.

Very quickly, two hundred people team group battle appeared in front of him. Quite a few people already fell down on the side, blood spilling all over the ground. After a while, the flowers, grasses, and trees should grow to look more luxuriant.

Ling Han was astounded; this world was too small—one of the hundred-people teams was actually the Rain Country's people.

Qi Yong Ye, Zhao Huan, and the others were shockingly within it, now battling fiercely, shouting continuously, waving their sabers, sword, spears, and all sorts of weapons, unleashing violent attacks towards their opponents.

Ling Han couldn't help but sigh. For a spot to enter the Winter Moon Sect, they shed their blood and laid down their life; was it worth it? The key was that even if they were riddled with scars, they might not even be able to enter the Winter Moon Sect successfully.

For martial artists, being able to enter north region's holy land of martial arts meant extremely bright prospects. They could change their entire lives, so why wouldn't they fight desperately?

Ling Han shook his head and jumped in, staggering along as if he suffered from the affects of the battle, unable to escape in time. However, as he was flailing around, he could always trip and push away a few people; these people were by coincidence the Rain Country's opponents.

Under this disturbance, the opponents were instantly crushed, and not long after, the remaining people threw off all their gear and fled helter-skelter.

Everyone was just a motley crowd, temporarily forming a team.

Qi Yong Ye and the others looked at Ling Han, feeling that this guy was too lucky, staggering into the battle, but instantly changing the battle's outcome. Seeing that he was only in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, it was apparent that those were not his intentions earlier—could every practitioner at the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier be such an anomaly like Ling Han?

"This one, what are you called? It was all thanks to you earlier," Zhao said with a smile; he was now the leader of the Rain Country's martial artists.

"I'm called Hu Yan," Ling Han said. Hu Yan, which obviously meant to talk nonsense.

Qi Yong Ye and the others actually didn't notice the implicit meaning in those words. Although Ling Han acted thoughtlessly earlier, it nevertheless changed the battle's outcome, making everyone feel extremely grateful. They didn't ask where he was from, and treated him with great enthusiasm.

After Qi Yong Ye and the others looked at each other, Qi Yong Ye suddenly asked, "Brother Hu, do you know why we came into conflict with them?"

"Was it not because of tokens?" Ling Han answered with a question.

"Tokens are only one aspect, but more importantly, both parties found a stalk of Fourth Tier spirit medicine called Yellow Dragon Fruit," Zhao Huan said solemnly.

Ling Han involuntarily revealed an astounded expression, and said, "Yellow Dragon Fruit is a superb spirit medicine that doesn't need to be refined, directly taking it can strengthen physique and raise the body's potential for martial artists below the Spiritual Ocean Tier. It's a pretty good spirit medicine. No wonder, for this stalk of spirit medicine, you guys would fight over it with your lives."

He nodded. Yellow Dragon Fruit couldn't directly increase cultivation, but it could change someone's physique from the essence; this was a true spirit medicine. However, Yellow Dragon Fruit was of the Fourth Tier, so it was useless for martial artists above the Spiritual Ocean Tier. The improvement on physique could be considered trifling.

Ling Han's body received improvement from the roots of two godly medicine, and his physique had already reached a shocking level, far surpassing the Spiritual Ocean Tier's limit; therefore, Yellow Dragon Fruits' effects on him was pitifully little.

Seeing that Ling Han was only slightly astounded and didn't reveal the look of greed, Qi Yong Ye and the others were astonished. When they found the Yellow Dragon Fruit, everyone's eyes had gone red with desire.

"However, a beast guards the Yellow Dragon Fruit, and we didn't have time to lay our hands on it before encountering the enemy and starting to fight," Zhao Huan said.

Ling Han smiled faintly and said, "Are you guys inviting me to fight against that beast?"
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