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Chapter 323: Robbing the Medicinal Garden
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It was not quite a medicinal garden but rather a large scale medicinal farm, for there were only a few trees used for timber in the surroundings, wrapped by some cloth, forming a wall that couldn't block anything.

However, Ling Han and Ma Duo Bao both revealed cautious looks.

This medicinal garden had a restriction protecting it.

It might look slack, but it was not so—it was filled with great danger instead.

"Little Brother Treasure, why don't you explain how we can sneak in without a stir?" Ling Han said. This medicinal garden was massive, taking up half of the mountaintop, and within it were fields upon fields of spirit medicine, which almost made him drool as he saw them.

There certainly were a few high-level spirit medicines, some he hadn't even seen in his previous life.

After all, the Winter Moon Sect was a superpower in the north region.

"It's Treasure Master! Older Brother Treasure!" Ma Duo Bao emphasized, rubbing his hands together and staring at the medicinal garden. "Now, use your Eye of Truth to find the weakest point of the defense. Treasure Master has a way to open a door that can be maintained for one day. However, we'll definitely have to slip out after one day."

"That's enough." Ling Han nodded. He activated the Eye of Truth at once and began searching.

It could see through the fabricated, reaching the essence—using it to unravel formations was the best option.

Weng , flashes of golden lines of fabric were in his eyes, and the world immediately appeared in a different form. This was a world completely made up of the six Origin Source elements: gold, wood, water, fire, earth, and thunder element, which formed the cornerstones of the world from which everything else evolved.

The restriction on the medicinal garden completely emerged in front of him, each and every nodal joint without a thread of secret.

Unfortunately, this restriction was too strong. If Ling Han were to unravel it now, then he would instantly collapse. However, to find the weakest location was still easy. Very soon, he pointed in a direction and said, "There."

The two walked over and Ma Duo Bao took out three spirit talismans while muttering incantations. Weng, weng, weng, the three talismans immediately shone and he hurriedly pressed into the air, and with a pa, pa, pa , the three talismans were as if stuck to a wall, floating in midair.

The three talismans took three corners; each had two flashes of light surging out that connected to the other two talismans, forming a triangle.

"Let's go!" Ma Duo Bao leapt out and through the triangle, entering into the medicinal garden.

This triangle was very small. Normally speaking, it would be impossible to pass through with Ma Duo Bao's physique, but he contracted his stomach and his large belly actually disappeared all at once, easily passing through.

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh as he said, "Little Brother Treasure, if you lost weight, you'd have some game."

"Pah, this body full of meat is Treasure Master's baby, priceless." Ma Duo Bao breathed in, and his belly instantly swelled up, returning to its original state.

Ling Han also leapt through into the medicinal garden.

"Hopefully the spirit talismans wont' be taken off, or else we'd be like a turtle in a jar," Ma Duo Bao muttered.

"Hey, hey, hey, you only have three of those spirit talismans?" Ling Han took a hold of him.

"Treasure Master's busy, how could Treasure Master possibly have spirit talismans left!" Ma Duo Bao said boldly and confidently.

Which meant that he'd done so many illicit things that he hadn't had the time to replenish such spirit talismans.

Ling Han sighed and said, "Aren't you too unreliable?

"You just found out?" Ma Duo Bao glared. "Hurry up, hurry up, let's split up and leave when we've scooped up enough. If your greed gets you trapped and captured, then that's not on Treasure Master."

"The feeling's mutual." Ling Han smiled.

Ma Duo Bao turned to leave and find high value spirit medicines to harvest. If they were to rob by cleaning whole areas, it wouldn't take long to startle the Winter Moon Sect, so they could only collect selectively.

Ling Han also immediately began to move. There was quite a decent amount of valuable spirit medicines here. After all, this was one of north region's five strongest forces. However, Eight Tier and above spirit medicines couldn't possibly be seen.

There was definitely a reason for north region's martial arts level being low. It concerned the environment, which limited high level spirit medicines growing… unless there was some special circumstance, like a Shattering Void Tier warrior's corpse, which perhaps contained enough "fertilizer" to breed a stalk of Tenth Tier medicine.

Ling Han selected by genus, digging it up by the roots and sending it into the Black Tower.

In any case, one year in the Black Tower was equivalent to a thousand years in the outside world. He would soon be able to turn one stalk of a spirit medicine into a dozen stalks, and into a hundred stalks.

He was collecting awfully happily, but in a short while, he heard a loud sound and felt fierce waves of Origin Power transmit over, shaking even the spirit medicines here.

"Tanned Brother, time to bolt!" He heard Ma Duo Bao's tragic scream that was as if a pig was being killed. His extremely fat physique appeared immediately after, and behind him was an expressionless old man with the Spirtiual Pedestal Tier cultivation!

"Sh!t, why'd you bring him over here?" Ling Han hurriedly broke into a run as well.

"Treasure Maser couldn't possibly know you were here!" Ma Duo Bao said, feeling wronged. "But, for better or for worse, you're Treasure Master's brother from now on!"

"No, I'm afraid that I'll be thoroughly deceived by you!" Ling Han rejected decisively; this fatty was too devious.

"Pah, you actually dare to give Treasure Master the cold shoulder!" Ma Duo Bao was extremely displeased.

The Spiritual Pedestal Tier at the back was finally angered as he yelled out, "Two foolishly daring thieves actually daring to steal from this sect's medicinal garden, submit to arrest swiftly, or else, once you're in this old man's hands, I'll promise to peel your skin and lash your veins!"

"Pah, you think Treasure Master was scared into maturity?" Ma Duo Bao stuck up his butt, slapped it hard, and said, "Come catch Treasure Master! Tanned Brother, this old man's up to you, Treasure Master's got some stuff, so I'll be going first!"

Shua , his figure accelerated fiercely.

It was unknown who said it, but when running for your life, you don't have to be the fastest... as long as you're faster than the ones running along with you.

Those words were very true!

Now, the Spiritual Pedestal Tier old man was closer and closer, only a few meters from Ling Han.

"You damned fatso!" Ling Han cursed. He hurriedly unleashed his sword, slicing it diagonally; instantly, a stalk of spirit grass was sliced off, and he threw it with a palm, smashing the spirit medicine at the old man.

"Old wretch, if you dare get any closer, careful that this master might be out of sorts and everything here could be destroyed!" he said with a smile.

The old man reached out with his hand and swiped the spirit medicine to the side, immediately revealing an expression of caution in fear of more destruction. He was responsible for guarding the medicinal garden. If he let the place suffer large damage, then even if he caught the two vermin, he would still suffer severe punishment.

In any case, these two people's cultivation was so low that even if they ran out of the medicinal garden, he would have the chance to attack without restraint.

With that decided, he slowed down his steps, and maintained about thirty meters of distance from Ling Han, no longer approaching.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, the three were like a line, leaping swiftly.

The door opened earlier was already in sight, and Ma Duo Bao was the first to flee through it; however, he didn't leave and waited at the door, reaching out with both hands and waiting for the instant Ling Han fled through. Shua, shua, shua, both his hands moved repeatedly and instantly ripped off the three spirit talismans.


The Spiritual Pedestal Tier old man rammed right into the restriction, and instantly, a terrifyingly large power rolled by, sending him flying and rolling over everything in his path—who knew how many flowers and grasses he ruined.

"Restrain your grief!" Ling Han and Ma Duo Bao said at the same time.
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