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Chapter 321: The Examination Begins
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One day's time quickly passed, and the Winter Moon Sect's once-every-five-years disciple recruitment event finally began.

Hong long long , the enormous mountain gate, which hasn't been opened for an unknown amount of time, slowly opened. It was so heavy that when it opened, it was as if an earthquake had happened. Se se se , small rocks kept falling down from the nearby mountain walls, and the mud on the ground was trembling like a carpet.

Everyone's scalps numbed. This was truly too stunning. Just opening the mountain gates could cause such a large commotion...

An indescribably dazzling flash of light shot out from within the mountain gates and made everyone close their eyes instinctively, not daring to look. Only after this light gradually went from strong to weak then gentle did people look over again.

At this time, an old man walked through the mountain gates, stepping through the air. With each step a flower blossomed, and formed extremely bright lines of fabric one after another, not disappearing for a long time.

Flying through the air with one's physical body—the Flower Blossom Tier!

Everyone instinctively felt deep veneration. This was an existence beyond mortals, and in normal people's eyes, one just like god; otherwise, even if mortals could fly, could they have a long lifespan that reached two to three hundred years?

"This sect opens its gates, for disciple recruitment has officially begun," the old man said indifferently. His voice was very soft, but traveled to everyone's ears extremely clearly. At the same time, it suppressed the voices of the hundred thousands of people here.

It was very hard to imagine so many people shutting their mouths all together. The scene was so quiet that the drop of a needle could be heard, and the truth was so; if a Flower Blossom Tier warrior's presence couldn't suppress a hundred thousand normal people, then they wouldn't be worthy of being called those who surpassed mortals.

"The rules you all know, so this old man will speak briefly. Enter the mount gates in sequence and pick up a token, then go into the mountain forest from the side. There is where you will fight.

This sect's disciples that are under thirty years old can also attend, but they can only join on the third day.

Battle and seize the tokens—this is your priority. You have to get to the northwestern part of Yu Long Mountains in three days, there is a ravine called Fallen Goose Valley there. When the moon rises to the zenith on the third day, those who haven't reached the Fallen Goose Valley will be disqualified.

So, if you think you've gotten enough tokens, then you can head to the Fallen Goose Valley early on. You don't have to wait until the three days are over.

Depart from here; a total of twenty-six routes that lead to the Fallen Goose Gorge. You guys can decide on your own which path to take.

Since you attend the exam, life and death is your own responsibility. Start."

Thee old man sat cross-legged, suspended in the sky, but his large presence pressed down and made everyone feel as if a stone pressured their hearts, not daring to breath loudly.

Everyone walked forward one by one to receive their tokens. Those all alone immediately ran towards the depths of the forest, and those seeking to form a party began to wait here. Very soon, small teams were formed one by one.

Ling Han's gaze swept by. He saw several people who stood out: a red clothed youngster carrying a six-meter long spear, emitting an iron-blooded and bloodthirsty aura—his cultivation was of the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, quite beyond the norm.

Ling Han judged he was Little Overlord Spear Yang Chong, who reached the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier at twenty-four years old—he was out of the ordinary as expected. Guang Yuan used to be at the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier and now crossed into the eighth layer, but the two were twenty years old apart.

Yang Chong immediately felt Ling Han's gaze and looked back contemptously. He resumed to take large strides forward, seemingly not to care about Ling Han at all.

'Yes, this guy needs a good beating,' Ling Han thought to himself. He then looked towards a youngster with a sword fastened by the waist. Hearing the discussions of the surrounding people, that was Sword of Justice Bai Ming, also at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, his battle prowess was unfathomable. It was rumored that he'd once slain a bandit at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier with one strike, and his reputation was very widespread.

There was also a red-coated girl whose face was like peach blossom, breathtakingly beautiful. A large red flower was fixed on her head, contrasting with her delicate white face such that it was alluringly beautiful. A black whip was tied around her—it outlined her thin waist as if it could be grasped with one hand. It made her lofty bosom appear even grander, and her perky buttocks formed a stunning arc.

In the martial arts world, the number of females was evidently less than that of males, and beautiful women were even rarer. Much less, this girl was also at the Spiritual Ocean Tier! Thus, she was like a magnet that attracted countless gazes of people in the surroundings; men were fervent, and women envious.

From the discussions of the surrounding people, Ling Han found out this girl was called Si Qi Meng; as for whether she was strong or not, no one knew as no one has seen her attack.

Ling Han temporarily only saw three slightly stronger people—there were too many people here, and he had no way of seeing them all; he could only see the few near him.

The tide of people was too congested, so after one hour, Ling Han finally entered the mountain gates and received a token. He walked slowly into the mountain forest and immediately saw a group a people set their gazes on him.

However, the more calm and collected he behaved, the more these people dared not to move rashly. Who knew if he was disguising as a pig to prey on the tiger? Also, the Winter Moon Sect never said one couldn't use Spirit Tools; on top of that, battle prowess could be completely inestimable.

However, even if they didn't attack, that didn't mean that others wouldn't.

"Hand over the token and get lost!" Yang Chong took large strides over and yelled at a small team that guarded here. The other party was waiting for their people and hadn't left.

"Yang Chong, the exam just started, why must you have such great temper? Give I, Miao Tai Ning, face, and let everyone mind their own business. How about it?" The team's leader walked out and saluted towards Yang Chong with folded hands.

"Courting death!" Yang Chong sneered, charging out and throwing out two palms together.

"How brazen!" Miao Tai Ning yelled furiously and hurriedly called his underlings to meet the fight.

However, no matter how many dregs added together, they were still dregs. These people weren't even qualified to force Yang Chong to draw his spear, and instantly, three people were smashed into bloody rain by iron fists. Miao Tai Ning was one of them and this instantly scared the others, who completely lost their fighting spirit, turning to run.

"All of you stay!" Yang Chong leapt out; one punch took care of one, and instantly, this small team was annihilated. He looked towards a passing youngster and said, "You, search out the tokens on their bodies for me."

The youngster was scared pale and didn't dare to resist at all, hurriedly finding the tokens on the corpses that were all over the ground and carrying them quiveringly before Yang Chong.

Yang Chong took out a bag and put away the tokens then waved his hands as he said, "Get lost, if I see you again within a day, I won't make things difficult for you!"

"T-thank you very much, Young Master Yang!" The youngster exulted, hurriedly bowing his head to say thanks.

Yang Chong paid no heed, shifting his gaze to another small team; his murderous spirit could be felt slightly.

"Run!" The few small teams immediately fled helter-skelter, running into the forest as if they were already dead.

Yang Chong revealed an expression of disdain, but as his gaze swept by, he revealed an intense desire for battle and said, "You two, want to battle me?"

Bai Ming and Si Qi Meng had already received their tokens and walked towards the mountain gates.
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