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Chapter 318: Thunder Battle Armor
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It was nothing too surprising that the Winter Moon Sect was willing to use such a Spirit Tool as a prize, because the champion of the trials would definitely be heavily developed by the Winter Moon Sect and would later become one of the core members of the sect.

Thus, this Spirit Tool only made a huge circle, and ultimately would return to the hands of the Winter Moon Sect.

"It's actually the Thunder Battle Armor!" Ling Han was extremely surprised. This was not the first time he had heard of the Thunder Battle Armor.

Long ago in his last life, the Thunder Battle Armor had appeared before, and its owner at that time was the famous Thunder Empress—Zi Xue Xian, one of the seven ultimate elites of the Heaven Tier in his last life.

Though Zi Xue Xian was only ranked fourth amongst the seven kings of his last life, the three people ranked in front of her were super monsters like Sword Emperor, Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and Setting Sun Saber Emperor. Being ranked fourth did not mean that she was weak. On the other hand, aside from Ling Han, the other six people were all overwhelmingly powerful.

And the reason why Zi Xue Xian was so powerful was related to the fact that she was wearing the Thunder Battle Armor. This battle armor not only had shockingly high defense, but could also release the power of thunder, which allowed her to be ranked fourth.

He had never thought that at the end of 10,000 years, the Thunder Battle Armor would appear once again, and had actually fallen in the hands of such a "small party" like the Winter Moon Sect.

Could it be that Zi Xue Xian had fallen? That couldn't be right, either. Even if Zi Xue Xian did not manage to shatter the Void and become a God, she still had a Blue Thunder Sect behind her. That sect was a great sect and was still sturdy even today, as immortal as the Heaven's Sword Sect and the Absolute Saber Sect. How could they have allowed such a priceless treasure to be abandoned outside?

No, if this Thunder Battle Armor still had the might that it had previously, then would the Winter Moon Sect actually still use it as a prize? Even the most powerful of the Winter Moon Sect would covet such a treasure.

Perhaps it was too heavily damaged and so the Blue Thunder Sect had given up on it, and none of the powerful elites of Winter Moon Sect had any interest it, simply deciding to use it as a prize. After all, it would still stay in the Winter Moon Sect in the end.

"Never mind, I'll get hold of it first," Ling Han mumbled to himself. He was really interested this time, because even if the Thunder Battle Armor was damaged, this was still a Level Nine Spirit Tool, and was definitely worth him making a move on it.

This time, the Winter Moon Sect would be recruiting a total of 10,000 disciples, and to squeeze into these 10,000 disciples was not an easy task as the number of young geniuses of the Northern region was uncountable. Furthermore, it was even more difficult to become the champion of these 10,000 winners.

Moreover, what was worse was the fact that even those disciples of the Winter Moon Sect that were under thirty years old could participate in this trial.

These people were naturally participating for the prizes. Aside from the prize for the champion, the Thunder Battle Armor, there were still other Spirit Tools, a few Spiritual Talismans, and some alchemical pills. Even for the disciples of the Winter Moon Sect, they were very attractive prizes.

Thankfully, everyone abided by the condition that only those below thirty years old could participate.

The content of the trial was extremely simple. Everyone would enter the Yu Long Mountains and given a very small plaque. In the subsequent three days, what everyone had to do was to snatch each other's plaques.

After three days, the number of plaques in everyone's possession would be counted, and those who managed to rank among the top 10,000 would be able to enter the Winter Moon Sect. And those who ranked among the top 100 would get the opportunity to enter into the second round of the trial, and the top ten would emerge from this second round. These ten people would then be able to get an additional prize, and the prize for the champion was the Thunder Battle Armor.

Thus, this was a matter of strategy.

Just from this place alone, there were a few hundred thousands people, and there was still a considerable number in Sea Breeze City. There would be no problem for the total number of participants to break through 1,000,000. This meant that there would definitely be large numbers of people who would be disqualified, but precisely due to this reason, some who were weaker in ability had another kind of value—if they sold off their plaques, it was definitely better than working hard for nothing.

More importantly, participating in this trial was an extremely dangerous thing. The Winter Moon Sect had not said that one was not allowed to wound or even kill another in this trial.

Once this information was known, many decided to give up. Since that was the case, why should they not take advantage of the opportunity to earn a small profit? Participate in the trial, get a plaque, and after the trial began, immediately hand over their plaque to the buyer, then leave.

Thus, those buyers with ability had already begun to take action, and privately got in contact with others to discuss the selling price.

"Hi, this rather tanned brother!" Ling Han naturally was bothered by quite a considerable number of people. He had already sent off a lot of potential buyers, and this time, there came a rather plump young man, who was wearing gold, silver and jewels all over, as if he was afraid that others did not know that he was wealthy.

Ling Han's eyes swept over him. This young man was really quite wealthy. Those gold, silver and jewelled ornaments were naturally trash in the eyes of a martial artist, but the hairpin he was wearing was made from Black Lacquer Wood, his belt was woven from Spotted Flower Silk and Black Soar Gold Silk, and the sword sheath attached at his waist was forged from Eight Treasure Star Iron. These ingredients were all shockingly valuable, and required a great amount of Origin Crystals to obtain.

He believed that even for the True Disciples of the Winter Moon Sect, it would be a very surprising thing to get even one of these items, what more when so many different treasures belonged to one single person.

Ling Han had already changed his appearance to become a rather tanned young man. His face had changed considerably as well and become rather ordinary, so he now belonged to the type that would definitely not be noticed in a crowd.

"This brother with a plump purse, what is it?" Ling Han asked with a grin.

The plump young man bared his teeth with a smile which was full of sincerity. He stretched out a hand to pat Ling Han's shoulder, and said, "Brother, the trial will begin tomorrow, so do you want to get into the top 10,000, or even the top 100?"

"What is the use of mere wanting?" Ling Han sighed deliberately. He was a little surprised, since this guy was actually not here to buy off his plaque.

"Hehe, I have a way, as long as you can afford the price." The plump young man came closer, and said in a low voice, "I have a Spirit Tool that can be used by a Gushing Spring Tier martial artist, and the might of this Spirit Tool is comparable to the level of the Spiritual Ocean Tier! With this Spirit Tool in your possession, you need only wait for three days, then you'd be able to destroy all in our way, so there would naturally be multiple plaques just waiting for you to pick up."

"Oh, let me see!" Ling Han said, smiling.

"Come, come, come. Come with me someplace with less people. You can't allow such a treasure to be seen by others," the plump young man said, pretending to be very mysterious.

The two of them came to a remote corner. The plump young man drew out a crimson ball, and said, "This is called the Startling Heaven Thunderbolt Vanishing World, Exploding the World Extinguishing Extensively Exploding Light Sphere. Just look... " He shook the ball a few times and tossed it on the ground. Peng , instantly, a large explosion was caused, and the explosive force was shockingly tremendous.

When the dust had settled, the plump young man picked up the ball he had previously thrown onto the ground and said proudly to Ling Han, "How is it? However, this thing can only be used ten times, so when you take it back, don't use it too carelessly."

Ling Han grinned. The plump young man wore a ring, and this was not an ordinary ring, but a Spatial Spirit Tool. When he picked up that ball, he had already stored the ball back into the Spatial Ring, then drew out another ball from within. It looked the same, but it was a fake.

This was a conman.
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