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Chapter 317: Cold Spear Association
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The cloaked woman gritted her teeth in anger, and could not help but say, "I am Mu Fei Yao. You can find me in the middle state."

Ling Han could not help but grin. 'This woman is so susceptible to provocation, she should not be too old.' He continued, "You conceal yourself like this, and you still want me to believe you?"

Mu Fei Yao stretched out a hand, about to remove her cloak, but then she immediately humphed and said, "I almost fell for your words, you cunning brat!" Her eyes tuned cold and she continued, "If you continue to provoke me, beware that I will snap your neck."

"That would depend on whether you have that ability or not!" Ling Han suddenly exploded, turned the tables and grabbed onto Mu Fei Yao's neck, holding her against the wall of the carriage.

Mu Fei Yao was flabbergasted. She was in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and even though she had suffered heavy injuries, resulting in her battle prowess dropping to the level of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, she was still stronger by an unknown number of times than someone in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. Yet now, she was actually subdued by Ling Han in a single move. How could she believe that such a thing was possible?

Ling Han was astonishingly powerful, enough to compare to the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier!

"Which party are you from? Why did you insist on buying that alchemy furnace?" Ling Han asked. Spending so many Origin Crystals just to buy a damaged, useless alchemy furnace... he did not believe that it was because she had money to burn, what more when there were two people fighting over it.

"Why do I have to tell a liar like you?" Mu Fei Yao asked defiantly.

"Because if you don't tell me, I'm going to smack your behind," Ling Han said calmly.

Mu Fei Yao suddenly trembled in fear. She was a pure, untouched girl. If she actually had her behind smacked by a damn man, then what face would she have to continue living? Especially when this man had the same name as the Alchemy Emperor from 10,000 years ago. This was one of their great taboos.

However, she was even more unyielding. Her pride did not allow her to surrender. She gritted her teeth and said, "If you dare to commit an outrage, I will spare no expense and kill you at all costs!"

"Ha!" Ling Han was uncaring of her threat. "I've changed my mind now. I'm going to take you to someplace crowded, and smack your behind in front of everyone."

Mu Fei Yao inhaled sharply, and said in a trembling voice, "You can't, you can't!"

"You can test my limits," Ling Han said calmly.

Mu Fei Yao looked into Ling Han's eyes, and saw that though his eyes were clear, they were filled with a wild nature. Such a man did not do things with any misgivings or qualms in mind—he would definitely follow up on his words and do as he had said. It was definitely not wise to anger such a man.

"I am a disciple of the Cold 1 Spear Association." She conceded slightly. Anyway, this was no secret.

Ling Han was instantly startled. The Cold Spear Association?

The Cold Spear Association was a little secret that belonged to him and his four disciples. They had once thought of forming a party and had even come up with the name—the Cold Spear Association. Yet before they had even started officially forming it, Ling Han had already disappeared within the ancient historical site.

Could this Cold Spear Association have been formed by his four disciples after his 'death'? If that was the case, then it was very reasonable that Mu Fei Yao would bid for an alchemy furnace that he had once used before.

But why had that elder of the Flower Blossom Tier also competed for this alchemy furnace? Moreover, these two people had even come to blows, what was the reason for that? More likely than not, it had to be because of the alchemy furnace.

"Then that old man from before?" Ling Han asked.

"He is from the fake Cold Spear Association!" Mu Fei Yao's face was instantly filled with rage. "These conmen! We must eliminate all of them and not allow them to travel the world under Grandmaster Ling's name!"

Ling Han was even more astonished. There were actually two Cold Spear Associations?

Mu Fei Yao thought that he was a fake, and probably, he also thought the same about her. As a result, both sides fought vehemently over the alchemy furnace that he had once used. But the problem was that he had already 'died' for 10,000 years, so why were they still so reverent towards him and pay such a heavy price just for an alchemy furnace that he had once used?

Could it be that both Cold Spear Associations had been formed by his disciples? Had some kind of conflict arisen amongst them which caused resentment towards each other to rise, so much that they were willing to destroy the other?

Just from the fact that they were willing to spare no expense to buy the alchemy furnace he had once used, he knew that these two Cold Spear Associations were very reverent towards him. But if that was the case, why would they hate each other so much?

Ling Han felt a headache coming on. What had happened after his 'death' that caused a conflict to rise up among his disciples and resulted in them forming two separate Cold Water Associations that were determined to obliterate the other?

However, these two sides were so fiercely opposing one another just because they thought the other side were a 'fake' Cold Spear Association, wanting nothing more but to destroy the other side. Then, if he 'confessed' to his identity of his last life, he would definitely be thought of as a super conman by both Cold Spear Associations and they would probably try to crush him into dust.

Just looking at Mu Fei Yao, she was definitely mad and could do anything incomprehensible. What qualms would she still have about his status as an Earth Grade alchemist?

"You can leave." Ling Han tossed Mu Fei Yao out of the carriage without the slightest intention to treat her tenderly just because she was a woman.

Mu Fei Yao tumbled heavily onto the ground, her face filled with disbelief. She was actually tossed out by Ling Han just like that? This despicable guy, don't let her encounter him again, or she would definitely make him suffer.


With even more questions in his head, Ling Han finally arrived at the Winter Moon Sect. At this time, there were still two days left before the Winter Moon Sect would open their doors to recruit disciples.

For a large sect like the Winter Moon Sect, their main doors were naturally closed at normal times. One usually left or entered the sect through the side doors. Only when there was a big event, such as paying respects to their ancestors, or if there was an extremely important, esteemed guest visiting, or the disciple recruitment that took place every five years, would the main doors be opened.

From far away, a pair of humongous stone doors had sealed off the pathway into the mountains, and there were two smaller side doors at either side of it. One was for entry, while the other was for exit. There were restless streams of people around, which showed off the prosperity of the Winter Moon Sect.

Further up, there were clouds and mist curling around the mountains as if they were dragons.

Thought there was a large city near the Winter Moon Sect called Sea Breeze City, it was still some distance away after all. Moreover, the time for the main doors to be opened for disciple recruitment had already neared, so there were many who chose to set up tents at the foot of the mountains to wait for this day to come.

After all, this was a rare opportunity that would only come every five years.

The people here were not just the young people from the Desolate North, but also those that came from the whole north region. The Winter Moon Sect was one of the five greatest sects of the morth region, so if one was able to enter into the sect, that was equivalent to having opened up the door to an incredibly bright future. As a result, it had naturally attracted uncountable numbers of young people with dreams.

Looking down from a higher position, that was definitely a wide stretch of black. Everywhere he looked, there were people. Just here, there were at least a few 100,000 people. At first, this number might seem like a lot, but one only had to think about the total number of residents of the north region to know that these few 100,000 was really quite normal.

...Merely the Nine Nations of the Desolate North had about a billion residents, and the Desolate North was only considered a tiny, backward corner of the north region.

Ling Han had the others stay behind in the Sea Breeze City, whereas he alone came to the foot of the mountains of the Winter Moon Sect.

There were already a lot of rumors about the test that would take place the day after tomorrow. The first was about the prize. Those that managed to get into the top ten would be richly rewarded, and the prize for the champion was a Spirit Tool called Thunder Battle Armor.

This Spirit Tool was rumored to have been passed down from ancient times, and in the long passage of history, it had suffered much damage. As a result, its might was no longer as great as it had been eons ago, but it was still an extremely valuable treasure.

"It's actually the Thunder Battle Armor!" Ling Han was extremely astonished.
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