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Chapter 316: Reappearance of the Cloaked Woman
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After another few days, Ling Han had finally obtained his proof of identity as an Earth Grade alchemist. In this way, no matter which angle you looked at it from, he was still an authentic, 100% genuine Earth Grade alchemist.

"We should set out." Ling Han snapped his fingers and led the others out of the Fallen Moon Gorge, heading towards the Winter Moon Sect.

The wide horizons of the north region soon stretched out beautifully in front of them. As there was a high mountain that separated the two areas, the truth was that there was a very clear difference in climate of both areas.

The Desolate North was very dry and cold, but the north region was very humid and warm. There were large stretches of tall trees growing here that had large, fat leaves. It was nothing like the Desolate North, where the majority of greenery was the type with needle-shaped leaves that could withstand extreme cold.

However, the Spiritual Qi here was obviously much denser.

"The last time I came here, it was seventeen years ago," Guang Yuan could not help but say wistfully. In the depths of his eyes, there was a barely noticeable pain and fury.

"Big Brother Guang, the conditions for cultivation here are obviously better than in the Rain Country. Why had you returned?" Liu Yu Tong asked curiously. Because of Ling Han, she couldn't possibly address Guang Yuan as senior.

Guang Yuan sighed and said, "It is too difficult to establish yourself in the north region!" He shook his head. "It's true that the Spiritual Qi here is indeed much denser, but without a supply of alchemical pills, what would be the point of merely having dense Spiritual Qi? There are too many martial artists in the north region, even Spiritual Ocean Tier elites can't earn much money unless they are willing to obediently refine Origin Crystals. But if one were to refine Origin Crystals, how much time would be left for cultivation?"

"There are too many powerful people here. If one wants a better life, he'd at least have to be in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier."

Liu Yu Tong and the others instantly fell silent. That was the Spiritual Pedestal Tier they were talking about. In the Rain Country, that would be the most powerful parties like the Eight Great Clans. Who would leave behind such a comfortable lifestyle and run off to the north region to start fighting for their own place again?

Furthermore, in the Rain Country, the Spiritual Pedestal Tier was considered the farthest one could go on the path of martial arts, and one could not possibly advance a step further. Then what was the point of coming out to the north region? To get a Flower Blossom Tier cultivation technique? That was harder than climbing to the heavens.

This kind of cultivation technique would be heavily protected and hidden very well by every party, and they would not easily allow an outstanding immortal power to emerge from any other party.

Among the various sects of the north region, the Winter Moon Sect was the one closest to the Nine Nations of the Desolate North. However, though that was the case, once one left the Fallen Moon Gorge, one would still have to journey for about half a month's time to reach the Yu Long Mountains, where the Winter Moon Sect was located.

The Yu Long Mountains were a very large mountain range. From north to south, they stretched out for over 10,000 miles, whereas from east to west, they extended for over 2,000 miles. In the north region, they were considered one of the largest mountain ranges. The mountains were a source of various Spiritual Herbs, and also contained a large number of valuable demonic beasts that had great value as medicinal ingredients.

And such a large, valuable mountain range was the private property of the Winter Moon Sect. If any martial artist not of their sect dared to enter the mountains and poach or steal the beasts and Spiritual Herbs within, the only fate would be death once caught. There was no exception. However, the Winter Moon Sect had set up protective arrays to defend this large mountain range, so weaker martial artists would have no way to sneak in, anyways.

Ling Han concocted a large number of Change Appearance Pills on the way. They were not meant to be swallowed, but rather rubbed on the face. They made it possible to change one's face as one desired, and when the effects of the medicine solidified, one would be able to become a completely different person.

However, the Change Appearance Pill could only last for ten days. Furthermore, one could not wash his face in these ten days. The effects of the pill would be gone when one comes into contact with water, and very soon, one's real appearance would be revealed.

Ling Han planned to enter the Winter Moon Sect. Whilst dealing heavy damage, he would steal some Spiritual Herbs and also probe for news about his mother. In the best-case scenario, he would be able to find the two remaining Spiritual Herbs he needed in the Winter Moon Sect and concoct the Restore Spirit Pill. Then, he would immediately return to Gray Cloud Town and heal his father's Spirit Base. After that, he would have Ling Dong Xing take alchemical pills like crazy, and push up his cultivation level rapidly.

Can Ye's features were very distinct, Guang Yuan was past the acceptable age, and Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan would definitely not want to pass ten days without washing their faces. As for Zhu Wu Jiu, his talent seemed to be a bit poor, so the Winter Moon Sect might not take him. Thus, Ling Han decided to leave all of them outside—he would be moving alone.

Hu Niu was too little. No sect would take such a little girl. Who'd be willing to take care of a little girl? And if Hu Niu's cultivation was exposed, that would only create a huge commotion, and by that time, Feng Yan would definitely recognize him.

Moreover, since Hu Niu was here, how could Ling Han be far away.

As a result, the little girl stayed with the rest as well.

The carriage rocked and swayed all the way, and just when they were about to reach the Winter Moon Sect, they heard sounds of battle coming from a nearby location. Soon after, they saw a woman that was completely hidden under a cloak appear staggeringly in front of their carriage.

When she saw the slowly moving carriage, a sliver of delight appeared on her face. She took a great leap and entered the carriage from the back.

At this time, Ling Han was currently using the Change Appearance Pill to change his appearance, and was "dressing" himself in front of the mirror. Liu Yu Tong and the other two girls were naturally in the Black Tower, and when he suddenly saw a stranger appear in front of him, he could not help but be surprised.

He was shocked, and the woman was even more shocked.

A great Earth Grade alchemist was actually acting coyly in front of the mirror like this; what kind of pervert was this?

"Er, you seem to have misunderstood," Ling Han said weakly.

"Quiet!" she said fiercely. She stretched out a hand and grabbed onto Ling Han's neck, and said, "Cover for me, or I will strangle you to death!"

Ling Han was unafraid. The moment she made a move, he would be able to instantly enter the Black Tower. For someone who had the divine sense of the Heaven Tier like him, how could his reflexes be slower than one's in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier? He was only curious. Though there were indeed many women who wore cloaks, together with her voice, he was certain that he had not made a mistake. This was precisely that woman who had participated in the auction at the Fallen Moon Gorge a few days ago.

Why was she here? And who had she been fighting with moments ago?

"Hush!" The carriage suddenly stopped.

"Did you see a cloaked woman pass by?" An elderly voice was heard. It was that elder in the Flower Blossom Tier who had competed against the cloaked woman in the bidding at the auction at the Fallen Moon Gorge.

The cloaked woman's body gave an obvious tremble, yet she suppressed it by force. The divine sense of the Flower Blossom Tier was too powerful. He would be able to sense if there was the slightest bit of oddness.

Ling Han smiled calmly and activated his divine sense to surround the cloaked woman.

This was divine sense of the Heaven Tier. The cloaked woman did not notice it at all, and the same was true for that elder in the Flower Blossom Tier.

"No!" The coachman immediately shook his head.

The elder in the Flower Blossom Tier used divine sense to sweep a few times over the two carriages, but did not discover the aura he was familiar with. With a stomp of his foot, he had left with the winds, scaring the coachman so much that he knelt down and kowtowed.

Ling Han withdrew his divine sense and asked, "Why was he chasing after you?"

"Heng, why do you care about it so much?" the cloaked woman asked coldly.

"Is this really a good way to talk with your savior?" Ling Han laughed.

"I will repay this favor you've done me." The cloaked woman was still very cold.

Ling Han shrugged and said, "I don't even know what you look like or what your name is. Where do you want me to go to find you to repay me?"

The cloaked woman was very impatient and said, "When my injuries are healed, I will go and find you."

"How do I know whether you're simply speaking mere words or not?" Ling Han was unwilling to listen to any excuses. He was interested in both this cloaked woman and that elder in the Flower Blossom Tier. Why had they spent so much money just to buy an alchemy furnace that he had used before?

However, at this point in time, while he could not defeat that elder in the Flower Blossom Tier, the cloaked woman was currently heavily injured—this was a rare opportunity.
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