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Chapter 315: You Have A Lot of Hope
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Heaven's Sword Sect!

It was as if these three words possessed a magic of their own, filling the young men and women here with a sense of deep respect; they all wore expressions of endless yearning on their faces.

"Close to 10,000 years ago, a great calamity happened in our world, and it was the seniors and leaders of such ultra powerful parties like the Heaven's Sword Sect, the Absolute Saber Sect, and the Cloud Phoenix Sect that fought a furious battle which finally brought an end to the great calamity, and led to the many generations of peace we have now."

"Furthermore, the Heaven's Sword Sect has an ultra elite of the Shattering Void Tier among their ranks, so they're practically a living masterpiece of martial arts."

"If it was me, needless to say, I would immediately eagerly race over."

"Haha, if you cut off what you have between your legs and do something extreme to your face, you will have a good chance."

"Get lost!"

Everyone broke out into raucous laughter, yet they all had an indescribable yearning for the Heaven's Sword Sect. This was a real Holy Land of martial arts, and possessed an immortal inheritance. Perhaps one day there would appear an ultimate existence who could successfully shatter the void and enter into the ranks of Gods.

"So in the end, did Zhu Xuan Er go to the middle state?" Liu Yu Tong could not help but ask, filled with curiosity.

"No," the person who had heard the gossip said. "It's said that Zhu Xuan Er is extremely filial. Her master went mad a few years ago when cultivating, and she has sworn that she would definitely help her master recover. Whoever manages to do so, she'll give them no matter how many resources for cultivation they desire, or even marry him. However, according to the words of an amazing healer, only a Heaven Grade alchemical pill can heal that kind of injury to a person's Dao! As a result, our fairy here ultimately did not choose to go to the middle state, and who knows which bastard she would ultimately end up with."

When he spoke the last few words, he was already gritting his teeth, as if he could already see the goddess of his dreams being embraced by some damn man. His heart ached at the thought.

Shua , all of a sudden, everyone's eyes fixed upon Ling Han.

"What are you all looking at me like that for?" Ling Han asked very innocently.

"If anyone in the north region is capable of becoming a Heaven Grade alchemist, that would definitely be you." Gu Feng Hua laughed loudly. "You're such a pervert that it is only a matter of time for you to become a Heaven Grade alchemist. At that time, you'd be able to carry the beauty home! Let's have a chat, can you give me one of Fairy Zhu's underpants?"

Peng, peng, peng, peng . Without waiting for Ling Han to speak, the pervert had already been surrounded by more than ten people who admired Zhu Xuan Er and instantly beaten so much that he didn't even look human anymore.

"Yes, that's Fairy Zhu we're talking about here!" Liu Yu Tong said with a very jealous air.

"Heng!" Li Si Chan was the same as well.

Only Hu Niu was completely uncaring and thought inside her head, 'Ling Han is Niu's; a bunch of silly big girls.'

Ling Han merely smiled calmly. In his last life, what kind of beauty had he not seen? Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was even acclaimed as the most beautiful woman in history, and he was still unmoved. Only, when she asked him to concoct an alchemical pill for her, he had Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden tell him her real name.

And he had no idea what was the woman's problem... It was as if asking her for her name was like killing her, and afterwards, she would frequently come visit, and without saying much, she would simply take alchemical pills from him as she liked. It was as if she thought herself his master.

If he wanted to stop her and battled her… that was merely asking for torture.

The reason why Ling Han had so wanted to break through to the Shattering Void Tier was because he had had enough of being "bullied" by Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and wanted to turn the tables and become the Boss. And the result was great. Not too long after, he was killed by the Black Tower.

If Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had entered the realm of Gods, she would probably be beautiful enough to make one flustered, wouldn't she?

All of a sudden, he was a bit nostalgic about Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, as well as Sword Emperor, and also Setting Sun Saber Emperor. Had these guys actually died long ago, or had they broken through to the realm of Gods? Theoretically, since even Jiang Fei Yue had possibly entered the ranks of Gods, there should be even less of a problem for these guys.

"Thinking so much that you're entranced?" Liu Yu Tong was jealous and could not help but pinch Ling Han's waist. Yet when she saw that Li Si Chan had pinched the other side of Ling Han's face in a very well coordinated movement, she could not help but let out a laugh.

Yet Ling Han asked, "Then what about the Winter Moon Sect? Do they have any particularly shocking geniuses?"

"In the case of the Winter Moon Sect, the Seven Sons of the Ao Clan should be the strongest," Lin Xiang Qin said after some consideration.

"Ao Feng's seventh son?" Ling Han asked.

"No, Ao Feng has seven sons that are all geniuses, and are collectively known as the Seven Sons of the Ao Clan," Xu Wen Tong explained. "These seven people are all at the peak of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and every single one of them could very possibly break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier at any time."

A dragon had nine sons, and indeed, each one was different. Ao Yang Ming was only in the Element Gathering Tier, but his brothers were already about to break through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Perhaps there were some that were even more pitiful and still stuck in the Body Refining Tier.

Ling Han rubbed his chin and asked, "Who are these seven people?"

Gu Feng Hua shook his head and said, "Ao Feng has too many illegitimate children; who could remember all of them? Those seven are the most outstanding of the bunch, and are thus separately named as Ao Eldest, Ao Second, Ao Third, all the way to Ao Seventh."

This… Ling Han felt a cold sweat gather on his body. He had too many children, outsiders couldn't even clearly remember their names anymore.

If he crippled these seven people, Ao Feng would probably be heartbroken, wouldn't he?

When he remembered the pain that Ling Dong Xing had suffered, Ling Han could not help but gnash his teeth with hatred. Ao Feng definitely had to be left as the last one to be killed, so as to allow him to have a taste of the kind of agony that bored into one's heart before he died.

His idea was very successful, and he managed to sell off a large amount of hundred-year-old ginsengs and ganoderma, which helped him earn a crazy sum of close to 400,000 Origin Crystals. One had to understand, even with so many people from the Nine Nations of the Desolate North, they had only managed to spend just over 100,000 Origin Crystals, but there were only more than ten people here, yet they had managed to buy close to 400,000 Origin Crystals' worth of ginsengs and ganoderma, which proved how wealthy these people from the north region were.

If one was to compare himself to another, he'd just die from ire.

Everyone chatted with one another, updating each other on their present situation, and soon left afterwards. Ling Han too made a trip to the Star Brilliance Palace Hall, and paid off the Origin Crystals that he had borrowed from Long Yong Chang and the others. He had initially thought that if there was not enough, he'd use the Seven Turns Break Crisis Pill to cover the remaining amount, but did not think that the people of the north region would be so impressive.

After Cheng Fei Jun had disappeared for two days, it had finally attracted the attention of the Star Brilliance Palace Hall and they sent out people to search for this young Grandmaster alchemist, but how could they possibly find him? In the beginning, there were some who suspected that his disappearance was connected to Ling Han, but it was soon clearly found out that Cheng Fei Jun had been called out by Luo Ji Feng's scholar boy.

Yet now, not only Cheng Fei Jun had disappeared, even Luo Ji Feng and his scholar boy had vanished as well. Thus, it was naturally not related to Ling Han.

Ling Han decided to add fuel to the fire and reveal the fact that Luo Ji Feng was a disciple of the Thousand Corpse Sect, which would make the world vigilant against this evil sect. The Thousand Corpse Sect could even do something like destroying the Desolate North, so it was not impossible that they would think of destroying the whole Northern region, or even the whole world.

He had Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu, and the others spread out the rumors. As long as they carelessly mentioned a word about it at places like tea houses and inns, this kind of rumor would definitely quickly spread throughout the world as if it had grown wings.

Indeed, it was only a few days, and the gossip about the Thousand Corpse Sect had spread throughout the small town—about how terrifying this party was, and about how they planned to turn the whole world into a corpse land.

...In the process of spreading gossip, the rumor would only be added upon, and thus, the Thousand Corpse Sect was described as more and more evil as the gossip continued to spread. They were practically ****** by all.

However, Ling Han thought that this was a very good thing. There was indeed a need to increase the sense of vigilance against the Thousand Corpse Sect. This party was really too evil.
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