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Chapter 314: Selling Ginseng and Discussing about Heroes
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Help me eradicate the Winter Moon Sect.

When these words were spoken, everyone fell silent in fear.

What kind of existence was the Winter Moon Sect? Though there were many parties that could be claimed "sects" in the north region, there were only five great sects that were publicly acknowledged as the strongest, and were collectively known as the Five Sects of the north region. The Winter Moon Sect was one of these five sects.

Though the Utmost Imperial Sect and Heaven Origin Sect were both very awesome, in terms of absolute power, none of them could compare to the Winter Moon Sect. Perhaps only if the three of them combined their forces would they be able to stand on an equal footing with the Winter Moon Sect. They would at least require three times the ability of the Winter Moon Sect to be able to defeat a sect that used a defensive strategy and possessed a Mountain Protection Great Array like the latter.

In other words, it would require at least ten such parties like the Utmost Imperial Sect to work together to make this possible. Furthermore, in this process, even if the battle was won, a heavy price would be paid.

For the sake of an Earth Grade alchemist, what party would be willing to do such a thing?

"Hohoho, Grandmaster Ling is a real joker." Everyone laughed dryly. All of a sudden, their arrogance was gone and they had become well-behaved, because no matter how wild they were, they would not dare to say such words like eradicate the Winter Moon Sect.

Whether they were sincere words from the heart, or a mere joke.

Ling Han was uncaring. The enmity between him and Feng Yan was something that everyone in the Rain Country knew about, and a little investigation would make it known. Thus, no matter how ferocious his words, everyone would only think that it was because of Feng Yan, but would not know that this enmity also involved the previous generation.

If someone ordinary said such words, even if the Winter Moon Sect did not make a move personally, there would still be a large number of other parties planning to kill Ling Han in order to curry favor with the Winter Moon Sect. However, this here was an Earth Grade alchemist, and had status akin to someone in the Flower Blossom Tier, so how could any ordinary party dare to make a move?

Even for such a powerful party like the Winter Moon Sect, they would still have to worry a bit about the Alchemist Society behind Ling Han. At the very most, they would only beat up Ling Han so that he would not dare to speak so thoughtlessly. Yet they would definitely not dare to kill Ling Han publicly.

Of course, it was a different story whatever they did covertly.

One word was enough to subdue these extremely arrogant young geniuses. As Ling Han continued to ask about the present situation in the north region, he had Zhu Wu Jiu take out another basket of ginseng and ganoderma.

These young people had no shortage of money. It was apparent from the fact that they were able to toss out 100,000 Origin Crystals so easily during the auction.

Indeed, even if these geniuses came from large sects and had seen and eaten hundred-year-old ginsengs and ganoderma before, when they saw such a large bundle of nutritious tonics filling a basket as if they were mere bok choy, they felt the corners of their mouths twitch violently.

"Ai, compared to Grandmaster Ling, we are indeed frogs at the bottom of a well!"

"There are so many hundred-year-old ginsengs and ganoderma; Grandmaster Ling must have gotten hold of an ancient herb garden."

"It couldn't possibly be an ancient herb garden. All the medicinal herbs here are hundred years old."

"That's true. Most likely, there was a party that had sowed a large number of ginseng and ganoderma a hundred years ago, but for an unknown reason, it was destroyed. However, their herb garden was not destroyed. Instead, the plants grew well, and were discovered by Grandmaster Ling eventually."

Everyone was rueful. This really was luck. Moreover, with the status of an Earth Grade alchemist as support, who would be willing to fall out with Ling Han over just "a bit" of hundred-year-old ginseng and ganoderma?

Ling Han could earn as much money as he liked without worrying that he would be targeted. After all, to the large parties, this was definitely only a minor expense.

Zhu Wu Jiu was in charge of collecting money, whereas Ling Han chatted casually with them and scouted out the situation in the north region. After all, what was mentioned in the books was at least from over ten years, or even tens of years ago.

There was no change in the power structure of the north region. The strongest were still five parties, that were collectively known as One Valley and Four Sects: the Blood Flame Valley, the Winter Moon Sect, the Shinra Sect, the Beast Emperor Sect, and the Half Moon Sect. The Blood Flame Valley was the only party that did not name themselves as a sect, but they were recognized as the most powerful existence in the north region. According to rumors, it was possible that a super elite of the Deity Transformation Tier could arise within their ranks, and they would really dominate and sweep away all others in the north region then.

Though the world had four regions and one prefecture, it was not easy to come and go from one to another. Each had a moat that separated them from the other areas, and it was rumored that this was left behind from a great battle in ancient times. The higher one's ability, the more difficult it would be to cross this gulf.

It was precisely because of this that though the north region only had Spiritual Infant Tier elites on standby, they still did not have to worry about being invaded by the elites from the other regions.

"If we're talking about geniuses of the younger generation, we should definitely mention Zuo Yu Da of the Blood Flame Valley. He's only twenty-three years old but has already broken through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier!" Xu Wen Tong said, his expression envious.

In the Heaven Origin Sect, he was also one of the strongest of the younger generation, yet was only at the fourth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier at present. He was still very far from the peak of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, not to mention breaking through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. This step was unbearably difficult.

The higher one's cultivation level, the more difficult it would be to break through to the next Tier. There was previously a genius who broke through to the Flower Blossom Tier at thirty-two years old and became the youngest Flower Blossom Tier elite in history. Yet he spent 122 years to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier from the Flower Blossom Tier. In the end, he died when he was in the Spiritual Infant Tier, and didn't even manage to break through to the Deity Transformation Tier, invoking sighs from everyone.

"He's even more of a pervert than I am," Gu Feng Hua mumbled to himself from one side.

"Zuo Yu Da," Ling Han murmured as he took note of this name. A twenty-two-year-old Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite was indeed shocking. As far as he was aware, even the Sword Emperor and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had not been so awesome at the beginning.

He surmised that it had to be because the environment had changed, which had made it easier for the people of today to cultivate.

"There's also a freak in the Beast Emperor Sect called Lu Yang, twenty-four years old, and similarly in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Furthermore, the Beast Emperor Sect has a culture of rearing demonic beasts as pets. The combined forces of one person and a beast would mean a further upgrade to battle prowess." Lin Xiang Qin too mentioned another genius.

"There is no particularly bright new star in the Shinra Sect, on the other hand. However, they have a set of triplets. Though they are still in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, when the three of them join forces, they are capable of killing off an opponent in the early stage of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so they shouldn't be underestimated, either," Chi Hua Lan said.

"Among the young geniuses of the Half Moon Sect, there is a girl who is rumored to be as beautiful as a flower. Even Zuo Yu Da fell in love with her at first sight. He had his master make an offer of marriage, yet was coldly refused," Xu Wen Tong said with a laugh.

"I heard about that too. That girl's name is Zhu Xuan Er, she is only twenty-two years old but has similarly broken through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, which is really something admirable." Lin Xiang Qin nodded. She felt an endless envy. They were both women, but why did the other exceed her by such a large margin?

"Not only that; her beauty is also incredibly shocking. I have seen her lift a corner of her veil to take a sip of water. Though only a bit of her chin was revealed, it was enough to make me infatuated and want nothing more but to die for her sake," someone added, an obsessed expression on his face.

Those who had never seen Zhu Xuan Er before were astonished. She was able to make a young genius infatuated to such an extent; that Zhu Xuan Er really possessed a lot of charm, didn't she? Moreover, she had not even shown her face, and only a glimpse of her chin was enough to make someone so captivated?


"I heard it as well. According to rumors, a genius from the middle state came over here for training and accidentally encountered Zhu Xuan Er. On the spot, he thought she was a celestial maiden, and even went to the Half Moon Sect to ask for her hand in marriage, saying that he wanted to take Zhu Xuan Er back to the middle state. Just guess, which party of the middle state did that young genius come from?" another said, seeming like a bit of a show off.

Without waiting for the others to guess, he directly revealed the answer to the riddle. "The Heaven's Sword Sect!"
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