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Chapter 313: Help Me Eradicate the Winter Moon Sect
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In the eyes of the martial artists from the north region, the Nine Nations of the Desolate North were the most backward area of the whole land. They didn't even have real elites of the Flower Blossom Tier. Only with the support of the power of the nation did they somehow forcibly possess such powerful existences.

Below the Flower Blossom Tier, all were considered powerless mortals.

In such a remote and desolate place, the residents were naturally all country bumpkins and boors in their eyes.

Yet now there actually appeared a seventeen-year-old Grandmaster alchemist here; moreover, this person was actually capable of killing Bao Xin Ran!

Though Bao Xin Ran could not be considered a truly strong person among the younger generation of the north region, he should not have been someone that could be killed by a country bumpkin from the Desolate North, either. Moreover, this country bumpkin was only seventeen years old, and had also reached Earth Grade in terms of alchemy.

Did such a genius really exist in this world?

"Hahahaha, so this is Grandmaster Ling. I shall go and see him tomorrow, and ask Grandmaster Ling for some guidance!" someone immediately spoke up.

"I too shall shamelessly pay a visit to Grandmaster Ling."

"So shall I!"

The young people of the north region exclaimed respectively. Without bothering to ask for Ling Han's agreement, they declared their intentions to themselves.

Since even the last precious auction item had found its owner, everyone naturally left the venue. Anyhow, there were many valuable and precious treasures in this world, and this was only an ordinary auction. No one would be too depressed due to not having been able to obtain whatever item they had had their eye on.

After Ling Han had gotten hold of the Blue Scale Demonic Fruit and the Nine Hoop Heaven Hero Blade, he settled the tab with the Origin Crystals he had gathered. As for the debt that he owed Long Yong Chang and the others, he'd just have to slowly pay it back. Anyways, he still had a large amount of hundred-year ginsengs and ganoderma. He could just sell these off to Gu Feng Hua and the others. They had no shortage of money.

Initially, he had been a bit displeased by the way they talked to themselves and decided so arbitrarily that they would pay him a visit on the morrow. However, now that these people had become his clients, his attitude naturally took a change as well. He was glad to play around with them as long as he could settle his debt first.

According to Long Yong Chang, his proof of identity as an Earth Grade alchemist would also be coming within these few days, and it was already quite near to his time of departure.

Ling Han tossed the Nine Hoop Heaven Hero Blade to Can Ye, and after he returned to the inn, he entered into the Black Tower and began to dig out ginsengs and ganoderma. Actually, there were still a lot of other Spirit Herbs, but for non-alchemists, ginseng and ganoderma were still the best. Simply eating them whole would be the best nutrition.

On the second day, Gu Feng Hua and the others indeed came over.

"Grandmaster Ling, I really had never imagined that you would actually be this young!" Every person that came would say something along these lines, so much that Ling Han felt as if his ears were going to become calloused just from hearing so much of the same thing.

"Hahaha, Ling Han. You are indeed a pervert, and have some of the bearing that I used to have years ago!" Gu Feng Hua's voice was heard. When he entered, he hugged Ling Han enthusiastically, but then he immediately neared Ling Han's ear and whispered, "However, Fairy Chi is mine, and if you dare to snatch her, be cautious that I will pour Itchy Powder in your underpants and make you have to scratch your d*** every day."

This guy released him, his expression still very cordial and warm.

Ling Han threw a disdainful glance at him and said, "You pay more attention to your lover than your friends."

"This is called 'look out for yourself, or heaven and earth will combine to destroy you'! For the sake of my happiness, I can only sacrifice you," Gu Feng Hua declared without any reservations.

"Brother Ling!" Chi Hua Lan arrived gracefully and raised her clasped hands in Ling Han's direction. "I have not yet repaid you for saving me within the Devil Sky Mystery Realm and had not thought that you have already become an Earth Grade alchemist. Hua Lan really does not know whether there will come a day when I can still repay you."

"Of course there will!" Gu Feng Hua interrupted. "He and I are good friends, what is his is mine, and what is mine is still mine! So you can pledge yourself and marry me, which is equivalent to having repaid the favor you owe Ling Han."

Chi Hua Lan acted as if she had not heard anything and smiled beautifully at Ling Han, then said, "Brother Ling, would you be interested to be a guest at the Purple Star Sect?"

She was a disciple of the Purple Star Sect—if she actually managed to pull Ling Han into her sect, the value of this credit would be indescribable!

And the sect would spare no expense to help Ling Han ascend to the Flower Blossom Tier. Together with the use of Spiritual Medicines to help extend his lifespan, it would be no issue for Ling Han to live for another 400 years.

That was a whole 400 years; if he continued to concoct Earth Grade alchemical pills, how many more Flower Blossom Tier elites would appear in the Purple Star Sect?

It could be claimed that a high grade alchemist could completely change the destiny of a sect.

"Yo, isn't Little Sister Chi always known for being incorruptible? Why are you now using a honey trap?" Amongst a bout of light laughter, a graceful girl came over, her movements flirtatious. She had a lithe figure which was extremely shapely. Her protruding, full breasts could make anyone's mouth water. How could anyone have such a fantastic figure?

Her lips were red like fire, and her hair was like a waterfall over her shoulders. This was an extremely beautiful woman. Moreover, she was filled with a fiery bearing, like a fresh flower that was blooming furiously, tempting others to come forward and attempt to pluck her and not care even if they would be wounded by her thorns as a result.

"Lin Xiang Qin!" Chi Hua Lan said softly.

This fiery beauty was Lin Xiang Qin. She lowered into a bow in Ling Han's direction. Her head lowered slightly, revealing a small section of her jade-like nape. It was fair and delicate like silk and akin to jade, extraordinarily beautiful.

She was really a master at using her own advantages. She had obviously not made any particularly explicit movements, yet it was enough to make one fully experience her graceful bearing, and induce an itch as well as irresistible desire in one's heart.

"Utmost Imperial Sect's Lin Xiang Qin hereby pays respects to Grandmaster Ling!"

She did not immediately stand back up, and seemed to be waiting for Ling Han to come forward and help her up. She believed that there would be no man would be willing to pass up such an opportunity, would they?

Around them, Gu Feng Hua, Xu Wen Tong, and the others all looked captivated. In terms of looks, it was difficult to decide who was superior between her and Chi Hua Lan, but if one were to talk about bearing and grace, she was much more superior to Chi Hua Lan.

Of course, there would definitely be many men who preferred the pure type like Chi Hua Lan. Though Lin Xiang Qin was only twenty years old, her fiery grace was already filled with the style of a seductive elder sister.

Chi Hua Lan was straightforward in her speech—she instantly gave a humph, and declared, "Vixen."

Yet Ling Han did not stretch out his hands to help her up. He had already seen many attempts to tempt him with beauty in his last life. At that time, he had reached the peak of both alchemy and martial arts at the same time, and the beauties that were willing to throw themselves into his arms had even higher status. There was no lack of even fairies that were in the Deity Transformation Tier.

Lin Xiang Qin invited a snub, and could not help but be surprised. However, Ling Han had already turned around and walked off, so she could only stand back up on her own. She rubbed her nose and a defiant expression appeared on her face.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan exchanged a smile. Their Ling Han was not a shallow person. To get his attention, the mere temptation of beauty would not work. Only sincerity would be able to earn his trust.

"Grandmaster Ling, would you like to come and look around Utmost Imperial Sect with me?" Lin Xiang Qin immediately caught up to him and asked delicately, not wanting to admit defeat.

"All right, as long as you agree to one condition of mine," Ling Han said calmly.

Hearing such words, everyone could not help but look slightly disdainful. He had put up an act for so long, but in the end, he was only a lecher. But who asked this perverted lecher to be an Earth Grade alchemist, especially one with a boundless future ahead of him? It was indeed possible that he was worthy of such an extreme beauty like Lin Xiang Qin.

Lin Xiang Qin smirked coldly in her heart, and her despise for Ling Han rose. However, the smile on her face was unchanged, and she asked daintily, "May I know what condition that Grandmaster Ling has?"

"Help me eradicate the Winter Moon Sect!"
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