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Chapter 312: Consecutive Successes
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Since he now knew that this sculpture was a fake, it was naturally impossible for Ling Han to still place a bid for it. Moreover, he only had about 100,000 Origin Crystals, which he still had to save to bid for the Blue Scale Demonic Fruit.

He took this chance to pay a visit to Long Yong Chang and the others to discuss the matter of a loan. After seeing the formidable wealth of the cloaked woman and the Flower Blossom Tier elder, he really did not think that 100,000 Origin Crystals was in any way a huge sum of money.

When they heard the reason why Ling Han needed the Blue Scale Demonic Fruit, the three Big Bosses of alchemy all gladly agreed to lend their Origin Crystals to Ling Han. Of all virtues, filial piety was the most important, and they only made a request in exchange and that was that they wanted to observe when Ling Han concocted the Restore Spirit Pill.

That was an Earth Grade mid level alchemical pill!

Ling Han naturally did not mind, so he agreed very easily. The deal was thus made, to everyone's delight and satisfaction.

The sculpture gained popularity from a large group of people. Even Gu Feng Hua and Chi Hua Lan made their respective bids for it. There were also some others who should be disciples of the various Great Clans of the north region, which increased the bidding price drastically. In the end, it was purchased by a man called 'Xu Wen Tong'.

At first, the bidders were anonymous, but these visitors from the north region seemed to be very familiar with one another. When they placed a bid, they would not forget to either threaten or challenge their rivals. As a result, many had their identities exposed.

This Xu Wen Tong came from the Heaven Origin Sect, and seemed to have quite the reputation among the young generation.

Consecutively, another Spirit Tool appeared.

This was a saber, and there were nine hoops on the saber's blade. Upon closer examination, they were not real hoops, but rather intricate patterns, though they looked very much like hoops from their appearance.

"Nine Hoop Heaven Hero Blade!" The auctioneer began to introduce the auction item. "This saber is a Level Five Spirit Tool, but its merit lies in the fact that these nine hoops are the seals of this Spirit Tool. One can unseal them one by one, and unseal what is equivalent to only a Level Three Spirit Tool. Moreover, with every subsequent hoop unsealed, the power of this Spirit Tool would become slightly stronger, and eventually reach Level Five."

When they heard these words, everyone exclaimed in surprise.

In the first place, a Level Five Spirit Tool was extraordinary, and the power it possessed was enough to oppose a Spiritual Pedestal Tier warrior. But the problem was, how could the martial intent of a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite be activated by one who was merely in the Spiritual Ocean Tier or the Gushing Spring Tier?

As a result, if a high level Spirit Tool was in the hands of a martial artist at a lower cultivation level, it would not even be able to display power that corresponded to the martial artist's lower cultivation level.

But this Spirit Tool was a different case.

Its power would be slowly unsealed and released in distributed segments, which meant that this Spirit Tool, in the hands of a Gushing Spring Tier, Spiritual Ocean Tier, or Spiritual Pedestal Tier martial artist would still be able to display its greatest ability. This was really too powerful.

"The starting price is 5,000!" the auctioneer announced.

Instantly, the sounds of bids were heard throughout, but soon enough, the martial artists from the Desolate North were out of the race. Even if they pooled all their Origin Crystals together, they did not have much remaining. After all, they had just been ruthlessly looted by Ling Han previously, who had earned a total sum of 100,000 from them.

Yet Gu Feng Hua and the others began to compete. Each of them placed their bids calmly. A mere dozen thousand Origin Crystals was not enough for them to consider seriously.

Ling Han swept his eyes over and saw Can Ye look both envious and disappointed. He could not help but laugh, and called out loudly, "100,000!"

Instantly, a complete silence descended.

The price now had only just reached 70,000, and you all of a sudden came up with the bid of 100,000. That was absolutely going against the rules. How could anyone increase the bid like that?

Meanwhile, Can Ye looked at Ling Han with gratitude. He was naturally aware that Ling Han was a sword user, then the reason why he had joined the bidding for this treasured saber could only be because Ling Han wanted to let him have it. Can Ye was not very good at expressing himself, so he could only express his gratitude and thanks through his gaze.

"Oh no, our Little Ye Ye would only be able to pledge himself in marriage in exchange," Guang Yuan said wonderingly.

Shua , Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both struck at the same time, delivering a slash towards Guang Yuan. Sword Qi danced and Guang Yuan hurriedly leaped away from his original position. The wooden chair he had been sitting in was instantly rended into pieces by the barrage of Sword Qi.


He managed to escape Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan's strikes, but he forgot there was one other person—Hu Niu!

The little girl delivered a sharp kick to his behind. She was too fast—Guang Yuan was unable to put up his defenses in time. Instantly, the kick landed solidly on his behind, and he crashed into a wall from the resulting impact.

He turned around and saw Hu Niu was currently baring her eerily sharp little white teeth at him. He could not help but feel his heart tremble—because Hu Niu was too tiny, and the places that her eyes passed over made him shudder with fear.

"Don't shoot your mouth off!" both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan said in rebuke.

Guang Yuan's face twitched. He naturally did not take these two big girls seriously at all, but he could not possibly guard against Hu Niu. Moreover, she was getting more and more powerful every day, and had no comprehension of any kind of rules. Sneak attacks were common for her, so she was definitely a little maleficent star. There was no way that he wanted to offend her.

He had only focused on teasing Can Ye, and had no idea that he had offended Liu Yu Tong and the other two girls. He was really asking for trouble.

Ling Han merely laughed loudly. Meanwhile, after a short period of shock downstairs, the bidding had begun once again, and gradually, the price had reached the huge sum of 150,000. Though that was still very far from the bidding price for the alchemy furnace previously, but now that those two super rich people had left, this sum had just about reached everyone's limit.

"200,000!" Ling Han once again raised the bid. He already had enough confidence to successfully get hold of this Spirit Tool, as well as the Blue Scale Demonic Fruit that was coming up later, together with the Origin Crystals from Long Yong Chang and the others. There should be no problem at all.

Once this call of 200,000 was heard, the surroundings fell into a complete silence instantly.

"Yi, why does this voice sound a bit familiar?" Gu Feng Hua said to himself. "What pervert is that? He's so rich. I need to befriend and cling to him."

Though this guy was only speaking to himself, his voice was not low at all, so a large number of people heard him clearly.

Ling Han placed his hand on his forehead. He really did not want to be friends with this pervert at all at this moment.

Thankfully, this Nine Hoop Saber eventually fell into Ling Han's possession. With his status, he could completely first collect his goods, then pay the Origin Crystals owed within a few days. The status of an Earth Grade alchemist was still extremely useful.

After another few small items had been placed on auction, the auction was nearing its end as well. It was finally the turn of the Blue Scale Demonic Fruit to be on stage, and this indeed gave rise to another climax.

"…The starting price is 10,000!" The auctioneer babbled a bit before finally starting the bidding.



The sounds of bidding rose one after another. Ling Han, meanwhile, sat calmly, making no movements. Now was not yet the time to make a bid, and the price was still far from the final price of the Blue Scale Demonic Fruit. Thus, there was absolutely no need to rush things.

However, when the price had reached 50,000, the bidding slowed down a bit. After all, the wealth of the alchemists here was mostly in the form of gold and silver. They were only able to produce so many Origin Crystals through pooling the finances of a considerable number of them.

"60,000!" The young martial artists from the north region also began to make their bids.

They were the real competitors for the higher priced auction items today. The young people of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North would only buy some small toys, but in the competition for the real treasures, they were absolutely unable to compete with the martial artists from the north region.

The price very quickly spiked up to 150,000 and had once again reached the limit for the martial artists of the north region.

"200,000." Ling Han gave the final word.

"F***, why is it him again?"

"This voice sounds quite young; where did he get so many Origin Crystals?"

"Yi, don't you guys know? He's Ling Han, Grandmaster Ling, an Earth Grade alchemist that has just broken through!"

"No way, he's the one?"

"I heard he's only seventeen years old!"

"This is practically a joke!"

"Hehe. Don't you guys know that Grandmaster Ling excels both in martial arts and alchemy? Previously, he had even killed a Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artist named Bao Xin Ran at the Martial Arts Tea Party."

Hiss, at this moment, the young people of the north region all looked astonished.
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