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Chapter 311: An Astonishing Discovery
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Ling Han held onto Hu Niu. That old man was too powerful. Even though Hu Niu possessed a terrifying speed, in front of someone in the Flower Blossoming Tier, that would have no effect at all. The latter would only need to release a burst of aura, and that would be enough to kill the little girl with a shock wave.

"It's all right," he said with a shake of his head as he withdrew a towel and wiped off the blood. He could feel that his right eye was still faintly aching, but once the Indestructible Heaven Scroll circulated, the pain instantly disappeared. In a mere few minutes, his right eye was completely back to normal.

It really deserved the name of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. Even such a fragile body part like the eye could be easily healed.

And after a few minutes of tug-of-war, this alchemy furnace was successfully purchased by that cloaked woman—she paid an astronomical price reaching 1,000,000 Two Star Origin Crystals.

'With so many Origin Crystals, as long as I have broken through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, I would probably be able to break through to the ninth layer in less than a month, right?' Ling Han thought. Origin Crystals were used to create an environment filled with Origin Power, which would speed up the rate of cultivation.

He once again focused his sight to find that cloaked woman. In a short while, he had found her, but what surprised him was that the moment he found that girl, she had coincidentally stood up. Her hands were holding onto the alchemy furnace that she had just successfully purchased, and she was actually planning to leave.

In other words, she was purposely here for this alchemy furnace, and now that the alchemy furnace was in her possession, she was naturally going to leave.

With the Eye of Truth, Ling Han glimpsed a sliver of her face, and could not help but be slightly awed.

This girl was really beautiful, not one bit less beautiful than Chi Hua Lan.

However, whether it was this girl, or that elder, they weren't alchemists at all. Ling Han did not sense one bit of the air that an alchemist should possess on them—there was no need to doubt this. As the Alchemy Emperor, if Ling Han was still unable to distinguish whether someone was an alchemist or not, then he should really buy a piece of tofu and kill himself with it.

Two people who were obviously not alchemists, yet were willing to spend over 1,000,000 Two Star Origin Crystals for a damaged alchemy furnace. Why would that be?

Previously, they were indeed very reverent towards his previous self, but if one claimed that they would pay such a high price for the sake of their admiration, it was a little incomprehensible.

The cloaked woman left, and the elder in the Flower Blossoming Tier left as well. The two of them shared the same target, which was this alchemy furnace. Now that the alchemy furnace had found its home, they would naturally have no reason to continue staying here.

It was really baffling.

He could only take them as real rich people who were truly in love with the Ling Han of his last lifetime.

After such a major climax, the subsequent proceedings of the auction not only made Ling Han sleepy, there were also a considerable number who had begun to doze off in their seats downstairs. Some were even snoring.

"Cough, cough!" the auctioneer hurriedly adjusted the sequence of the auction and took out a considerably valuable item in advance for the auction, finally managing to make the environment lively again.

After another half an hour, an item on auction attracted Ling Han's interest.

It was a sculpture that looked like a scorpion. It was completely black all over, and exuded a cold metallic light.

"According to the studies of a few of our experienced appraisers, this should be an antique from 5,000 or 6,000 years ago. There are some ancient words on it, which are slightly different from what we have today. After deciphering, they can roughly be interpreted as: Scorpio Palace Hall, life and death, reincarnation for 10,000 lifetimes," the auctioneer said. "This should be a token, a key, and it should be able to open… the Scorpio Palace Hall of one of the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms!"

Shua , his words had just fallen when everyone stood up. All of them looked very excited.

The Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms were one of the Great Mystery Realms that were rumored to exist. They would open every hundred years, and one would be rendered dumbstruck by the abundant Spiritual Qi within them. A day of cultivation within could be equal to ten days or even a hundred days of cultivation in the outside world.

As a result, innumerable Spiritual Herbs grew within. Since the Mystery Realm only opened every hundred years, not only were they mature enough, but due to the Spiritual Qi within, the quality of these Spiritual Herbs was shockingly high.

But this was not the point. The point was that the Twelve Heaven Mystery Realms had twelve mysterious palace halls, and according to the rumor, the greatest treasures of the Mystery Realm were hidden within—cultivation techniques, Spirit Tools, martial arts techniques, alchemical pills.

There was once a fortunate man who entered into the Aries Palace Hall. As a result, his fame soared greatly. In the end, he became an ultimate elite of the Heaven Tier, and furthermore was one of those extremely strong types. If it wasn't for the fact that the era he was born in was greatly suppressed by the natural environment which meant that no one in the Shattering Void Tier could emerge, his accomplishment would definitely not be limited to the Heaven Tier, but he'd enter the Shattering Void Tier, or even successfully shatter the void to become a God.

And to enter the twelve palace halls, the corresponding key was needed.

"Hehe, according to the examination of our Pavilion, this possibly should be the key that will open up the Scorpio Palace Hall... but it could also be counterfeit. Our Pavilion cannot be certain of this, because there are some things on this sculpture that we can't confirm," the auctioneer returned back to the main topic.

Instantly, a considerable number looked disappointed. When they thought about it, it was logical.

If this key was real, then why would it be auctioned off here? If it was taken to the central region, there would be many more rich people there, and it would be able to get a really high price there.

Even so, there were still many who were interested in this sculpture. What if it just so happened to be real?

"Ling Han, do you think it's real or fake?" Liu Yu Tong could not help but ask curiously.

Ling Han focused his eyes and the Eye of Truth was activated. The form of the sculpture instantly peeled apart in front of his gaze. Every layer disappeared, and when he saw something hidden deep within the sculpture, he could not help but grin because it was actually a piece of paper on which these words were written: "You've fallen for the trick, this is a fake, hahaha."

But when he saw the name written last, he could not help but tremble, and wore an expression of disbelief.

"What is it?" Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan asked quickly.

"It's nothing!" Ling Han waved his hand, but everyone could see something was off with his expression.

How could Ling Han not lose his composure? Because that was a drawing of a naked woman!

He recognized with a single glance that penmanship; it was his showy disciple, Jiang Yue Feng!

He was not the slightest bit surprised that Jiang Yue Feng would do something so pointless, but what shocked him was that this stone sculpture was rumored to be something from 5,000 or 6,000 years ago.

...But Jiang Yue Feng should have been a character from 10,000 years ago.

Even if Jiang Yue Feng broke through to the Shattering Void Tier, he would only have a lifespan of over a thousand years, so how could he have managed to survive until 5,000 or 6,000 years ago? Unless… Jiang Yue Feng advanced yet another step and stepped into the realm of gods, becoming a god himself.

Though he didn't know whether gods could be immortal, but just look at Asura Demon Emperor. He had been supressed for several tens of thousands years and split into nine, but was still alive and kicking, wasn't he?

Jiang Yue Feng was still alive? Had he become a God?

Then what about his three other disciples, were they all still alive? One had to know that the reason that Ling Han had been willing to take the four of them as disciples was either because they had astonishing talent in alchemy or logic-defying comprehension abilities in martial arts. Otherwise, for someone like him who had his whole focus on alchemy, how would he have eked out so much time to teach disciples?

If Jiang Yue Feng was able to become a God, then his other three disciples should also be qualified.

Then wouldn't he still have a chance to reunite with his four disciples?

Haha, he really wanted to see the expressions on their faces at that time. It would definitely be very interesting.
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