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Chapter 310: Fierce Competition
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This was merely an alchemy furnace that Ling Han had once used before, and now the price of this alchemy furnace that only had symbolic value was still soaring. Soon, it had broken through the high limit of 10,000 Origin Crystals, but none of the three Big Bosses of alchemy had any intention to give up, and were still continuing to add their bids. It seemed as if they would not give up unless they had emptied all their savings.

"These three alchemists are truly in love with the Grandmaster Ling Han from 10,000 years ago!" Guang Yuan exclaimed ruefully.

"That's right. It's already over 10,000 Origin Crystals. How many times has this price exceeded its real values?" Zhu Wu Jiu nodded as well.

Ling Han's expressions instantly turned dark. He did not need this kind of true love.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan thought that Ling Han was unhappy because he could not compare to the Ling Han from 10,000 years ago, and hurriedly comforted him. Hu Niu was more direct. She gave him a kiss on his cheek and giggled.

However, Long Yong Chang and the others did not have any intention to give up. The bid soared up to 200,000, and was getting closer and closer to 300,000, making everyone dumbstruck. They were dumbfounded by, firstly, the determination of these three alchemists, and secondly, by how wealthy alchemists were.

300,000 Origin Crystals, what kind of concept was that!

Even for these three Big Bosses of alchemy, 300,000 Origin Crystals should be a serious expense. After all, they usually only concocted Black Grade alchemical pills, and Black Grade alchemical pills were usually sold for silver and gold.

Moreover, these three alchemists had to be in the process of trying to break through to become Earth Grade mid level alchemists. Every time they failed the attempt, what kind of astronomical price would they have to pay for the ingredients they had used? These ingredients definitely had to be bought with Origin Crystals.

Thus, it was indeed impressive that these three alchemists managed to save 300,000 Origin Crystals, but they had probably reached their limits.

Indeed, after the bid had reached 30,000, the three Big Bosses of alchemy were obviously lacking in confidence. Finally, the price was set at 332,853 Origin Crystals. Why were there scraps? That was because Long Yong Chang and his companions had really given it their all, and taken out all the Origin Crystals they had on them.

The highest bid had been placed by Li Si Yuan. He could not help but look happy. He could finally get hold of the alchemy furnace that was once used by the Alchemy Emperor. This was a totem, and a symbol of significance!

"Is there anyone interested in bidding?" the auctioneer asked. He was extremely shocked that the bid reached such a high level, but at the same time, it was reasonable to him.

His shock was because this was merely a damaged alchemy furnace, but who asked it to be once used by the Alchemy Emperor? In the eyes of his fans, not just 300,000, even 1,000,000 was worth it.

"400,000!" It was at this moment that a young, melodic female voice was heard. She placed her bid very calmly, but it gave everyone a shock.

That was 400,000 Origin Crystals, not 400,000 gold and silver coins!

Ling Han had heard it very clearly. This girl was precisely one of the two people that had mocked him just now. He had been curious previously, since these two people admired the he from 10,000 years ago, why did they not even say one word when the auction was ongoing? So it seemed that they were confident of the outcome, and directly played a direct kill.

True, after so much bidding, she was naturally aware of the limits of Long Yong Chang and the others, thus the first bid she placed was a direct kill, and she would be able to save as much money as possible.

"500,000!" Another voice was heard. This one was rough and old. It was precisely the voice of the other person who had mocked Ling Han previously, the elder.

"600,000!" The girl increased her bid without hesitation, as if this 600,000 was merely paper money.

"700,000!" The elder did not cower at all.

"900,000!" This time, it was Long Yong Chang's voice. The three Big Bosses of alchemy must have combined forces and pooled their respective Origin Crystals.

"1,000,000," the girl and the elder spoke up at the same time.

"1,500,000!" The girl paused a while, and directly called out an astronomical price. It seemed like she was an impatient character, and did not want to add the bid bit by bit like before anymore.

"2,000,000!" The elder was unafraid as well.

These were two super rich people!

At the beginning, who would have thought that the real competitors for this alchemy furnace would be the two of them?

Putting aside their identities, merely the fact that they could take out 2,000,000 Origin Crystals was enough to qualify them to sit in a private room on the fifth floor. For the Spirit Treasures Pavilion which was a business establishment, anyone with enough money would be their dad.

Ling Han could not help but be rueful, and mumbled, "I have used a considerable number of alchemy furnaces by now, so should I consider selling them off as well?"

This caused Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan to laugh. They thought that he was laughing at himself; there was no way that they would be able to figure out that the two Ling Han were actually one and the same.

After the price had reached such a high level, even Long Yong Chang and his companions could only become observers. They felt that it was really a pity. That was an alchemy furnace that had once been used by the Alchemy Emperor, and if it could be displayed in the Star Brilliance Palace Hall, that would definitely make this place into the Holy Land for all alchemists!

...Yet they did not know that as long as Ling Han once again reached the apex in future, this place, as the important location that Ling Han had broken through to Earth Grade alchemist, would definitely become the Holy Land for alchemists.

"300,000, Two Stars Origin Crystals." The girl once again placed a bid, and it instantly gave everyone a scare.

In theory, if the grade of Origin Crystals was raised, their value would be tenfold, but in truth, no one would be willing to spend high grade Origin Crystals like money.

Just put it this way. If the same amount of One Star Origin Crystals would allow one to successfully break through in three years' time, then using the same amount of Two Star Origin Crystals would only take one year.

That was right, time was the most important factor!

Especially for those martial artists who were below the Flower Blossom Tier, they only had a lifespan of merely a hundred years. Thus, the earlier and the younger they broke through to the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, the more time they would have to attempt breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier. Once they managed to break through, they would be able to cast off their mortal body.

One Star Origin Crystals were made by the Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists, and were extremely helpful to the cultivation of anyone in the Body Refining, the Element Gathering, the Gushing Spring and the Spiritual Ocean Tier as they were able to supply enough Origin Power. However, for those in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, the effects of One Star Origin Crystals would be greatly discounted, and only Two Star Origin Crystals would have enough effect.

And for those in the Flower Blossom Tier, aside from the fact that One Star Origin Crystals could be spent like money, they were complete trash.

Thus, the higher the grade of Origin Crystals, not only the better the effects, but also the more the purposes. There were some extremely valuable Spirit Medicines that not only needed to be purchased with Origin Crystals, they might even need Four Star, Five Star, or even Six Star Origin Crystals!

Thus, the true value of 300,000 Two Star Origin Crystals far exceeded the value of 300,000 One Star Origin Crystals.

"400,000, Two Star Origin Crystals!" the elder was similarly calm.

Everyone was so shocked that their eyeballs looked ready to pop out of their heads; what kind of concept was 400,000 Two Star Origin Crystals? That would need 40,000 Spiritual Pedestal Tier martial artists to work on concocting them for a whole year! In the whole north region, were there even 10,000 Spiritual Pedestal Tier martial artists?

Most importantly, these two seemed to be completely calm, and looked like they didn't care at all.

Were they really from the north region?

Ling Han was also very curious. He could still understand if Long Yong Chang and his companions fought over the alchemy furnace. But what were these two fighting over it for? He could not help but activate the Eye of Truth and gazed at them. At first, he found the elder, but the latter immediately sensed his presence. He gave a heavy humph, and a sound wave spread out.

"Wu!" Ling Han gave a muffled groan, and instantly a stream of blood gushed out from his right eye. He actually experienced much suffering from this one blow.

The Flower Blossom Tier, that was power that exceeded the mortal realm.

"Ling Han!" Liu Yu Tong and the others were extremely shocked. Why did he suddenly cry tears of blood out of the blue like this?

Only Hu Niu fixed a stare at a particular direction in her alertness. It was precisely where that elder was. Obviously, the little girl was not glaring arbitrarily. Instead, she had really sensed something out of the ordinary, and immediately looked vicious.
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