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Chapter 309: Ling Han of Two Lives
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Afterwards, an ordinary-looking elder appeared and entered another private room.

The most important thing for the Spirit Treasures Pavilion to ensure was fair practice in their business. Thus, since these two people were able to enter a private room on the fifth floor, this obviously meant that they, or the party they represented, was at least not weaker than the status of an Earth Grade low level alchemist.

That elder was in the Flower Blossoming Tier!

Ling Han was a bit surprised. It was indeed quite impressive that the auction today would actually tempt a powerful elite of the Flower Blossoming Tier to come.

A stream of people continued to enter, and soon after, he heard a very distinctive voice.

"Fairy Chi, what a coincidence to see you again. We are really fated, so why don't we sit together?"

"Hehe, from the day before yesterday until now, we've met for a total of seventeen times!"

"There were actually as many as seventeen times? Then it really seems like we are definitely fated! Fairy Chi, looking at me today, don't you think I'm a little bit more perverted?"

"Get lost!"

Ling Han glanced out of the window and looked downwards, where he saw Gu Feng Hua who was currently chasing closely behind Chi Hua Lan. The pervert was grinning happily, eagerly following her.

The two of them also came upstairs, but they did not come to the fifth floor. Apparently, they were not yet qualified to sit in the private rooms here. As for whether they were on the second, third, or fourth floor, Ling Han did not have so much free time that he would activate the Eye of Truth to determine that.

So the outsider martial artists the younger people of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North had seen were these two.

In the private room, Guang Yuan and the others felt this was really very much a novelty to them. Normally, they were not qualified to enter this kind of private rooms. Even if the decorations and adornments around them were nothing too shocking, they still toured around the room, touching this and that, feeling that everything was uncommon.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were girls, so they naturally had to take care of their image. As a result, they sat all prim and proper. Hu Niu, on the other hand, did not bother much and continued clinging to Ling Han's arms, laughing.

After a while, the auction finally began.

Ling Han was bored and leaned forward to sleep. Hu Niu, meanwhile, endlessly teased him with her little hands. The adult and child played joyously and harmoniously, making Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan who were watching feel extremely envious, wanting nothing more than to take Hu Niu's place.

The two girls exchanged a look and nodded simultaneously. They both felt that they could not be careless just because Hu Niu was little. This little girl could not be underestimated. Moreover, after another ten years, the little girl should have grown up into a big girl, and it would be too late by that time to guard against her.

Guard against fire, guard against thieves, and guard against Hu Niu.

"Everyone, the item that is going to be presented to all of you now is a treasure from the ancient era, and possesses a high symbolic significance!" the auctioneer said, spittle flying everywhere. "And that is the alchemy furnace that was once used by the inventor of the Three Fire Guide, and acclaimed as the Alchemy Emperor, Grandmaster Ling, Ling Han."

Ling Han?

Guang Yuan, Liu Yu Tong, and the others all turned to look at Ling Han. They could naturally tell that this Ling Han was not their Ling Han, but the two of them actually shared the same name and they were both geniuses of alchemy, so they could not help but be astonished.

"Haha, I heard there is also a person here named Ling Han." A cold voice was suddenly heard from one of the private rooms. It was a very old voice. "He really doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth, to actually dare to have the same name as the Alchemy Emperor."

"Haha, he really has overestimated his own abilities. It's nothing strange to have the same name, but how accomplished was Ling Han, Grandmaster Ling, 10,000 years ago? To have the same name as he, he really deserves to die!" This was the voice of a girl. She had a delicate voice, but it was filled with mockery.

Though he could not tell which private room these two voices came from, he could confirm they were from the fifth floor, which made Ling Han instantly recall the cloaked woman and the elite of the Flower Blossoming Tier he had seen earlier.

Ling Han did not know whether to laugh or to be angered, because both of them were he but one Ling Han was praised to the heavens whereas the other was stepped harshly and crushed underfoot, making him feel like he was trapped between laughter and tears.

It was really a coincidence, but who asked the two of them to have the same name?

Could it be that Small Tower had done it deliberartely?

"Heng, I don't know who that Grandmaster Ling from 10,000 years ago is, but the current Ling Han is only seventeen years old, but is already an Earth Grade alchemist. No matter where, he would deserve the name of a genius of alchemy, and this is still called overestimating his own abilities?" Liu Yu Tong was displeased and immediately began to defend Ling Han.

Li Si Chan nodded as well and said, "I am an alchemist too, so I know a bit about that Grandmaster Ling from 10,000 years ago. That Grandmaster became an Earth Grade low level alchemist only when he was thirty. After that, he became an Earth Grade mid level alchemist ten years later, Earth Grade high level twenty years later, and then became a Heaven Grade alchemist thirty years after that. He's also the youngest Heaven Grade alchemist in history. After that, he broke through the limitation of Heaven Grade fifty years later, and was respectfully acclaimed as the Alchemy Emperor."

These words were factual, without the slightest bit of exaggeration. It was recorded as such in the ancient records. But when put together with the words that Liu Yu Tong had said previously, it was more than obvious. 10,000 year ago, Ling Han had only become an Earth Grade alchemist when he was thirty years old, but what about the current Ling Han? Seventeen years old!

Putting aside how his future accomplishment would be like, but merely comparing his current accomplishment, that was definitely slightly superior to the Ling Han of that generation.

Thus, the elder and the girl in the two private rooms were instantly silenced. Who asked Ling Han to be indeed much younger than that Ling Han?

Yet Ling Han smiled in spite of himself and shook his head. He had all the memories of his last lifetime, which meant that he was standing on the foundations that had accumulated in his last life and continuing to advance from there, so he was naturally going to exceed his previous lifetime. How could these two lifetimes be put together and compared?

Still, he was a bit curious. Though the Ling Han of his last life had been acclaimed as the Alchemy Emperor, he had already "died" for so many years, why would these two people still be so reverent about him? Most alchemists knew that these two Ling Han shared the same name, but none of them actually came out to rebuke Ling Han.

How baffling, and moreover, there were two of them!

"Hehe, please do not hurt the peace amongst you, esteemed guests. Let us come back to auctioning off this alchemy furnace. Previously, I've said, this is the alchemy furnace that was once used by the ancient Grandmaster Ling Han, and the materials used to construct it are excellent. Unfortunately, it is already damaged. Thus, it can only be taken as an ornament and a token of remembrance." The auctioneer hurriedly soothed the atmosphere.

He paused, then continued, "Something that the ancient Grandmaster Ling has once used is very meaningful. Thus, we can of course not sell it cheaply, or it would be very disrespectful to Grandmaster Ling. Thus, the starting price for this alchemy furnace is… 1,000 Origin Crystals!"




His words had just fallen, and already there were bidders placing their bids. Listening to the voices, it was Long Yong Chang and the other two Big Bosses of alchemy.

That was true, the name of the ancient Ling Han was too well-reputed. The things that he had once used were like totems, a pillar of mental support, and possessed a high symbolic significance for the alchemists of the current time period.

Within only a while, the price had soared to 10,000, and it was still rising. Very quickly, the price had broken through the high boundary of 50,000.

Ling Han was astonished. Could it be that Long Yong Chang and the others had come for the alchemy furnace he had used before? To be honest, that alchemy furnace was indeed something good. It was forged from Purple Moon and Stars Iron, so its heat conduction and pressure resistance was indeed great. Still, it was already damaged, so it could not possibly be used again for pill concoction, and from the looks of it, it was extremely heavily damaged. Even if one would recycle the materials used to make this alchemy furnace, there would not be much left.

Thus, the actual value of this alchemy furnace would be around 10,000 Origin Crystals, but the current bid had already exceeded that sum by a few times.
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