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Chapter 307: Kill Just the Same
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Luo Ji Feng was extremely astonished, because Ling Han was actually capable of reviving a Level Ten Spirit Tool. Though it was only a little bit, it was already enough of a shock. However, he also thought that if even Ling Han was capable of reviving a Level Ten Spirit Tool, then what about him?

If this Demon Birth Sword fell into his hands, it would definitely be able to express even more powerful might.

This was a Level Ten Spirit Tool!

"Hahahaha, I shall accept this kind of precious Tool as my own!" He laughed loudly and stretched out a large hand to grab Ling Han. A black cloud expanded and numerous skulls appeared within it. It was as if the door to hell had been opened and innumerable spirits of the dead had exited.

Ling Han suddenly understood, and exclaimed, "So you are from the Thousand Corpse Sect, no wonder your aura felt familiar!"

"What!?" Luo Ji Feng was flabbergasted. "How could you possibly know of the existence of our sect?"

"Nonsense, you've already used the secret arts of the Thousand Corpse Sect right in front of my face. If I still can't recognize it, then what is the use of having this pair of eyes?" Ling Han snorted.

Luo Ji Feng was extremely depressed. There had been no signs of the Thousand Corpse Sect for tens of thousands years. Moreover, in the last 10,000 years, their martial arts suffered a tremendous blow, leading to a lapse in their inheritance. There shouldn't be anyone who would be able to recognize the secret arts of the Thousand Corpse Sect in this era, yet how could this brat from out of nowhere recognize it with a single look?

"Brat, it seems that there are a lot of secrets you're hiding!" Very quickly, his eyes shone with a strange light. A seventeen-year-old who was an Earth Grade alchemist and simultaneously in the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, this could no longer be described as merely a miracle. He even later took out a Level Ten Spirit Tool and even managed to recognize the secret arts of the Thousand Corpse Sect with a single look. He definitely had to be hiding a colossal secret.

His heart throbbed wildly. If he was able to capture Ling Han, who knows, it might be the greatest chance in his entire lifetime.

"Don't dream such wonderful fantasies. It's impossible," Ling Han shook his head.

"You know what I'm thinking?"

"Nonsense, just look at how you're practically salivating. How could it not be obvious what kind of devious ideas you're contemplating?" Ling Han said with a derisive snort.

Luo Ji Feng naturally had not lost so much composure that he was salivating. He gave a humph. At this moment, the surroundings were completely covered by his black Qi. One after another, skulls rolled over and over, making him feel very confident in himself.

"Brat, when I take you down, not only will I gain your fated opportunity, you will also be tortured incredibly at my hand. I can guarantee that you will be utterly miserable!"

Ling Han snorted, and sneered, "Just a damn eunuch who has no d*** between his legs? No wonder you have a catamite. Since you're cultivating the evil arts of the Thousand Corpse Sect, your body is like a mummy, so your d*** has naturally rotted and you can only sell your behind."

"You, you, you..." Luo Ji Feng felt as if his heart had been dealt a heavy blow. His face twisted and he suddenly gave an enraged roar, as if he was a ghost himself. Instantly, innumerable skulls appeared and pounced towards Ling Han.

This was his greatest pain. As a man, he had lost his d***, and now that Ling Han had exposed this fact right in front of his face, this instantly drove him to extraordinary depths of fury.

"Damn wretch, I have yet to call you to account for this. You almost made me blind!" Ling Han released a sharp whistle, and waved the Demon Birth Sword, using the sword technique of Mysterious Three Thousand.

Hong , seven hundred sword flashes moved at the same time. With the driving force of the Demon Birth Sword, every sword flash actually transformed into a black-armored knight formed from Demonic Qi that charged towards Luo Ji Feng in attack.

"F***!" Ling Han was instantly stunned. Each of these black-armored knights were at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Seven hundred of these black-armored knights moving at the same time, what kind of concept was that?

Even he himself had never imagined that the Mysterious Three Thousand combined with the Demon Birth Sword would actually create such a terrifying might! Of course, this was also because with the instillation of power from the Black Tower, his power had soared to the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

He had even deliberately kept one hundred sword flashes in reserve in order to spare Luo Ji Feng's life—he would not be able to interrogate him otherwise. But, who would have thought that the might of this strike was practically capable of defying logic?

Hong , seven hundred black-armored knights rushed past. Not only was the Corpse Qi that was all around completely dispersed, all the skulls were completely shattered as well. Luo Ji Feng had died without a whole body, leaving behind not even a single scrap.

Luo Ji Feng might not even be able to resist merely one black-armored knight of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, what more when seven hundred of such powerful beings assaulted him at the same time.

"Ai!" Ling Han sighed. This was great, he had directly killed Luo Ji Feng, so all the trails were broken. His thoughts took a turn. "I'll go look for that scholar boy!"

He returned quickly; when he arrived at Luo Ji Feng's courtyard, he grabbed the scholar boy in a single move. He knocked the latter unconscious and stored him in the Black Tower. Then, he too flashed into the Black Tower and began his interrogation.

"I was forced, I was forced!" The scholar boy was scared half to death and filled with even more incomprehension and fear about the space inside the Black Tower.

No matter how Ling Han asked, he said he didn't know anything. He had only been taken in by Luo Ji Feng after the latter had come to the town. At first, he thought that he had met his benefactor, but the result was… he was also disgusted. As a result, he always used brute force, wanting to torture Luo Ji Feng, yet that only made the old wretch even more pleased.

Ling Han could only once again knock the scholar boy unconscious and toss him out of the Black Tower.

This trail was not broken yet, because Cheng Fei Jun was still alive.

He made the scholar boy ask Cheng Fei Jun over to Luo Ji Feng's courtyard. In order to make the scholar boy obey his commands, he simply stuffed an alchmical pill into the latter's mouth and forced him to swallow it. Ling Han lied and said that it was poison, and if the scholar boy was not given the antidote in three days, he would die.

The scholar boy was not the slightest bit doubtful. Because Luo Ji Feng had not returned all this while, he felt that it was very possible that the former had already been killed by Ling Han. When he thought that even such a terrifying person like Luo Ji Feng had been dealt with by Ling Han, how could he dare to resist?

Not long after, a sound arose from the doors to the courtyard, and the sounds of two pairs of footsteps approached.

"How could it be you!?" When Cheng Fei Jun saw Ling Han, he could not help but look extremely astonished. No matter whom he saw, it would not be as unacceptable to him as seeing Ling Han here.

Ling Han humphed and said, "I am the elder in charge of discipline. Why do you not kneel upon seeing me?"

Cheng Fei Jun was dazed by his bluff. After hesitating for a moment, he instantly looked vicious and said, "You're bluffing me! Where is Master Luo? Master Luo!" he exclaimed in shock.

"How troublesome!" Ling Han moved, and with a single palm strike, knocked him unconscious. Then, he turned his eyes towards the scholar boy.

"I'll do it myself," the scholar boy hurriedly said. He knocked himself into the wall, and with a tong , he fainted.

He really did know how to conduct himself.

Ling Han could not help but break into laughter and stored the two of them simultaneously into the Black Tower.

He returned to the inn and once again entered into the Black Tower. Then, he began to interrogate Cheng Fei Jun.

"Ling Han, you are really daring. Even if you are an Earth Grade alchemist, but to imprison another alchemist privately, this is still a heavy crime!" Cheng Fei Jun called out sternly once he awoke.

"When has even a dreg of the Thousand Corpse Sect become so arrogant?" Ling Han shook his head.

"What nonsense are you spouting, who's a dreg of the Thousand Corpse Sect?" Cheng Fei Jun's expression changed drastically, yet he turned about and asked Ling Han, "Speak less nonsense, and quickly let me go!"

"Now that you've entered into my space, you still want to leave?" Ling Han smiled calmly. His body rose up into midair, and with a casual wave of his hand, a large hill sprouted out of the ground, forming a change in their environment.


Cheng Fei Jun instantly choked, his eyes fixed in a stare, as if he had become an idiot.

"This is an illusion, this is an illusion!" he mumbled to himself, his whole body trembling.


Ling Han delivered a sharp slap, and the pain immediately made Cheng Fei Jun cry out in pain. This was definitely no illusion!
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