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Chapter 305: The Next Step
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Cheng Fei Jun had organized this Martial Arts Tea Party firstly to select some outstanding geniuses—Luo Ji Feng would recruit them. Secondly, he wanted to establish his individual reputation and name. When he stepped out later to personally convince them, his identity as a Black Grade high level alchemist would naturally make it easier to convince them to join.

However, Cheng Fei Jun had now been completely left behind and forgotten in a corner, whereas Ling Han gained everyone's approval and gratitude. This really made Cheng Fei Jun fume in fury.

...Who asked him to retreat at the most crucial moment?

In the world of martial arts, even if your ability was weak, if you actually battled with all your effort and died, others would still give you a thumbs-up and proclaim you as a real man. However, if one were to flee without even daring to put up a fight or cower from the battle in public, that was an act that would engender disdain the most.

Ling Han clasped his fists together and returned with Liu Yu Tong and the others back to the inn. On the way there, Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were still recalcitrant, saying that since Ling Han had obtained the first place, he should have asked Cheng Fei Jun for that Restore Heart Pill.

This made Ling Han laugh loudly, as well as made him feel disdainful. Just think—he, the one and only Alchemy Emperor... how could it be that he would still need to take the low quality, trash pill concocted by a Black Grade high level alchemist?

That was really too much of a joke.

Not long after they had returned to the inn, customers surged forth like clouds.

Zhu Wu Jiu was already very busy, and Guang Yuan and Can Ye went to help him as well. Later, not just the younger generation of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North came forth with their Original Crystals, but even quite a number of alchemists from the Star Brilliance Palace Hall came when they heard the news.

Anyone who had yet to break through to the Flower Blossoming Tier was mortal, and a mortal's lifespan was merely as long as a hundred years, so who would not want to live for a few years longer? The more power these elders possessed, the more they treasured their lives were willing to make any sacrifice as long as they could live for a few years longer.

The effects of hundred-year ginseng and ganoderma were not to the point they could defy logic, but no matter what, they would help extend one's lifespan a bit, so it would be definitely no issue for one to live another three or five years. Moreover, these items were extremely nutritious and could help heal hidden injuries, which was equivalent to extend one's lifespan.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan had taken the position of housewives and stood at one side, cheerfully counting the Origin Crystals, which gained Hu Niu's disdain. She secretly thought, these two silly girls, what was so nice about looking at Origin Crystals? The right thing to do was to stick to Ling Han instead.

After a day of business, Ling Han had gathered a terrifying amount of 100,000 Origin Crystals. This was a wealth that would make anyone envious. It was guaranteed that even the Imperial Family of the Rain Country would only be able to produce a mere scrap of this amount at most.

The auction was also going to take place soon. In another two days, it would begin.

And on the other side, with the help and urging from three Earth Grade alchemists, Ling Han's verification as an Earth Grade alchemist would also be completed soon. At most, in another five days, the proof of his identity would be delivered.

Ling Han was very satisfied and began to consider where he would go next.

The Star Brilliance Palace Hall was only a stopover point for him on his way out of the Desolate North, so he naturally would not be staying for too long here. But since he was here, he decided to simply verify his status as an Earth Grade alchemist, which would ensure that he would be able to do as he liked.

Now that these two issues were almost solved, his next stop would naturally have to be moved up the schedule.

The Winter Moon Sect was planning to open their doors to recruit disciples?

After Ling Han heard this news from others, he considered for a moment, then decided to head to the Winter Moon Sect.

Firstly, he had to investigate his mother's whereabouts. Secondly, he wanted to collect some interest there. For such a great sect like the Winter Moon Sect, they definitely had their own herb farm, and Ling Han planned to empty this farm to enrich the space inside the Black Tower.

Who asked this sect to capture his mom and injure his dad? If he didn't avenge himself, could he even be considered human?

When he had enough ability, he would naturally kill Ao Feng and end this enmity completely.

En, they'd go to the Winter Moon Sect!

However, he would have to hide his identity. Otherwise, based on the fact that he and Feng Yan were deadly enemies, even if that elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier did not kill him because he was an Earth Grade alchemist, he would still chase Ling Han out. By then, how was he to take over the Winter Moon Sect's herb farm?

Because they had spent all their Origin Crystals and the Martial Arts Tea Party was already over, quite a number of young men and women did not wait for the auction to begin, but instead chose to set out directly and head towards the Winter Moon Sect. However, out of those who set out, some travelled a certain distance ahead but then actually came back. They had deliberately returned to see Ling Han and told him a piece of news.

...On their way, they had seen a few young people coming over from the Northern Region.

Could they be just like Bao Xin Ran?

Ling Han thanked them, and these people once again set out on their journey. Ling Han could not help but feel rueful. He had only killed Bao Xin Ran because of a conflict of interests brought about by the latter, and had not considered much else. However, he had actually gained the hearts of so many as a result.

Otherwise, they had already left, so why would they deliberately come back and tell him the news?

But based on the fact that they managed to leave freely, he knew that the newcomers should be different from Bao Xin Ran. Otherwise, these people would have robbed and killed them rather than let them leave.

Could it be that they were here to participate in the auction?

This was quite possible. After all, there was at least one Blue Scale Demonic Fruit on auction, so it was natural that those nearby would be attracted to come.

At midnight, that feeling of being observed came back again.

Ling Han knew that it was definitely Luo Ji Feng. It was not the first time that old guy had done this kind of thing, but with Ling Han's Eye of Truth, he had absolutely nowhere he could hide.

However, Ling Han soon looked solemn, because Luo Ji Feng actually wore a veil to conceal his face today.

Since he was trying to hide himself, he was obviously planning to do something bad.

Obviously, Ling Han had not given him the chance to act previously, which finally made that old guy lose patience—he had decided to make a move even if Ling Han was at the inn.

Ling Han hesitated. Should he immediately retreat into the Black Tower?

If he retreated into the Black Power, then he would definitely be safe, but he still had one chance for the Black Tower to instill power into him. And he was currently in the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, so as soon as he strengthened his foundations so firmly that they could not be shaken, he would attempt to break through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

If he still did not use this chance, that would mean a complete waste of it.

Most importantly, the Black Tower instilling power into him was a process of strengthening and refining his body, which was extremely beneficial to him. Thus, he definitely could not miss this opportunity.

Small Tower had also said that the later the chance for instilling power was used, the better it would be. He was now in the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier—there was no later than this.

With the instillation of power, he would be able to possess the cultivation of the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and with his monstrous battle prowess, the ninth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier would be enough for him to battle an opponent of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. Although the higher one's cultivation, the more difficult it would be to battle an opponent at a stronger cultivation level, but there should be no problems against an opponent in the second or third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

After all, Luo Ji Feng was only in the third layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

If he fully used the Mysterious Three Thousand, he should be able to have the chance to kill him in a single strike.

After he made his decision, Ling Han immediately moved quietly. He left the inn and headed towards a dark location at a far-off area.

With Luo Ji Feng's senses and divine sense of someone in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, he naturally discovered instantly Ling Han's departure. The old man could not help but be slightly stunned. How could there be such a coincidence? He had just planned to kill Ling Han even if it meant revealing his identity when this brat actually left the inn alone, and created an opportunity for him?


However, there was no way he could resist such temptation. In his mind, there was no way someone at merely the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier could become a threat to him.

The old man leaped forth and flew after Ling Han, closely tailing him. He planned to catch up to him in a remoter location and kill him. Firstly, this would solve a problem for Cheng Fei Jun, and secondly, he still had to draw out the Strange Fire. Otherwise, there was no possibility that Cheng Fei Jun would be able to take over the position of leader in the Star Brilliance Palace Hall.

After only over ten-plus minutes did Ling Han suddenly stop. It was precisely at the plaza that had hosted the Martial Arts Tea Party the day before. There was still a large number of sunshides that had yet to be dismantled here and it was dark all around, as if it was a ghost town.

This was indeed a good place to commit murder, it was very spacious!
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