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Chapter 304: Becoming an Idol
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Everyone was astonished, and those like Lian Xiu Zhu, Bai Yu Quan, and the others were filled with embarrassment.

How could they not be?

They all thought of themselves as geniuses of their generation that could only be rivalled by a rare few in their age range, all filled with an absolute confidence, thinking that if they really put all their effort into the battle, they were definitely capable of obtaining the final victory.

But Bao Xin Ran's appearance had naturally dealt a heavy blow to their self-confidence.

They were both in their mid-twenties, but Bao Xin Ran was already in the middle stage of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and the gap between them and him was extraordinarily big. But that was fine, because Bao Xin Ran came from the Cold Water Sect which was a great party, so it was reasonable that they could not compare to him.

However, Ling Han actually managed to exchange successive blows with Bao Xin Ran and that was already enough to give them a jaw-dropping shock, yet he now succeeded in heavily injuring Bao Xin Ran with a single slash. This made them have no choice but to admit the fact that they had been extremely ignorant in the past.

...If they actually found out this one strike was not Ling Han's full power as he had only launched four hundred sword flashes, their facial expressions would probably be even uglier.

What was even more horrifying was the fact that Ling Han was also an Earth Grade alchemist.

Would anyone actually dare to believe this?

Ling Han smiled calmly. He had not put his full effort into this strike because he had not wanted to become completely weakened after he had launched this attack. That feeling was really much too unpleasant.

Moreover, Bao Xin Ran was not that powerful, so there was no need to use eight hundred sword flashes to deal with him.

Pu , though Bao Xin Ran was still standing upright, he was continuously coughing up blood. His whole body was shaking and a large part of the flesh and blood on his limbs had been torn off by the blow, so it was enough of a feat for him to even remain standing. He held tightly onto the flag, as he was only able to remain standing with the support of the flag.

"You, who exactly are you?!" he asked defiantly. How was it that someone in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier was so strong?

"For someone who is about to lose their life, what is the point of knowing so much?" Ling Han said coldly.

"You dare kill me?" Bao Xin Ran laughed coldly. "I am a disciple of the Cold Water Sect, if you dare to kill me, the powerful elites of my sect will definitely raze the country you are from to the ground. The pride of a great sect cannot be violated!"

"I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed, because I am also an Earth Grade alchemist. Do you think that the members of the Cold Water Sect will offend me, an Earth Grade alchemist, for the sake of a mere disciple like you?" Ling Han asked calmly.

Previously, though they had all been talking about it, Bao Xin Ran had been engaged in a furious battle with Ling Han, so how could he have heard when he had his full concentration on the fight? His first reaction upon hearing this now was that Ling Han had to be joking. How could it be possible that there would be such a young Earth Grade alchemist in this world?"

"That's impossible!" he said immediately.

"You need not bother about that anymore, obediently lay beneath the ground. In your next life, you should not be so overbearing, particularly when you're in front of me!" Ling Han's sword pierced out. He had no plans to leave Bao Xin Ran alive to make trouble for him later on.

"Damn it!" Though Bao Xin Ran was injured, his internal and vital organs were not injured. He put all his effort into activating the flag and swept it towards Ling Han.

Hu, hu, hu. The flag waved and swept out a freezing cold wind capable of freezing someone to death.

Hong , the Strange Fire circulated by Ling Han's side and provided a layer of fire to shield him, dispersing the cold air that was sweeping towards him. Thus, the greatest effect of this flag was rendered useless.

Ling Han struck repeatedly. His battle prowess was higher than Bao Xin Ran's and the latter was unable to stand against Ling Han even after using the flag, so how could he block his subsequent attacks? Within a few moves, his throat was slashed by Ling Han's sword. As blood spurted out from his wound, he fell onto the ground loudly.

His eyes were filled with disbelief. Not too long ago, he was as disdainful as a god looking upon mortals, and killed them as if they were mere grass. But just how long ago had that time been that he would suffer a similar fate now?

Ironic, it was really too ironic.

He opened his eyes wide in defiance, trying his best to retain this piece of the sky in his sight, but the only scene left for him was darkness.

"My master will definitely avenge me!" He left behind these last words, and filled with a longing for life, breathed his last.

"Ling Han!"

"Grandmaster Ling!"

"Grandmaster Ling is mighty!"

"Long live Grandmaster Ling!"

The whole plaza was completely lit on fire. Young people would not have so many worries or thoughts. They only knew that an outsider had come and suppressed them so much that no one dared raise their heads, and it was Ling Han who had stepped out and defeated this outsider.

This outsider slaughtered them without any bit of hesitation, and in the end, was killed by Ling Han without mercy. As the saying goes, a tooth for a tooth and blood for blood—they were overjoyed!

In comparison, what could Cheng Fei Jun count as? As a Black Grade high level alchemist, he did not even manage to suppress a martial artist of the Spiritual Ocean Tier. That was practically a joke.

This was a bit unjust to Cheng Fei Jun. Because the great sects usually had their own in-house alchemists, they were basically able to satisfy the needs for alchemical pills of their own disciples and would only make requests to the Alchemist's Association for certain special pills. However, in ordinary cases, they would be able to solve the problem by simply making a trip to the Spirit Treasures Pavilion and taking part in an auction there.

Thus, the great sects were merely wary of the combined force of the Alchemist's Association, but because they did not have a direct need of external alchemists' services, they did not attach too much importance to alchemists. For examples, Feng Yan could declare his intention to cripple Ling Han's legs without care. As long as he did not kill Ling Han, the Alchemist's Association would not come forward in Ling Han's defense.

After all, the great sects would be wary of the Alchemist's Association, but the Alchemist's Association would not easily turn hostile against the great sects, either.

Naturally, the status of an Earth Grade alchemist was much higher. Any sect would gladly treat one as honored guest, and if they actually managed to invite one such alchemist to stay with them as a respected elder, that would mean a great boost to the sect's own ability.

Cheng Fei Jun's face was completely ashen. He was the one who had organized this Martial Arts Tea Party, and had even disregarded his hard-earned capital and took out a Restore Heart Pill, but now, great. Ling Han had instead become the brightest star now, so much that even he, the organizer, was actually set to one side and ignored.

This damn guy, why was he not dead yet!?

No, he had to make another visit to Luo Ji Feng again tonight and convince him to act no matter what.

Ling Han was all smiles as he said, "Everyone, please don't forget to come to Pleasure Come Inn. There is still a large supply of hundred-year-old ginseng and ganoderma, as long as you possess enough Origin Crystals, there'll be enough for everyone."

"Hahahaha!" Everyone laughed loudly. At first, Earth Grade alchemists were high, noble people, as they were Big Bosses that were even higher in status than the ruler of a nation. Yet someone like that would actually come down to their level and peddle goods. This had really shortened the distance between such an esteemed person and common people like themselves.

"We'll definitely come to help out with Grandmaster Ling's business!"

"If we're really being honest, we're the ones making a huge profit since we can actually purchase hundred-year-old ginsengs and ganoderma."

"Thank you, Grandmaster Ling."

Everyone expressed their thanks sincerely. After all, as long as a Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior was willing to actually refine them, they could produce Origin Crystals at any time, but how could hundred-year-old ginseng and ganoderma be so easily obtained? Even if their clans were willing to set up a Spirit Field to cultivate these plants, they would take a long time to be ready for harvest and would only benefit their descendants.

Moreover, this kind of Spirit Herbs had extremely strict requirements of their environment. To reach the hundred year age, who knew how much effort and sacrifice had to go into cultivation? It was not merely the passing of a hundred years' time.

Thus, even for the colossal entities like the Imperial Families, even if they had their own herb gardens, it was already shocking enough to have thirty- or fifty-year-old Spirit Herbs such as ginseng; where would they be able to obtain hundred-year-old ginseng?

This move of Ling Han not only helped him earn a large amount of Origin Crystals, but also win the appreciation and gratitude of the younger generation of the Nine Nations. This was truly the case of idly poking a stick into the ground and ending up with a tree that grew just to provide shade for you. An unintentional action brought to Ling Han an unexpected success, which was enough to make Cheng Fei Jun die of envy.
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