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Chapter 303: Two Monsters
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What a grand move. It had instantly stopped two people in their steps.

Everyone had initially been exclaiming their praises, but when they saw this, they could not help but feel their hope was lost.

Bao Xin Ran was already powerful enough by himself, but now that he actually possessed an even more powerful Spirit Tool, who would be able to stand against him? This flag was obviously a Spirit Tool. Once the martial intent contained in it was awakened, it would exude a cold air that was capable of freezing its surroundings solid, so who was capable of even getting near to it?

According to the rumors, the most priceless treasure of the Cold Water Sect was called the Cold Water Flag. Once this flag was unfurled, it would really freeze everything within a thousand miles of it, so it was extremely frightening. This flag was merely an imitation of it, so its power was in no way comparable to the real Cold Water Flag... However, how could it not be enough to suppress two Gushing Spring Tier martial artists?

Bao Xin Ran spat onto the ground. A little girl actually made him activate the flag to subdue her, it was really a bit embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Cheng Fei Jun smirked coldly. He had originally depended on Luo Ji Feng to kill Ling Han, but the former had not managed to succeed even after so many days. Secretly, he had called him scornfully as a piece of trash.

But now, Bao Xin Ran was actually going to help fulfill his heart's desire. This made him almost want to rush up and embrace Bao Xin Ran and give him a kiss of thanks. What a wonderful man!

Ka, ka, ka. It was at this moment that a sudden change occured.

There was a large area on the ice enveloping Ling Han that was suddenly covered with spiderweb-like cracks. It was visible that there was a crimson flame circulating all over his body, and this flame had already melted a hole into the ice.

The Strange Fire!

Cheng Fei Jun's eyes instantly reddened. He had had a Strange Fire before, so even though he was located very far away from it, he could sense a sliver of familiarity about that Strange Fire. However, it was also completely different as well.

...His own Strange Fire had been completely swallowed by Ling Han's Strange Fire.

It was obvious that this Strange Fire was even more powerful. As it had been fused from two Strange Fires, this was natural.

'I want it! I want it! I want it!' Cheng Fei Jun called out internally. It was able to melt even the ice produced by the flag, so the might of the Strange Fire had to be exceptionally powerful.

And yet, the ka, ka, ka sounds had not originated from the ice block enveloping Ling Han, but from Hu Niu's side. They could only watch as the little girl opened her mouth and continued to chew. She endlessly bit through the ice, swallowing and chewing very quickly.

In only a few moments, her little head had appeared, and was currently in the process of freeing the other parts of her body quickly.

F***, what kind of glutton was she that she could even devour this kind of ice?

Bao Xin Ran's face twitched. These were two f******** monsters! Especially Hu Niu, what kind of teeth did she have!?

Immediately, his killing intent rose. He fixed his stare on Hu Niu. As of this moment, she had not freed herself, so he was completely able to kill her easily. Qiang , the twin swords at his waist left their sheaths, and flickered with a cold light like water.

"Hey, have you forgotten me?" Ling Han smiled calmly.

"You're just a piece of trash in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. I'll kill you first, then kill this little girl!" Bao Xin Ran flew forwards, and charged towards Ling Han. He raised his two swords in a slash, and hong , martial intent circulated as ice and snow flew all around.

This was no illusion, but real ice and snow. Once one managed to break through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier, they could release their martial intent out of their bodies and affect the world, forming a solid attack. Every bit of ice and snow shone with a tiny pattern and possessed a terrifying destructive power.

Bao Xin Ran had previously underestimated Ling Han. Since he was able to easily free himself from the ice produced by the flag, Ling Han was worthy to die by his hand.

Ling Han drew his sword and the Four Seasons Sword Technique circulated. The images of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter circulated, forming a natural cycle.

Bao Xin Ran's attack had martial intent as its basis so it was obviously stronger, but Ling Han's power was not too much weaker, either. Added together with the fact that the Four Seasons Sword Technique was a Black Grade high level martial arts technique and possessed formidable power, this was adequate to compensate for his lack of martial intent.

Hong, hong, hong . The two of them continuously exchanged blows, and it actually seemed difficult to decide the victor in this short amount of time.

"Quickly, pinch me. Am I dreaming? How is it possible that I'm seeing a guy in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier exchange blows with a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite?" someone mumbled.

"My eyes must have blurred. Haha, how could this be possible!"

"F***, I'm going to go crazy. Is this really the Gushing Spring Tier?"

When they saw this scene, aside from the martial artists from the Rain Country, all the others looked like they had gone mad, grabbing their heads and screaming. This was really surreal, wasn't it? A mere martial artist at the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier was actually able to face a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite head on and not be at the disadvantage, this was practically a fantasy.

Though Hu Niu was also in the Gushing Spring Tier, but at least she had not faced Bao Xin Ran head on and emerged victorious because of her superior speed. This, at least, was still acceptable to them. But in Ling Han's case... he definitely had the aura of the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, yet was able to face an opponent in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier head on and exchange blows with him. This was practically enough to blind their dog eyes.

The Gushing Spring Tier could actually be this powerful?

Not just Ling Han, but also Hu Niu. Neither was at a disadvantage when they faced Bao Xin Ran, and showed perfectly what a monster was, and what a freak was.

"You guys don't know yet, right? He's Ling Han!" someone from the Rain Country declared.

"W-what!? He's Grandmaster Ling, Earth Grade alchemist?!"

"That's right!"

"How could that be?! He looks to be only about sixteen or seventeen years old! Aaaah! I'm really going to go crazy, a young man sixteen or seventeen years old is not only capable of facing a Spiritual Ocean Tier opponent head on, but is also an Earth Grade alchemist!"

"I have always been praised as a genius, but why is it that when I compare myself to him, I feel like an idiot?"

"I'm an idiot too."

"Idiot here as well."

Everyone sighed. At first, they had all felt they were quite capable, always feeling that no matter what, they could still be considered quite powerful amongst the younger generation, but they had only found out now that they were merely ignorant and thought too highly of themselves.

On the other side, Hu Niu had naturally bit her way out of the ice trapping her. However, when she saw Ling Han was currently embroiled in a furious battle with Bao Xin Ran, she had decided not to rush in and join the battle. She had a very strong sensitivity about battles and knew that Ling Han had not displayed his full battle prowess yet, so he was definitely able to win. As a result, she had naturally chosen not to interfere.

Bao Xin Ran was shocked. He was genuinely in the fifth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier and his opponent was clearly only in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, yet the latter possessed battle prowess that was not the slightest bit weaker than his. How could he accept this reality?

What if his opponent also broke through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier? Wouldn't that mean he would be instantly wiped out in a single move?

No, he definitely could not allow such a genius to continue living.

He leaped up, intending to once again activate the flag to freeze Ling Han solid and thus kill him easily.

"You're planning on using the same trick twice?" Ling Han smirked coldly. He had accumulated enough power for Mysterious Three Thousand and was ready to strike at any moment. This powerful move merely needed the time equivalent for three breaths to prepare, and so was very quickly ready.

Bao Xin Ran's hand had already touched the flag. He wanted to pull out the flag and use it as a weapon to sweep at Ling Han. If Ling Han was actually struck in this way, he would first be frozen solid, then shattered by the powerful force of the attack.

That naturally meant a thorough death.

Hong , four flashes of light from the sword shone at the same time. One flash was the real sword, whereas the other three were Sword Qi. Then, they evolved into a total of four hundred sword flashes that blasted towards Bao Xin Ran.

A powerful shock and extreme fear shone from Bao Xin Ran's eyes, and he hurriedly pulled out the flag to parry this attack.

Pu, pu, pu, pu . As the sword flashes washed over without restraint, it produced a world-shaking effect.

Bao Xin Ran stumbled back in retreat. His whole body was covered with wounds and a large number of them were bone-deep, exposing the scary white of his bones. He had completely lost every bit of his previous demeanor.

However, since he was able to parry the Mysterious Three Thousand and not die, he could be considered quite capable.

...The battle flag had blocked a large portion of the attack. Otherwise, he would still be dead.
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