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Chapter 302: Asking Grandmaster Ling to Act
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He'd gone too far. Not only was he chasing them back to the Desolate North, he was actually planning on robbing them as well!

"Grandmaster Cheng, don't you plan on saying anything?" someone asked Cheng Fei Jun. The latter was the organizer of this Martial Arts Tea Party, and now that something like this happened, how could the host simply just stand by and watch?

Since he was pointed out by this person, Cheng Fei Jun could only stand up and say, "Bao Xin Ran, this is the Fallen Moon Gorge and the territory of our Star Brilliance Palace Hall. Is it really proper for you to strut around here?"

"Yi, a Black Grade high level alchemist?" Bao Xin Ran's eyes swept over him, and he could not help but pick at his ear. "It can't be that you're an impostor, right? You don't seem that much older than me, so how could you be a Black Grade high level alchemist?"

He naturally knew what the three silver plaques hanging on Cheng Fei Jun's chest meant.

Cheng Fei Jun's face instantly darkened. Was everyone not taking him to heart anymore now? He humphed and declared, "I am Cheng Fei Jun. Get out of this town immediately. Otherwise, the Star Defense Force will chase you out."

When they heard these words, everyone felt vexed. His head was already being stepped on by another, yet the only thing he could do was make the other leave. How hateful.

"Is that right?" Bao Xin Ran smiled calmly, and casually withdrew a tiny flag which he stuck into the ground. Xiu , the flag suddenly grew as wind blew against it, becoming a huge flag that was ten meters tall.

There was a river drawn on the flag, and pure-white snow surrounded it on all sides. One glance was enough to make one feel cold all over, as if he had entered into a world of ice and snow.

No, no, no. This was not merely a feeling, but was quite real. They could clearly feel that the temperature of their surroundings had dropped considerably, and was still continuing to decrease.

"The Cold Water Sect's flag!" Cheng Fei Jun exclaimed in shock, and his expression turned extremely ugly.

Bao Xin Ran laughed and said, "That's right, my sect is planning to use this land for something, and I hope that Grandmaster Cheng will give us some face. Otherwise, please do not blame my sect for not giving you face!"

Cheng Fei Jun's chest rose and fell sharply, hinting at the internal struggle he was experiencing. In the end, however, he fell down to sit on the ground. He had organized this Martial Arts Tea Party in his own name, and thus it had nothing to do with the Star Brilliance Palace Hall.

As a result, he had no way to bring out the name of the Alchemist's Association. The name of a Black Grade high level alchemist was indeed very awesome, and not even the bigger sects would dare to harm him, but this did not mean that the former definitely had to give him some face.

Bao Xin Ran could completely set him to one side and ignore him, and how could it be that he would dare to run to the Cold Water Sect and voice his objections?

When they saw even Cheng Fei Jun had cowered, everyone felt a sense of hopelessness. Could it be that they, a few thousand people, were going to be robbed by one person? Even if this robber was in the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

They'd have to flee!

Anyways, this guy was only one person. If everyone fled at the same time, how could he be able to stop them all?

"There is no way you can flee." Bao Xin Ran smiled. "This is the flag of my sect, and once it is open, the area within one mile of it will all be sealed. Without my approval, no one would be able to flee. Now, hand over the stuff obediently," he commanded coldly.

He was here under the command of his master to stop the people here from entering the north region and participating in the entrance test for the Winter Moon Sect as the the Cold Water Sect and the Winter Moon Sect were not on good terms. If he was able to weaken the other sect, or even deliberately embarrass them a bit, it would be good.

However, when he arrived, he actually discovered that a large amount of hundred-year-old ginseng and ganoderma had appeared, which instantly made him very happy. He was really going to make a lot of money this time round.

"Grandmaster Ling, we can only depend on you now!" Qi Yong Ye and the others came over and gathered around Ling Han.

"Grandmaster Ling, just beat this guy to death!"

"That's right, that guy is really too despicable!"

There was an Earth Grade alchemist here, and even if it was the sect master of the Cold Water Sect who had personally arrived, he would still have to give some face to Ling Han. Just like how the Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors were still mortals whereas the Flower Blossoming Tier was equivalent to becoming immortal, once an alchemist ascended to Earth Grade, his status would also spike sharply and was not something that a Black Grade high level alchemist would be able to compare to.

Moreover, Ling Han's battle prowess was publicly acknowledged. He had consecutively defeated Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao, so he was practically a monster.

Ling Han could not help but smile and asked, "Didn't you guys want me not to make a move?"

They were all embarrassed now. They had previously hoped that Ling Han would not make a move merely because they had wanted to take the first place in this Martial Arts Tea Party. But now that an outsider had arrived and was sweeping them all over with his superior ability of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, they could only choose to ask Ling Han to suppress him.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were also urging him as well. If Ling Han stepped out at this moment and defeated Bao Xin Ran with an invincible stance, that would be equivalent to confirming his status as the strongest among the younger generation of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North.

They naturally hoped that the man they loved could win such a good name for himself.

Ling Han smiled and stood up. There was nothing else that could be done. Bao Xin Ran wanted to rob them all—this was in a direct conflict with Ling Han's own interests.

Someone wanted to rob his stuff? There was nothing else that needed to be said, he just simply had to kill the robber.

Ling Han's killing intent circulated. This was not the Rain Country that had Rain Emperor there to curb his actions. Moreover, he had now become an Earth Grade alchemist, and in terms of status, he was above the Rain Emperor, so if he wanted to kill someone... who was capable of stopping him?

"You want to rob my stuff?" Ling Han asked as he walked so that he was standing in front of Bao Xin Ran. Hu Niu, meanwhile, was holding onto one corner of Ling Han's shirt and standing on one side. She could not help but bare her teeth. Someone actually wanted rob Ling Han's stuff?

Ling Han was Niu's, so Ling Han's stuff was naturally Niu's too... then what you were robbing was Niu's stuff!

Hu Niu was very angry!

"A piece of trash in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier?" Bao Xin Ran snorted. "Since when could even a piece of trash in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier dare to stand in front of me and speak? Kneel!" He issued a light shout and the sound wave solidified, sweeping towards Ling Han.

He had not cultivated any martial arts technique that was specifically focused on sound attacks, but with his cultivation of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, this shout was like a lion's roar and was completely capable of tearing apart the skin, flesh, blood, and bones of someone in the Gushing Spring Tier.

Xiu , Ling Han had not even moved when Hu Niu did. Her tiny body was like a beam of light that instantly appeared above Bao Xin Ran's head.

Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa. The little girl slapped Bao Xin Ran's face repeatedly.


When they saw this, everyone choked. A five- or six-year-old little girl was madly oppressing Bao Xin Ran. Was this a dream? Only the martial artists from the Rain Country looked proud. Previously, even someone as strong as Yan Tian Zhao was heavily suppressed by Hu Niu, so much that he could only win by using a powerful move. In the end, he was almost scattered and smashed with one slash by Ling Han, though.

This adult and child were definitely monsters among monsters. What more when Ling Han had even become an Earth Grade alchemist by now, which made them only capable of sweating in the face of his ability. He was practically a monster without any limits.

"Ah...!" Bao Xin Ran was stunned by the attack, but immediately came back to himself. He was mighty and overbearing for half the day, but now he was actually slapped in front of everyone's eyes. How humiliating was that?

He quickly waved his fist in a strike at Hu Niu. However, Hu Niu was too fast. With a xiu , she had appeared behind him and launched another series of attacks.

Instantly, Bao Xin Ran's back burst open and blood flew in all directions.

"Damn it! Damn it!" After a few failed attempts at trying to catch Hu Niu, Bao Xin Ran knew that she was far faster than him. He hurriedly leaped to stand next to the flag. Taking hold of it, he shouted loudly, "Cold water is invincible, freezing a thousand miles!"

Hong , a white-colored cold air gushed out from the flag, instantly freezing the area within one hundred feet of it, everything becoming ice cubes.

Ling Han and Hu Niu were not exempted either, and both of them were frozen solid.
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