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Chapter 300: An Elite Cultivator Suddenly Appears
Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Selling ginseng came to an end. The martial arts tea party naturally continued, though quite a few people were still thinking about the hundred year old ginseng and ganoderma. They obviously appeared to be preoccupied, decreasing the excitement at the scene by a whole lot.

Fortunately, Lian Xiu Zhu, Bai Yu Quan, and the others took the field to spar again. Their splendid performance restored a bit of the excitement, winning the frequent cheers of masses; especially when their home country's martial artists saw their own country's genius demonstrating invincible might and beating the talents of other countries, they were hysterically excited.

At last, a total of eight strongest from a single country each arose—Lian Xiu Zhu, Hua Gao Yi, Bai Yu Quan, Yu Xing Huo, Zhong He Guang, Yu Shui Yun, Yuan Lian Shan, and Can Ye.

Zhu Wu Jiu was still a bit unskilled after all with the cultivation of only the fifth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. The only thing he could rely on was Silver Moon Body, while his own talent in martial arts barely qualified. He now only formed two flashes of Sword Qi, and was still a whole segment away from the title of a king.

It just so happened that the Nine Nations of the Desolate North each had one amongst the strongest—except the Cloud Country, making all the martial artists of that country embarrassed; there was no other way, since their skills were below that of others and martial artists spoke based on their strength.

"Ling Han, if you take the field, you alone can beat all eight of them," Liu Yu Tong said in a bad mood. The number one in the Desolate North should be the man she fancied.

"That's right!" On this point, Li Si Chan was naturally in the same trench as Liu Yu Tong.

Hu Niu pat her chest and said, "Niu will fight for Ling Han and take first place!" As she said that, she jumped onto the field, instantly causing Can Ye to turn pale. He'd suffered by the little girl's hands—no one in the Gushing Spring Tier could cope with her speed.

At the time, even Yan Tian Zhao suffered greatly, forcing him to unleash an ultimate move and only winning with his strange threads that bound the little girl.

However, he'd caught the little girl off her guard at that time. Hu Niu's strength had an apparent increase after that event as she was now in the fifth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier—if they were to fight again, the outcome of the battle would be very hard to predict.

No matter if it were Ling Han or Hu Niu, if these two monsters took the field, they would definitely be invincible amongst the Gushing Spring Tier warriors, and even low-level Spiritual Ocean Tier opponents would only be swept away.

Ling Han laughed aloud and said, "Niu Niu, don't scare little Can Ye, can't you see his face is all pale."

Everyone glanced at him and upon confirming it, they couldn't help but laugh one after another—it truly was rare for this young man, who was always indifferent to people, to lose his calm.

Hu Niu was so small and had absolutely no qualms with her actions—even Can Ye would have a headache.

Cheng Fei Jun invited Can Ye and the other seven to come up as he arranged their opponents. It just happened that four advanced from eight, and two advanced from four, and at last the strongest would be decided, consummating the day's martial arts tea party.

"The first will definitely be our Fire Country's Lian Xiu Zhu!"

"Bullsh!t, in front of our Rock Country's Hua Gao Yi, everyone is trash!"

"Shoo, shoo, shoo. With our Wind Country's Bai Yu Quan here, who would stand a single exchange?"

Personal glory was already elevated to a national level, everyone boosted the morale of the geniuses that won from their own country—except Cloud Country where no one came out on top. This made their expressions look terrible.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were very out of sorts. The one that should be in the limelight was Ling Han, and if he entered the fight, who would be his match?

The quarterfinals should originally be carried out one by one, but Zhu Wu Jiu started selling in the middle of the party. This delayed everything a lot, and now the four matches had to be carried out together.

Ping, Ping, Pang, Pang, the eight people split into four groups and started to fight. The scene was extremely intense, instantly attracting everyone's attention, making them cry out from time to time and expressing acclaim for his or her performance.

This trip truly wasn't for nothing, being able to see such splendid fights. Perhaps some of the arrogant and conceited youngsters would lose their haughtiness, realizing that not only their own country had geniuses that one could only look up at—even other countries had them too!

"Hahahaha, the mole crickets of the Desolate North dare to hold a martial arts tea party, absurdly discussing martial arts. Truly laughable!" A sharp voice resounded as a youngster took large strides, approaching with an expression of disdain.

"Who is it!?" Everyone turned their heads, even Can Ye and the other seven stopped their battles.

This person mocked the Desolate North, striking a blow at all of the Nine Countries' people.

The white-clothed youngster was very handsome and his complexion was very delicate, giving people the urge to throw a punch at him—he was quite good at attracting aggro. On his waist hung two swords, which was quite rare.

He took large strides over and said, "The monkeys of the Desolate North, go back from where you came. The north region is not somewhere you can go!"

"Who are you, what does it matter to you?" someone shouted out.

The white-clothed youngster laughed proudly and said, "I forgot to introduce myself, sigh, announcing my name in front of you mole crickets is simply a humiliation for I, Bao Xin Ran! Whatever, I think I won't announce my name."

Pu , many people instantly burst into laughter. You said you wouldn't announce your name but you already announced it, is your head alright?

"The one surnamed Bao, get lost!" Someone snorted. Judging from Bao Xin Rang's tone, he should belong to a force in the north region. For the Desolate North, the north region was the true holy land of martial arts. Therefore, even if Bao Xin Ran spoke rudely, everyone chose to tolerate it somewhat.

Bao Xin Ran picked his ears and said, "Who told me to get lost just now, get out here and let me see. See if I won't shatter all of your teeth!"

"So what if I said it?" A tall and sturdy youngster stood out, his back like a tiger's and waist like a bear's, his height nearing two meters, his skin dark... he looked like a wild bear.


Everyone's vision blurred; they only saw Bao Xin Ran vanish from his spot as a fist smashed onto the "wild bear's" face, directly sending him flying. That tall and sturdy youngster wanted to get up, but halfway, pa , his whole head actually exploded. The headless body instantly lay down again, bleeding all over the ground.

In that moment, a hush fell over the entire place.

However, it was only an instant later that the crowd was burst into anger, wanting to flay and swallow Bao Xin Ran alive. You're strong and so you've won, but was there a need to kill?

"Oops, I hit too hard. I originally planned to just knock out all his teeth. But, whatever, those who insult me deserve to die," Bao Xin Ran said indifferently, then picked his ears again. "Which dreg still wants to fight?"

Everyone was silent. Although that person was only at the Element Gathering Tier, Bao Xin Ran's assault was extremely shocking, since most of the Gushing Spring Tier warriors present were unable to follow the attack with their eyes. If they personally faced it, then it would probably bode more ill than well.

Moreover, this person's attack was ruthless, and under the circumstances when one wasn't sure of success, there truly was no one who dared to rashly go down onto field to fight him.

"Brother Bao, this humble one has come to experience it himself." Zhong He Guang took large strides down onto the field.

"Oh, just you eight were contending over the title of the strongest prodigy of the younger generation? I'm dying of laughter. Mere several mole crickets actually having the delusion of being called first in whatever, simply unaware of what is called number one," Bao Xin Ran said coldly, ridiculing without hesitation.

"Sir, have you had enough!" Zhong He Guang was greatly enraged, taking off the whip curled around his waist.

Bao Xin Ran picked his ears, blew a breath at his finger and said, "How about this, I'll use one finger, and if I can't kill you in three moves, then I'll kneel on the ground and call you grandpa."

Arrogant, truly too arrogant!

Using one finger to go against one of eight great prodigies of the Desolate North? Moreover, killing him within three moves? He utterly looked down on them, and not to mention if he could win or not, killing people at every turn was simply not taking the Nine Nations of the Desolate North seriously, right?
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