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Chapter 298: Selling Ginseng and Ganoderma
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Lian Xiu Zhu and Hua Gao Yi battled fiercely.

The two were at two extremes—one was an expert in fist intent, only one punch back and forth, while the other was magnificent in saber techniques, with infinite changes—who knew how many saber techniques he learned.

One extremely simple and one extremely mixed, yet each could increase battle prowess far beyond one's own tier.

They were both in the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier—although their battle prowess hadn't reached a level so exaggerated as the Spiritual Ocean Tier, it was at least fifteen stars! Normally, it was not bad if one's battle prowess surpassed one's tier by two stars, and having three to four stars could be called a genius, while five to six stars was… definitely a super genius.

In Ling Han's previous life, geniuses that surpassed five stars were considerably rare, but only freaks like Sword Emperor and Heaven Phoenix Divine Maiden could surpass ten stars. However, in this life, Ling Han had already seen several geniuses that surpassed five stars, and there hasn't been anyone with ten stars yet, but that was limited to the Nine Nations of the Desolate North—who knew how many geniuses were left in the north region, which was also the weakest area in martial arts.

No, there was a freak that surpassed ten stars 1 —Hu Niu!

He forgot about the little girl—since she always stuck to his side, he subconsciously forgot her.

After fighting for ten minutes or so, Cheng Fei Jun stopped the battle. He had the mission to find the brightest ones today, so he naturally couldn't watch these two fight till dark.

Under his directions, everyone stepped forward to challenge others. Since the field was large enough, several people carried out fierce battles at the same time. Everyone naturally could see which battles had more value.

There really were a few bright new stars, but it made sense; the Desolate North had a total of Nine Countries, and since the Rain Country had geniuses like Zhao Huan and Can Ye, why would other countries not have geniuses? This was not counting Yan Tian Zhao, Hu Niu, and Feng Yan.

A total of seven people left a deep impression in Ling Han's mind—other than Lian Xiu Zhu and Hua Gao Yi, there were three men and two women: Bai Yu Quan, Yu Xing Huo, Zhong He Guang, Qu Shui Yun, and Yuan Lian Shan, respectively.

Among them, Bai Yu Quan and Yu Shui Yun were the strongest—although they were only at ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, their battle prowess reached sixteen stars, making Ling Han feel as if he saw the young Sword Emperor and Heaven Phoenix Divine Maiden.

Of course, those two were still too inexperienced, and way less freakish than Sword Emperor and Heaven Phoenix Divine Maiden. Moreover, the lower the tier, the easier it was to battle above one's level. If they reached the Flower Blossom Tier and still possessed battle prowess that surpassed five stars, then that would truly be incredible.

Can Ye and Hua Gao Yi fought sparred in the end—while Can Ye had a slight upper hand, if it were a life and death match, then it would be hard to say what the final result would be. Sparring was sparring after all, and no one would truly use his or her ultimate moves.

"Haha, everyone, everyone, stop for a moment. Drink some tea, eat some desserts, and continue sparring afterwards." Cheng Fei Jun stood up again and stopped the sparring monetarily, then had people serve up deserts and the like.

Ling Han gave Zhu Wu Jiu a sign. Zhu Wu Jiu immediately stood up, carrying a large wicker basket on his back, and began to shout, "Selling ginseng and ganoderma, selling ginseng and ganoderma."

Pu , quite a few people immediately burst into laughter. This was a martial arts tea party, and you're actually yelling out and selling things—did you think this is a food market?

Cheng Fei Jun naturally saw Ling Han at the scene, and Zhu Wu Jiu was at the same table as Ling Han, so Cheng Fei Jun subconsciously assumed that Ling Han intentionally had someone stir up trouble. Cheng Fei Jun was infuriated, feeling detest for Ling Han for going against him at every turn.

"Hmph, this is a distinguished marital arts meeting, who dares to start trouble?" Cheng Fei Jun said coldly.

"Selling gingseng and ganoderma! Selling ginseng and ganoderma!" Zhu Wu Jiu paid absolutely no attention to him, simply shouting out loudly.

"Who is this guy daring not to give Master Cheng face publicly?" Many people didn't recognize Zhu Wu Jiu, immediately beginning to ask others.

"Hehe, this is one of our Rain Country's men called Zhu Wu Jiu."

"Zhu Wu Jiu? Is he strong?"

"He's not strong, but the person he follows is impressive… Ling Han, Master Ling!"

"Master Ling?"

"You don't know? Master Ling is an Earth Grade alchemist!"

Quite a few people were instantly stupefied. An Earth Grade alchemist in any country was more kickass than any bigshot. No wonder Zhu Wu Jiu dared not to give Cheng Fei Jun face—he had an Earth Grade alchemist behind him, thus certainly had the capacity to do that.

However, this brought on everyone's curiosity. The quality of the ginseng and ganoderma that this guy was selling shouldn't be too bad, right?

"Come, let me see!" someone immediately said.

Zhu Wu Jiu hurriedly greeted smilingly, opening the wicker basket and handing over a ginseng and a ganoderma.

"Such pure medicinal power!" Everyone seated here was from a large family or a large force, so their judgment naturally wasn't poor; they normally ate such tonic food like ginseng and ganoderma.

From smelling the medicinal fragrance, they knew that this ginseng and ganoderma were extremely aged.

"At least several dozen years of age!" He made a judgment.

Shua , hearing this, many people immediately circled around. They naturally wouldn't care about normal ginseng and ganoderma, but those aged several dozens of years would surprise them; it could largely restore Origin Qi, something of great use.

"No, no!" Someone immediately shook their heads. "This isn't just a hundred years, it's reached the level of hundreds!"

"Certainly!" Many more people expressed agreement.

Hundred-year-old ginseng? Ganoderma?

Everyone immediately revealed an exulted expression, and more people rushed over with intention of buying some.

"Ten Origin Crystals for one." Zhu Wu Jiu quoted a price.

Normally, if a price was not stated, then it meant one Origin Power Crystal as was the customary convention. Ten Origin Crystals—this price was very high since one Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator could only form one Origin Crystal a month— only ten a year 2 .

"I'll offer ten, give me!"

"No, I'll offer twelve, it's mine!"

"I'll offer thirteen!"

Everyone immediately began to fight over the goods. These were good things for nurturing the body and Origin; also, they were good for recovering from hidden injuries, which martial artists commonly suffered on even a daily basis.

"Not auctioning, not auctioning. There are many ginsengs and ganoderma, as long as you have Origin Crystals, you'll have a share!" Zhu Wu Jiu said, face full of smiles.

What the heck, there were many?

This was ginseng and ganoderma, and not cabbage!

"Hey, I want the hundred-year-old ginseng and ganoderma, don't you take a five, six, or ten year one to trick me!" someone immediately said.

"How's that possible, Master Ling's reputation is not enough to assure you?" Zhu Wu Jiu immediately brought up Ling Han—mainly to intimidate them in case someone tried to take it forcefully, wasting time to incite trouble.

As expected, hearing the words 'Master Ling', some who had ill intentions immediately withdrew such thoughts. That was an Earth Grade alchemist, and if he went to his country to express discontent, it was guaranteed that the current emperor would immediately become infuriated.

"Here, everyone, as long as you've paid Origin Crystals, you can check for yourself. If the age is not sufficient, I'll immediately return the payment and gift the ginseng and ganoderma to you! However, that's on the condition you do it before you leave, otherwise, some might intentionally do a switch to deceive me! I don't really care, but Master Ling's reputation can't be tarnished by others!" Zhu Wu Jiu said in a justified manner, intimidating those who still had ill intents.
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