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Chapter 297: Prodigies Battle
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Ling Han naturally wouldn't respond, and if he didn't nudge, Liu Yu Tong and the others naturally wouldn't give Cheng Fei Jun face, either; they simply sat straight up as well.

"Hey, Master Cheng has personally spoken, you guys dare to stay seated and not give any face?" Someone on the side sneered, obviously boot-licking Cheng Fei Jun.

"Do I need to give him face?" Zhu Wu Jiu immediately said. He naturally knew of Cheng Fei Jun and Ling Han's conflict, glaring over at once.

"Great, not only do you not respect Master Cheng, but also publicly humiliate him. Looks like you guys are dead for sure!" That person swept his gaze across each one of their faces, and when he saw Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan's exceeding beauty, he was breathtaken as his eyes involuntarily tensed.

"Shut the hell up!" To the side of that person, someone gave him a big slap on the face. "You moron, do you know who he is? Ling Han, one who just advanced and became an Earth Grade alchemist! If you want to die then die on your own, don't involve us!"

Pu , that person instantly spurted out, and his expression turned dreadfully pale at once.

He and Cheng Fei Jun were total strangers… honestly, he wanted to become acquainted with Cheng Fei Jun, but the latter might not even pay attention to him. Wasn't that why he took this chance to stir things up to boot-lick Cheng Fei Jun and form a relationship with him?

Great, this boot-lick didn't work, and he instead offended an Earth Grade alchemist—wasn't that seeking death?

"Ling... Master Ling, I am blind as a bat, please forgive me!" he hurriedly said in a quivering voice.

Ling Hand waved his hands dismissively, as he naturally wouldn't care about a nobody like that.

That person was as if he'd received a great pardon, hurriedly nodding his head towards Ling Han, but dared not to stay there anymore. After he sat for a short while, he got up and left, afraid that Ling Han would suddenly make him pay his for his rudeness.

"Everyone, today will mainly be tea tasting and discussion of martial arts. Drinking tea and harmony takes first, and as for sparring, stop when meaning is conveyed," Cheng Fei Jun said with a smile, then took out a pill bottle, displaying it all around. "This is Restore Heart Pill that will be rewarded to the one who takes the first place today."

Even a Restore Heart Pill was taken out, who wouldn't give it their best?

"Hahaha, this humble one is Hong Fei from the Rock Country. I am most adept with fist techniques, who wants to spar with me?" A tall and sturdy youngster jumped out first. There was a massive space emptied out for battle within the sunshade area.

"You're fit to use fists?" A lanky youngster walked out, emitting a shocking chilliness. "Showing off fist techniques in front of me, Lian Xiu Zhu... the only road left for you is death!"

"Hmph, are you the only one in this world who can use fists?" Hong Fei said indifferently, naturally not backing down.

"When I become the world's number one, certainly, I will be the only one fit to use fists and others won't be able to tarnish fist techniques!" Lian Xiu Zhu said aggressively.

"What an overconfident guy!"

"He actually said he would become the world's number one!"

"Lian Xiu Zhu? Huh, could it be the Lian Xiu Zhu from the Fire Country?"

"You've heard of him?"

"This person is known for being a fist maniac. It's rumored that he only knows one style of fist technique, which is the most common Black Tiger Tears Heart, and one he cultivated it for dozens of years."

"Pff, are you joking? Just cultivating the Black Tiger Tears Heart? That can't even be called a Yellow Grade technique!"

"It certainly is so, but it's rumored that this person is the number one amongst the younger generation in the Fire Country, defeating all of the Fire Country's elites; even the current Fire Emperor has praised him endlessly, conferring upon him the title 'Fist Marquis.'"

"He's really that strong?"

Everyone cried out. To be able to be acknowledged and praised by the Fire Emperor, and even being conferred the title of marquis upon, Lian Xiu Zhu's strength should be beyond average.

Hong Fei naturally heard it, and a sense of fear arose within him.

Although he was very strong amongst the younger generation, he had no qualifications to attract Rock Emperor's attention, receiving the title of some marquis or count.

"You're not fit to use fists!" Lian Xiu Zhu already launched an attack, a simple Black Tiger Tears Heart that conformed to the norm but boasting a massive and thick wave of Qi, as if a great master of fist technique appeared to perform it.


Although Hong Fei launched his ultimate technique, he was absolutely no match for this fist and was instantly sent flying, lying on the side and coughing out blood.

Very impressive; Hong Fei was at the fifth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, yet he couldn't even parry one fist. Lian Xiu Zhu was certainly strong, living up to the Fire Emperor's evaluation.

"Brother Lian is strong as expected, this humble one wants to consult you." Immediately, a person leapt onto the field. This was a twenty-three or twent-four year old young male; his physique was slender and a long saber hung by his waist, emitting a stunningly acute presence.

Lian Xiu Zhu's eyes lit up and he said, "Since you don't use fists, I can spar with you."

Well, this guy was certainly a fist maniac. If the others used fists, then he would jut sent them flying, but those who didn't use fists could spar with him for a bit.

"This humble one is Hua Gao Yi, also from the Fire Country," this saber user said proudly.

Everyone involuntarily murmured an 'oh,' so he was also from the Fire Country—no wonder he jumped out to spar with Lian Xiu Zhu; now that the Nine Countries martial artists were discussing martial arts, no one wanted their own countrymen to be defeated.

There was no glory in that. right?



Lian Xiu Zhu and Hua Gao Yi immediately carried out a fierce battle. Fist Qi and Saber Qi clashed, and the battle already reached a climax from the very beginning.

As expected, Lian Xiu Zhu only used the Black Tiger Tears Heart back and forth, but he used it with much charm and grace, every punch held a different concept, and its power was shocking.

"Interesting." Ling Han revealed a faint smile.

"How's it interesting?" Liu Yu tong and the others asked one after another—even Guang Yuan wasn't an exception, because he also couldn't see what aspect was interesting.

Ling Han laughed, pointed at Lian Xiu Zhu and said, "He probably cultivates an unusual art that has the effect of raising battle prowess, and the side effect of it is that he can no longer cultivate other skills as they would come in conflict with that art. Thus, he only used the Black Tiger Tears Heart back and forth, yet its concept is changing constantly, and is very miraculous."

"There's such an art?" Everyone was baffled.

"In the vast world, there are naturally all sorts of rare and peculiar arts. Moreover, this person's expertise is in one punch—it just so happens to remedy the weakness of being unable to cultivate other skills. Sometimes, simplistic doesn't mean mediocre," Ling Han said leisurely.

Just like Mo Gao, who was also extremely focused on cultivating the sword and had absolutely not cultivated any sword skills, yet almost realized Sword Heart!

Simplicity never represented mediocrity.

The young man before their eyes had a different way to reach the same result, but he was still very far from sensing Fist Heart, only stepping onto this road.

Can Ye revealed an intense fighting spirit and said, "In a bit, I want to challenge that Hua Gao Yi."

He was also a saber user, and seeing Hua Gao Yi's splendid saber skills, he couldn't help but feel an itch in his heart, only wanting to battle.

Ling Han observed for a while and said, "You will have a chance. Hua Gao Yi's strength is not below Lian Xiu Zhu's, and this battle will probably end in a draw." He also clicked his tongue in wonder; prodigies showed up frequently among this generations youngsters, making him somewhat surprised.
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