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Chapter 295: Two Pieces of News
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Ling Han had already utilized the Star Brilliance Palace Hall's power to investigate the old man surnamed Luo; this man's name was Luo Ji Feng, and he came to the town three years ago, keeping a very low profile as if to live in seclusion here.

Since the man didn't cause trouble, Star Brilliance Palace Hall naturally couldn't chase this person out. At first, they monitored for a while, but after such a long time, they were no longer concerned about him.

During this time, Luo Ji Feng would run to the nearby inn to monitor Ling Han. Of course he thought that he was deeply hidden, but he could never hide from Ling Han's divine sense; it was just that Ling Han simply remained calm and collected.

Ling Han remained calm and collected for so many days because he didn't want to give Luo Ji Feng the chance to attack.

…If he dared to attack publicly at the inn, then it was equivalent to going against the Star Brilliance Palace Hall. Ling Han was now an Earth Grade alchemist, and publicly attacking Ling Han would definitely bring on the storming wrath of the Alchemist Society.

At this time, two great events consecutively happened.

First, in the Nine Nations of the Desolate North, large amounts of people from the young generation walked out from the country's gates, heading toward the Winter Moon Sect.

Ling Han made some inquires and found out that the Winter Moon Sect would open its doors to accept disciples every five years. For the younger generation, joining the Winter Moon Sect meant that they had a chance to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier in the future. Not to mention the young generation flocking like ducks, even the older generations were stirred up, but the Winter Moon Sect only accepted disciples under thirty.

To say the least, even if they couldn't join the Winter Moon Sect, they could still broaden their knowledge—they couldn't always stay foolishly conceited in their countries.

Since the Fallen Moon Gorge was the only way to the north region, large amounts of young martial artists now gathered in the Desolate North. It was said that Cheng Fei Jun personally invited them, organizing a martial arts tea party and discussing martial arts.

For the younger generation, each one arrogantly thought they were the number one in the world, and hearing of this event, they naturally wanted to attend. After all, there would be the younger generation of the Nine Countries, and who wouldn't want to be the best, becoming the number one in the Desolate North?

That would bring them so much fame and face!

On the other hand, Cheng Fei Jun took out a 'Restore Heart Pill' and said that he would give it to the first place of the event as a reward, inciting the passion even more in the youngsters.

The Restore Heart Pill was a holy medicine of healing. It was said that as long as one still had a breath left, they could immediately be healed no matter how heavy their injuries… if not, it could at least keep one alive. For a martial artist, what was more precious than a life-saving medicinal pill?

Thus, for reputation and benefit, many people were naturally attracted.

Secondly, there was suddenly news on the Blue Scale Demonic Fruit, a main ingredient in refining the Restore Spirit Pill that Ling Han persistently searched for.

…The Spirit Treasures Pavilion announced that it was carrying out a large-scale auction, and in the auction, there would be one Blue Scale Demonic Fruit for sale. This was probably also related to the recent gathering of young talents from the Nine Countries, so there naturally wouldn't be lack of those with money.

According to the legends, this spirit medicine grew with the Blue Scale Beast, a Seventh Tier beast, an equivalent of the Spiritual Infant Tier—the harvesting difficulty was extremely large. The Blue Scale Demonic Fruit was the main ingredient in refining the Nurture Spirit Pill, which could heal martial artists' damaged divine sense; its affects were extremely great.

From the Flower Blossom Tier, martial artists began to comprehend heaven and earth and went on a mental journey into the void, which often gave rise to extremely dangerous mirages such as traveling through hell or battling with a terrifying opponent. This could make martial artists lose themselves and become unable to differentiate between dream and reality.

Getting injured in such a dream, a martial artist's divine sense would be injured heavily. For a martial artist, the essence, Qi, and spirit were equally important; if the divine sense was injured, then it would effect the activation of the spirit base in refining Spiritual Qi, and one's cultivation could become stagnant.

In more severe cases, it could result in regression of cultivation—decrease of one's tier. Therefore, Nurture Spirit Pill which could restore the divine sense became extremely precious.

Right, there was also a Spirit Treasures Pavilion here that was of common origin with the one in the Rain Country. Just like the Heaven Medicine's Pavilion, they opened branch stores everywhere. However, Heaven Medicine's Pavilion sold medicine, while the Spirit Treasures Pavilion was primarily in the auction business.

When Ling Han received news, he immediately took a trip to the Spirit Treasures Pavilion, hoping that the other party could offer a price to sell the Blue Scale Beast Fruit directly; after all, he left all his funds at the Ling Family… bringing it here would be useless anyways, since they simply didn't accept the Rain Country's currency.

So, he hoped to buy on credit or something, having confidence that his status of the Earth Grade alchemist would prove that returning money definitely wouldn't be a problem.

However, the manager of the Spirit Treasure's Pavilion expressed regret that they never had a precedent of selling internally, and wouldn't start it, either. The wise way was for Ling Han to prepare more funds before the auction began.

Want to buy a spirit medicine above the Fifth Tier? Sorry, silver was of no use; one needed to use something called "Origin Power Crystal."

Origin Power Crystals were also known as Origin Crystals. It wasn't something of nature; it required a Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artist to extract their own Origin Power and pour it into a special crystal, sealing it with their martial intent. Origin Crystals would then be able to be refined and absorbed by other martial artists to speed up cultivation, even comprehending the martial intent within.

This was a very good supportive cultivation item, and even surpassed most medicinal pills, becoming the favorite amongst martial artists; therefore, it became the common currency in the vast lands.

Of course, different Tier martial artists refined differently valued Origin Power Crystals. The Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors refined the lowest end known as a one star Origin Power Crystal, and one made by a Shattering Void Tier cultivator was naturally of the highest grade, seven stars.

One star Origin Crystal was basically what flowed through the market, and seven stars grade was just like a dream, almost never seen and only appearing in rumors.

After all, which Shattering Void Tier cultivator needed to refine Origin Crystals to make money?

Ling Han was determined to get the Blue Scale Beast Fruit, but a very realistic problem was placed in front of him… he had no money.

To obtain a spirit fruit like this put up for auction, he inevitably needed large amount of Origin Crystals, but Ling Han didn't even have a single Origin Crystal. Even if he turned to pressure Guang Yuan and worked him like a horse to refine it, the auction began in three days; just how much could be produced in that time?

'Yes, Seven Turns Break Crisis Pill can be put up for auction, but who knows how much Origin Crystals it'll be auctioned for; it's insufficient,' Ling Han pondered, and finally decided to attack from different angles, putting up the Seven Turns Break Crisis Pill for auction and selling the medicinal ingredients planted in the Black Tower.

It was mainly the ginseng and the ganoderma.

These were good things for nourishing Origin Qi and their value increased along with their age. Inside the Black Tower, planting it for a year was equivalent to planting it a thousand years, very easily making thousand-year ginseng and thousand-year ganoderma.

Of course, it had only been two months or so since Ling Han opened the Black Tower, so he couldn't have a thousand-year old one; however, a hundred-year ginseng and a hundred-year ganderma were definitely hot consumer goods he didn't have to worry about not being able to sell.

Things that nourished the body and the Origin were loved by everyone. Not to mention those of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier and the Spiritual Infant Tier, even the Shattering Void Tier warriors wouldn't mind eating it often. For example, who could resist a gingseng pheasant stew, something both delicious and nourishing?

Ling Han didn't know how many acres of ginseng and ganoderma he planted, so he didn't care about taking a few acres' worth of them to sell.

Because he didn't want to expose the secret of the Black Tower, Ling Han planned to first return to dig up the ginseng and ganoderma, process it, then take it out; otherwise, if it was directly thrown out of fresh mud, then it would truly cause people's suspicions.

…A spatial tool that could take in living things? F*ck, maybe even a warrior of the Shattering Void Tier would be interested, and at that time even the title of an Earth Grade alchemist couldn't possibly protect him.
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