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Chapter 294: Going Blind
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Xiu , at this time, the old man surnamed Luo reappeared in the alleyway. He originally pretended to leave, but was actually ambushing on the side to see if Ling Han used some strange method to temporarily hide; after all, to indescribably escape underneath the eyes of someone in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier... he wouldn't really believe it.

However, he guarded for so long and finally lost patience, thinking that Ling Han truly ran; otherwise, no matter the concealment method, it shouldn't be able to last for so long, right?

He circled around a few more times in the vicinity, leaving at last.

Ling Han nodded—this old man really left this time.

"Niu Niu, help me keep an eye on that old man, and see where he lives," Ling Han said to Hu Niu. The little girl stayed in the Black Tower when she had nothing to do, because when she wanted to eat, she could, and when she wanted to play, she could act spoiled with Ling Han; besides, the space here was large enough for her to play wildly.

Moreover, this little girl also raised a few wolves and some pigs, but they weren't her friends, but her prey.

Hu Niu instantly became interested and pat her small chest as she said, "Leave it to Niu!"

After the little girl went out of the Black Tower, she tailed the old man, while Ling Han returned to the inn.

Even someone in the Spiritual Ocean Tier could only gape at Hu Niu's speed, and she might not necessarily lose out against another at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so it was safe and there was nothing to worry about. Moreover, who would be suspicious of a five-, six-year-old little girl?

It wouldn't be good for Ling Han to follow, since it might expose Hu Niu. Therefore, he returned to the inn very reassured, leaving the scouting mission to Hu Niu.

In a short while, Hu Niu returned, diving into Ling Han's embrace and saying coyly, "Niu helped Ling Han find where the old man lives."

"Good work!" Ling Han rubbed Hu NIu's head, making her reveal a kitten-like expression, enjoying it greatly.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Chan looked at each other, revealing a worried look. Hu Niu's possessiveness was more intense by the day, and once they approached Ling Han now, the little girl would just hang onto Ling Han and act spoiled shamelessly—anyways, she just wouldn't give them a chance to get close.

Who would've thought, oh, who would've thought that this little girl was their greatest rival.

At night, Ling Han let Hu Niu lead the way, arriving at the northern part of the small town outside the courtyard where the old man surnamed Luo stayed. Of course, they were still very far away; after all, the old man had the cultivation of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

'Let me think, that presence that old man emits gives me a very familiar feeling.' Ling Han propped his chin in his hand. Before when he was inside the Black Tower, observing the old man surnamed Luo, he didn't particularly pay attention, but thinking about it now, the other party's presence was extremely strange.

'Just who was it on that I sensed this before?'

He thought for a while but couldn't remember. Then, patting himself on the head, he said, "That's right, I still have the Eye of Truth!"

The spirit power condensed in the right eye, and instantly, lines of fabric surfaced on the eyeball. In Ling Han's eyes, the courtyard's walls slowly became transparent, and xiu , his gaze penetrated them.

Layer after layer, the entire courtyard became transparent, revealing it all in minute details.


However, when he saw the scene inside, Ling Han was instantly so disgusted that he almost puked out the meal from the previous night. He hurriedly retracted the Eye of Truth as the corner of his lips twitched, feeling as if his view on life was breaking down.

He saw the old man surnamed Luo lying on the ground and sticking his but up while a boy from behind was forcefully… no, just thinking about it once more made him want to puke.

Disgusting, truly freaking disgusting!

Xiu , a figure shot out from the courtyard—it was the old man surnamed Luo.

He was just in the zone, but he suddenly felt a gaze that fixed on him, making him greatly shocked. He hurriedly pulled up his pants and jumped onto the perimeter walls, sweeping his eyes over the surroundings.

Ling Han already brought Hu Niu into the Black Tower, so he naturally couldn't find anything, only thinking that he had blurred vision. He jumped back into the courtyard, and naturally a great battle awaited him there.

"That blinded my freaking eyes!" Ling Han ridiculed. "No, I have to wash it with water, otherwise, I'll have posttraumatic disorder for the rest of my life—how could there be such disgusting deeds?!"

"I must use the Eye of Truth with caution from now on. Such a scene, if seen many times... I'll definitely die young!"

After being disgusted for a while, Ling Han calmed down and thought, 'Strange, why would someone in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier live in seclusion here? Why follow me? I just arrived here, so it's not possible for me to have offended anyone… there's only Cheng Fei Jun.

Huh, could the two be related in some way? Could it be that Cheng Fei Jun's one of this old man's gigolos?

Pah, pah, pah, that damned old man. No, I must slaughter him, or else that 'lovely' scene will always disgust me!'

Ling Han returned to the inn and gave Zhu Wu Jiu a mission… to monitor Cheng Fei Jun.

Zhu Wu Jiu was able to take revenge on his great enemy after he received Ling Han's support and had been eating Ling Han's medicinal pills and worldly delicacies, so he desperately wanted to serve Ling Han. Seeing Ling Han arrange a mission for him, he naturally went gladly.

"Ling Han, your complexion doesn't look too good," Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both said worriedly. Ling Han's expression now was as if he'd been run over by an old hag several hundred times—it was as dark as it could be.

Ling Han waved his hands dismissively and said, "Don't make me remember it!"

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were baffled. They couldn't possibly think of something that could scare Ling Han to this degree.

Staying at the inn for a couple of days, Ling Han didn't go out at all, and instead worked on his foundation.

He was now in the peak period of the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, having the qualifications to charge into the Spiritual Ocean Tier. But the problem was that his time in the Gushing Spring Tier was too short, and refining Demonic Qi and absorbing the Hundred Poison Jade Ointment rapidly increased his cultivation.

His foundation wasn't completely stable, and if he now broke through, it would be disadvantageous when he climbed up to the higher tiers hereafter.

Therefore, Ling Han wasn't in a rush to break through, simply continuing to stabilize cultivation and planning to break through after around two months.

A seventeen-year-old warrior in the Spiritual Ocean Tier was still extremely surprising!

Of course, this was already incomparable to Yan Tian Zhao, or the future Hu Niu—the little girl's potential was truly terrifying.

However, the fact that Yan Tian Zhao could possess the cultivation of the Spiritual Ocean Tier should be related to the devouring art he cultivated… Lady Yan taught Yun Shuang Shuang the subordinate mantra of that art, maybe she also cultivated it and had her cultivation devoured by Yan Tian Zhao?

Otherwise, Ling Han couldn't think of another possibillty for Yan Tian Zhao to reach the Spiritual Ocean Tier within the short amount of days.

However, after that, Yan Tian Zhao's cultivation improvements should be normal; otherwise, it'd only take him several days to advance into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, another several days to break through to the Spiritual Infant Tier, and then immediately enter the Shattering Void Tier.

This world was more complicated than Ling Han had thought, and by many folds at that!

Now was the apex of prosperity in martial arts, all sorts of talents frequently appeared, and if one wanted to reach the top, then one would be bound experience countless rivalries and contend with thousands of prodigies.

After yet another several days, Zhu Wu Jiu finally brought news back, saying that Cheng Fei Jun had come into contact with the old man surnamed Luo as expected!
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