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Chapter 293: Historic Records
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According to the historic records, nine thousand years ago, a calamity befell the vast lands, killing many strong cultivators and resulting in the destruction of martial arts and alchemy legacies. After several hundred years of chaos, the vast lands were finally reconstructed, forming the modern-day layout.

Ling Han saw his own name in the records. In his previous life, he was also known as the Grandmaster of alchemy, innovating the Three Fire Guide technique, which sadly seemed to have been lost.

However, his two disciple's names that learned alchemy from him weren't in the historic records.

Not only them, but also Jiang Yue Feng, and Cheng Rui Jing, the two martial arts disciples were not mentioned, as if they never appeared in this world. Moreover, Ling Han didn't see Sword Emperor and Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden's biographies.

Before, he thought Sword Emperor and Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden were strong, but now thinking about it, their sect masters were probably titans that were terrifyingly shocking… Asura Demon Emperor recognized the Three Styles of Black Origin, and kept crying out Heaven's Sword Sect this and that.

Asura Demon Emperor came from the divine plane, so Heaven's Sword Palace should be a force in the god realm. With a sword art like the Three Styles of Black Origin in the Heaven's Sword Sect, could it be assumed that Heaven's Sword Sect was Heaven's Sword Palace's branch in the vast lands?

If this assumption was correct, then Sword Emperor should have at least found the way to break through to the Shattering Void Tier, even advancing further and ascending to the divine plane.

Then, Sword Emperor should have been a dazzling figure in the world, shining over an entire generation, so how could there not have been even half a record?

It truly made him unable to understand.

The huge chaos nine thousand years ago, could it have been caused by besieging that Shattering Void Tier warrior by Jiang Yue Feng and the others? However, if Heaven's Sword Sect could communicate with the divine plane, would it have turned out so tragically to the point of using the lives of several hundreds of Heaven Tier warriors for suppression?

Ling Han placed the ancient record down and started rummaging through the geography section, and the layout of different forces.

The strongest in the north region was only the Spiritual Infant Tier, and setting this aside for now, the other three regions—south, east, and west—were slightly stronger, boasting Heaven Tier cultivators; the amount was quite a lot—at least in the open, every city had ten or so such strong cultivators that far surpassed Ling Han's previous life's power.

'Could it be that in my previous life, I was born in the twilight of a martial arts age, so that in the entire world there were only seven Heaven Tier cultivators, and counting in a force like Heaven's Sword Sect, the amount of Heaven Tier warriors couldn't possibly be that many, right?

However, only after several hundred years, martial arts welcomed an explosive prosperous age, and at least several hundred Heaven Tier warriors were born, fight a Shattering Void Tier opponent desperately to death.

And now, another golden age of martial arts has come, with large amounts of Heaven Tier warriors appearing. Could it be… that another massive calamity is coming?'

Ling Han rubbed his nose and continued reading on.

The middle state was the strongest in martial arts ability, and it was said that there were Shattering Void Tier warriors protecting it!

If it was when Ling Han was just reborn, he would definitely have cried out, 'sh!t, a living Shattering Void Tier warrior actually appeared!'. However, he even saw a living god spirit, so someone in the Shattering Void Tier seemed not to be much.

As to how many Shattering Void Tier warriors were in the middle state, no one knew, but Ling Han found the records of the Heaven's Sword Sect.

This force was one of the strongest sects in the middle state, boasting Shattering Void Tier warriors.

This Heaven's Sword Sect... was it that Heaven's Sword Sect from his previous life?

Ling Han felt that it should be. So, if he could go to the Heaven's Sword Sect to read through the ancient records, then he would definitely be able to find the beginning and end of that chaos nine thousand years ago.

'However, this sect doesn't seem to accept disciples, otherwise I could blend in with the Black Tower's cover, and with Blood Sucking Origin Gold, I could enter any treasure vault and open any lock.

And, Cloud Phoenix Sect that Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was in is also erected in the middle state, same goes with Setting Sun Saber Emperor's Absolute Saber Sect.

Yes, after my tier is a bit higher, I must go check out the middle state.'

After Ling Han flipped through for a while, he got up and left.

He solved a few of his doubts, but the unsolved mysteries increased in numbers, making him feel very gloomy.

Ling Han inquired the information on the remaining three ingredients of Restore Spirit Pill, but the Star Brilliance Palace Hall didn't have them as expected. These three ingredients were all Earth Grade materials, so it was normal for the Star Brilliance Palace Hall not to have them. After all, this was just the headquarters of Heaven's Medicine Pavilion in the Nine Nations of the Desolate North.

It was almost certain that if he went to a large city in the heart of the Desolate North, then the Heaven's Medicine Pavilion there would definitely have those three medicinal ingredients.

Ling Han left the Star Brilliance Palace Hall and walked towards the inn, but he soon felt a shred of unease.

Someone was tailing him!

Ling Han was immediately certain; he had the Heaven Tier divine sense, which was extremely keen. After being stared at a few times, he naturally would feel a reaction.

However, he temporarily didn't know who followed him.

Ling Han remained calm and collected, starting to walk towards a place where there were fewer streams of people. After walking for half an hour, he arrived at a turn and his figure flashed, entering the Black Tower.

Soon after, an old man's figure appeared. He stood next to the corner of the turn, looking afar as his expression revealed a hint of doubt.

He was obviously the old man surnamed Luo from yesterday. Due to the Strange Fire's importance, he started moving on the second day, watching Ling Han's movements to find a chance to make a move.

It originally went well, as Ling Han actually walked towards a place where there were fewer people. It was practically creating a chance for him, but never did he think that this boy would actually vanish after making a turn into the alleyway.

Where'd he run off to?

The old man surnamed Luo revealed a doubtful expression, because he had the confidence that with the cultivation of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, it was impossible for Ling Han to discover him. However, the other party disappeared without a trace, meaning that the other party had already taken notice.

This child was strange as expected, and not to be underestimated.

He circled in place for a long while, wanting to find the secret behind Ling Han's sudden disappearance, but in the end, he could only shake his head, leaping away.

Ling Han didn't appear, but looked at the Strange Fire inside the Black Tower. Now the fusion of the two balls of Strange Fire was nearing the end, and at most, it would be completed in half an hour.

He waited patiently; as expected, without half an hour's time, a crimson flame flew over and spun around him, sending a thought, "Yiyaya."

"Ling, Ling han!" However, after a short while, the Strange Fire suddenly sent another spiritual thought.

Ling Han was surprised, the Strange Fire could actually speak?

No wonder the Strange Fire wanted to devour and merge with other Strange Fires—they became stronger this way in not only the flames' power, but also in intellect.

"Hehe, you can actually speak... then you can't stay in my hand from now on, otherwise my privacy will all be seen by you." Ling Han laughed.

The Strange Fire jumped onto his shoulder, yet it oddly didn't set his clothes on fire; first, it was because the Strange Fire had sufficient control, and second, it was within the Black Tower's space, so Ling Han was in control of everything here. It said, "I want a name too."

"You want a name too?" Ling Han scratched his head, and said, "Naming isn't my strength, but since there's already Small Tower, you can be called Small Fire."

"Small Fire, I'm Small Fire." Strange Fire didn't seem to mind, and seemed to be extremely happy after receiving a name, starting to jump on Ling Han's shoulder.
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