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Chapter 292: Thousand Corpse Sect Reappears
Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Cheng Fei Jun didn't look a second time, still kneeling on the ground as he said, "This subordinate has made a grave mistake, please punish me Lord Luo!"

"What mistake did you make?" The old man surnamed Luo was still taking his time drinking the tea.

Cheng Fei Jun clenched his teeth and said, "This subordinate's Strange Fire has been taken!"


The old man surnamed Luo almost spurted out a mouthful of tea. He stood up abruptly and said sternly, "You do know just how many resources and people it cost this sect to get you that Strange Fire? You do know just how many elders moved out and what it cost them to drive that Strange Fire into you?

"This subordinate knows, but this subordinate really had no way out!" Cheng Fei Jun said with a lamenting expression.

"What exactly happened, tell this old man from beginning to end, don't hide a sliver." The old man surnamed Luo calmed down.

"Yes! Yes!" Cheng Fei Jun hurriedly spoke about the bet he made with Ling Han, but he naturally watered down Cheng Kai Fu's arrogance, and instead claimed Ling Han had long had his attention on his Strange Fire and schemed against him, resulting in the conflict with Cheng Kai Fu to bait him into making the bet.

The old man surnamed Luo listened quietly without saying a word until Chen Kai Fu finished, then he said, "You're saying that he took your Strange Fire in the short amount of time that you were unconscious?"

"That's right!" Cheng Fei Jun hurriedly nodded. "This subordinate naturally knows the importance of Strange Fire, which relates to lord sect master's great plan to seize the Star Brilliance Palace Hall in this land. Even if this subordinate were torn limb from limb by five horses, this subordinate would never give away the Strange Fire."

The old man surnamed Luo didn't take the vehement expression at the end to heart; he revealed a contemplative expression, and said, "This person is the same as you, only in the Gushing Spring Tier?"

"Not only is he in the Gushing Spring Tier, but also just at the first layer," Cheng Fei Jun hurriedly added.

"Are you a good-for-nothing? You are at the seventh layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, yet you can't even beat one in the first layer, hmph!" The old man surnamed Luo stared fiercely at Cheng Fei Jun, and then closed his eyes for a while. "According to what you've said, this youngster is extremely strange, actually capable of becoming an Earth Grade alchemist at such a young age."

Cheng Fei Jun's expression was slightly weird, because he said Ling Han advanced into the Earth Grade, but didn't describe the ease with which Ling Han refined the pills… not only did a little girl cause inconvenience, he also barbequed meat on the side—simply heaven-defying.

Ling Han was definitely not a normal low level Earth Grade alchemist. His true level probably shot to high level Earth Grade, and precisely because of this, the three Earth Grade alchemists respected Ling Han like a god.

In the alchemy world, one whose skills were better was superior, garnering the respect of all others.

But if he were to say this, maybe the old man surnamed Luo would think about recruiting Ling Han? How would he take revenge on Ling Han for killing his brother, then?

He had to be selfish.

The old man surnamed Luo knocked lightly on the table and said, "This child not only has surprisingly talent in alchemy, but also has the battle prowess that far surpasses his own Tier. This old man will personally move out to capture this child. Without the Strange Fire, you have no chance to control the Starlight Hall here, and lord sect master's plan can't ever fail in the hands of a junior."

Cheng Fei Jun was exulted. Ling Han also had the Strange Fire, so would that mean he would be able to get two Strange Fires in days to come? His level in alchemy would definitely improve. At this rate, not only could he take revenge for his brother, but he could also personally receive gains, naturally having the best of both worlds.

"Thank you lord!" he hurriedly said.

"Rise." The old man surnamed Luo lifted his hand. "These few days, don't run into conflict with that kid, lest you arouse his vigilance. This old man will act as soon as possible in case of a future hitch."

Cheng Fei Jun finally dared to stand and said," This subordinate will do as you bid."

"And, this old man received news that many of the younger generation from the Nine Nations of the Desolate North are on the move, planning to go to the Winter Moon Sect to attend their once-in-five years disciple recruitment meeting. There should be many good seedlings from these youngsters, and this old man wants you to think of a way to make them stay. Observe as much as you can, and pick out the most worthy talents. This old man will personally come out and bring them into the sect," the old man surnamed Luo commanded.

"Yes, this subordinate will definitely settle things soundly!" Cheng Fei Jun said respectfully again.

"Go!" The old man surnamed waved his hands dismissively, obvious displeasure on his face.

Cheng Fei Jun didn't dare say anything, hurriedly turning to leave. The child closed the door in passing after he left and returned to the main lobby, still wearing a blank epression.

"The great plan is about to succeed, just waiting for the assassination of Yong Long Zhang and the other two old trolls. With Cheng Fei Jun's prospects, he could control the Starlight Hall and execute lord sect master's plans, releasing the altered medicinal pill with added Corpse Qi, making the nine countries' martial artists refine themselves into corpse soldiers.

These corpse soldiers will first devour countless mortals' flesh and blood, and battle and devour each other, as if breeding venomous insect 1 . At last, the one that is left will be the Corpse King, becoming a strong supportive power for us, the Thousand Corpse Sect.

Damn it, at a time like this a junior actually ran out, obstructing lord sect master's plans!

Hmph, this boy cannot remain. This old man will personally move out tomorrow to take him down, forcing out the Strange Fire! Cheng Fei Jun that good-for-nothing, even having his Strange Fire taken in the Starlight Hall, what a true idiot!

Whatever, this boy named Ling Han already became an Earth Grade alchemist, he needs to be eliminated; otherwise, it will definitely affect lord sect master's plans."

After the old man surnamed Luo finished muttering to himself, he moved his gaze onto the boy on the side. A strange color surfaced in his gaze as he licked his lips like a snake and said, "My darling, the night grows late, we should go to bed."

Hearing those words, the boy immediately revealed a vicious expression. He picked up the old man surnamed Luo, pressed him onto the table, and said fiercely, "Old b!tch, just watch how I'll f*ck you up!"

The old man surnamed Luo was face full of agitation, and without any resistance, he stuck up his butt—that scene… was so beautiful that none would dare to look!


After a day, Ling Han went to the Starlight Hall; he wanted to research some information.

He wasn't sure about martial arts, but alchemy definitely was an incomplete legacy. The Starlight Hall should have some historic records on alchemy—Ling Han wanted to check them out to see just why was the legacy incomplete and how it happened.

Moreover, he also wanted to know about that Shattering Void Tier warrior, and just what brought on the siege of Jiang Yue Feng and several hundreds of Heaven Tier warriors—just what exactly was hidden behind that event?

Although he hadn't received a certificate, everyone one at the Starlight Hall treated him as an Earth Grade alchemist; he wanted to research the historic materials, and who was going to stop him?

He entered the library building, which had seven massive bookshelves filled with all sorts of information.

Ling Han started to flip through the books, searching for what he wanted.

Very quickly he frowned, because all detailed records of history started from eight thousand years or so ago.

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