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Chapter 290: Pill Formed
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If mentioned, this would definitely shock or even crack people up.

Who would suddenly start a barbeque when refining a pill?

Everyone couldn't get their heads around it all of a sudden; their faces convulsed as if slapped seventeen, eighteen times; they were in a total state of chaos, their view of life and the world collapsed.

The scariest thing was that the pill furnace actually still didn't explode!

That was an Earth Grade medicinal pill!

Naturally, the higher the level of the medicinal pill, the scarier the power it contained. If the control of the heat was jut a tiny bit off in carelessness, then it would immediately cause the furnace to explode, forming a terrifying great explosion.

Even an alchemy Big Boss like Long Yong Zhang would definitely not do a single thing for the previous three days before refining an Earth Grade medicinal pill, meditating everyday to calm his mind and adjust his status to most optimal—only then would he begin refining so as to increase the success rate.

But Ling Han?

Not only was a little girl stuck to him, behaving like a spoiled kid, but he also freed up one hand to start a barbeque! People couldn't accept the fact that the furnace hadn't exploded yet even more!

Was this real?

Could it be… as they thought of one possibility, everyone involuntarily shivered and looked towards the three alchemy bigshots. Could it be that Ling Han's ability in alchemy was above these three?

Not only above these three, but also far beyond them. That was why he did as he pleased, and was so inattentive.

From their perspective, it was an impossibly large task, but from Ling Han's perspective, this was just raising his hands and moving his legs.

The difference! This was the difference!

Everyone was so agitated their scalps went numb, yet they were also so shocked that they wanted to cry.

Today, this scene was enough for them to boast for a lifetime… Hey, hey, hey, have you seen someone who refined an Earth Grade medicinal pill whilst barbequing? I have! Don't you freaking not believe it, when I saw it, I almost pissed myself.

A seventeen-year-old youngster who was so slick with medicinal pills... just thinking of Ling Han's age, did these old guys have the face to see people? They'd really rather die from being run over.

Cheng Fei Jun's arms and legs started to turn cold and his body shivered. My god, what kind of alchemy freak did he encounter!

He had confidence to rush into the Earth Grade in the future, but high level Earth Grade at most would be his limit. However, seeing Ling Han so relaxed with a careless attitude, the only thing that would cause complications for Ling Han as an alchemist was probably the heat limit.

While the heat limit depended upon one's cultivation level, as long as Ling Han advanced into the Spiritual Ocean Tier, and at most the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, then he would be able to resolve that problem… an alchemy genius like this could casually refine some pills for one to indulge, breaking through martial arts tier would be easy, wouldn't it?

Moreover, if the Strange Fire in his hand was fused, Ling Han might be able to refine a medium level Earth Grade medicinal pill!

He actually made a bet with such a freak?

'I fell for it! I fell for it! This demon! Demon!'

In the pill refining room, the barbeque was soon ready. Ling Han shared a piece with Hu Niu, and he took one piece to eat.


"Yes, not bad."

One adult and one child, eating happily a pig raised on low-level spirit medicine. The deliciousness of the pork was definitely a world-class delicacy, such that, even separated by a layer of crystal wall, the people outside could smell the alluring fragrance, involuntarily swallowing their saliva.

After discovering their own "unseemliness," everyone was both embarrassed and impressed; there was only ever the person refining pill laboriously in the pill refining room, and the people outside eating and drinking, watching at ease.

How come it was now the opposite?

The problem was that Ling Han ate and refined the pill, yet the pill furnace still hadn't exploded.

It turned out refining pills could be this relaxed? Was this really freaking refining an Earth Grade medicinal pill?

Quite a few people felt like they were going crazy, covering their head with both hands; now, their worldview was completely destroyed.

Only after seven hours did Ling Han's expression turn solemn. Xiu, xiu, xiu , in his palm, three different-colored flames burst fiercely, and at the same time, his fingers formed fast and complex finger seals, pressing and pointing on the furnace.

"Three Fire Guide!" The three alchemy bigshots had extensive knowledge as expected, immediately recognizing it. They were so shocked that their old faces lost composure, and their brows and beard twisted.

Ling Han reatracted his hand and patted the furnace lightly. With a hum, the furnace lid instantly flew up. Xiu , a crimson red medicinal pill flew out as if it had life, fleeing in the air. However, the pill refining room was blocked in all directions, with no way of escaping.

"An Earth Grade medicinal pill communicates with the natural spirits, escaping soon after it forms!"

"This means…"

"Pill's formed!"

Everyone cried out; only an Earth Grade medicinal pill would fly after coming out of the furnace, this was the clearest evidence, and there was absolutely no need to verify. Now, the question was just how many stars this Seven Turns Break Crisis Pill was.

Hu Niu dove and caught the medicinal pill, grabbing onto it her oily small hands. Looking on, everyone almost cursed at her.

…That was a Seven Turns Break Crisis Pill, and it was invaluable—you grabbing it with dirty hands could destroy the medicinal affect!

"Xixi!" Hu Niu laughed nonstop, because this medicinal pill still wanted to escape her hands and rammed continuously in her little hands, making her find it extremely fun.

Ling Han took out a jade bottle, and after he waited for the medicinal pill's heat to cool down, he let Hu Niu toss it in. The furnace temperature had already subsided and the medicinal pill lost its resonance with heaven and earth, returning to normal.

After all, it wasn't a living being.

Ling Han took the jade bottle, walked out the pill refining room, tossed it at Long Yong Zhang and said, "Will the three of you please verify."

Most of the people's gazes followed the pill bottle, but a few people looked towards the pill refining room. There was still a chunk of remaining barbeque. However, when they took a glance, they instantly felt so angry as if spouting blood... because it was impossible for Hu Niu to waste food—she held a piece in each hand, eating with great pleasure.

How could this little girl eat so much?

Long Yong Zhang and the other alchemy bigshots began to inspect the Seven Turns Break Crisis Pill. Very soon, they revealed shocked expressions as their brows twitched, staying silent for a long time.

Seeing this, everyone felt strange.

"Three masters, could it be that this Seven Turns Break Crisis pill is a failure?" someone asked.

Long Yong Zhang sighed, and said, "It didn't fail, but… its quality is too high!"

"Thirteen tars, even fourteen stars!" Yun Xing Xian followed.


Everyone spurted out again.

What, thirteen stars, even fourteen stars? No kidding!

If one wanted to refine a medicinal pill surpassing ten stars, then it had to be a high level alchemist refining a low level medicinal pill. Ling Han was only taking the test for the low level Earth Grade but he refined a medicinal pill that surpassed ten stars—what concept was this?

His true abilities… surpassed low-level Earth Grade!

In other words, if the heat limit was unlocked, he would be able to smoothly refine a medium level Earth Grade medicinal pill.


However, Long Yong Zhang and the other alchemists thought of even more... because earlier, Ling Han refined and barbequed at the same time, yet was still able to refine a thirteen stars, even fourteen stars medicinal pill—was this doable for a medium level Earth Grade alchemist?

At least high-level Earth Grade... no, no, no, it should be… the Heaven Grade!


Heaven Grade alchemy master—not even one could be found in the entire north region!
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