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Chapter 285: Kill
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Ling Han naturally wouldn't care; a dignified high level Black Grade alchemist came to the Star Brilliance Palace Hall, would he still need to be afraid of anyone?

"You…" Cheng Kai Fu saw Ling Han right away; instantly, all the old grudges and new hatreds welled up in his heart. He wanted to point at Ling Han, but his right arm had just been reconnected, so there was no way he could raise it. He frowned in pain, and was forced to raise his left hand to point it at Ling Han. "Such nerve, this young master was just about to find you, yet you sent yourself to my doorstep!"

Ling Han frowned, and said, "Move your hand, I hate it the most when others point their finger at me."

"Hahahaha, your life will soon be over, why worry about other things?" Cheng Kai Fu snorted, and snapped his fingers—the ten people from the Star Defense Force instantly surrounded Ling Han.

Zhu He Xin was suddenly infuriated, took a step forward, and said, "What are you guys trying to do?"

"Low level Black Grade alchemist?" Cheng Kai Fu looked at Zhu He Xin's silver badge on the chest, revealing a sudden realization. "No wonder you dared to go against this young master, so you have a low level Black Grade alchemist as backup! Pei, but do you know who this young master is?"

Ling Han patted Zhu He Xin on the shoulder, signaling him to let him talk. Ling Han said with a smile, "I truly don't know who the heck you are."

"Hmph, cutting off one of this young master's arm, even with a low level Black Grade alchemist, this young master will still kill you!" Cheng Kai Fu said in a stern voice. He had never received such great humiliation, not only having his life threatened, but also having an arm severed.

Luckily, he possessed countless high-level medicinal pills that helped reconnect his severed arm; otherwise, he definitely would hate Ling Han to point of annihilating all nine generations.

"Kill! Kill those two!" He pointed at Ling Han and Zhu He Xin; seeing Ling Han piggybacking Hu Niu, he immediately added, "And this damn little girl!"

"Young Master Fu!" Some people in Star Defense Force hesitated; there was a low level Black Grade alchemist after all, and they didn't dare to be rash.

"Hmph, my older brother is a high level Black Grade alchemist, what's to be afraid of!" Cheng Kai Fu said with his head held high.

Ling Han and Zhu He Xin both came to a realization—it was no wonder this guy dared to be so rampant; he had a high level Black Grade alchemist as his older brother.

In the Nine Nations of the Desolate North, a high level Black Grade alchemist was Big Boss of alchemy, certainly very kickass.

However, the only kickass one was his older brother, and not he!

"From the looks of his age, his older brother should be around thirty or so, certainly having some talent," Ling Han said to Zhu He Xin. Although alchemy was like martial arts, the earlier the stage the faster the improvement, but a thirty year-old high level Black Grade alchemist was still extremely shocking.

Zhu He Xin pondered and said, "The one surnamed Cheng… could it be Cheng Fei Jun? He certainly is a genius of alchemy. Based off what this old man knows, he became a low level Black Grade alchemist seven years ago. At that time, he was only twenty-three, and two years ago, he advanced to medium level Black Grade; although it was publicly acknowledged that he definitely could become a high level Black Grade alchemist, he rose in rank in only two years, truly unexpected."

"A thirty year old high level Black Grade alchemist, its too shocking!" He sighed deeply, then looked at Ling Han, and couldn't help but laugh; in comparison, this guy was even more freakish.

Ling Han immediately guessed, "Cheng Fei Jun probably had nature-defying luck, acquiring a Strange Fire. Otherwise, he definitely couldn't have only become a medium level Black Grade in five years, but advance to high level in two years."

"Young Master Han is right." Zhu He Xing nodded in agreement.

"You, guys!" Cheng Kai Fu stamped his foot in anger; these two people actually started talking on their own and completely ignored him, too infuriating. "Kill! Kill them!"

Seeing the Star Defense Force's people ready for action, Ling Han laughed. "Say, who the hell are you, huh? What gives you the right to order the Star Defense Force? Are you a low level or high level Black Grade alchemist? Old Zhu, you are a genuine low level Black Grade alchemist, so this Star Defense Force should listen to you, right?

Zhu He Xin then said, "I am Zhu He Xin, and I order you guys to withdraw immediately!"

He was rather imposing, and under his glare and shout, the people of the Star Defense Force involuntarily retreated a few steps. After all, money for their meals was given by alchemists, so they shouldn't turn to bite their masters, right?

"What's there to be proud of. My older brother is Cheng Fei Jun, and if he saw my older brother, he would have to step to the side and call him master!"

Under his urging and shouting, the Star Defense Force took another step forward, on the verge to attack.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "I originally wanted to give you a chance, but since you don't know how to cherish, I'll have to kill you!" He sighed. He actually wanted to kill this vile young master earlier, but held back for the sake of the farmers who implored him—he didn't want them to suffer from being implicated.

Now that Cheng Kai Fu was seeking his own death, he wouldn't be lenient.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Cheng Kai Fu shouted sternly.

The ten people of the Star Defense Force finally attacked Ling Han and Zhu He Xin. However, Zhu He Xing still had the title of a low level Black Grade alchemist, so the Star Defense Force unleashed most of their attacks toward Ling Han.

Hu Niu? Never seeing her fight, who would put such a little girl in their eyes.

They were obviously wrong.

Seeing that they attacked Ling Han, Hu Niu instantly burst with viciousness. Xiu , she pounced out, as if turning into a stream of light. Pa, pa, pa, her claws waved continuously, producing flashes of blood.

Tragic screams resounded successively—the members of the Star Defense Force fell on to the ground one by one, heavily injured by Hu Niu. Luckily, while the little girl's viciousness was still going strong, her killing instinct was greatly diminished; she only attacked heavily without killing them, so these members of the Star Defense Force were still alive.

"W-what!?" Cheng Kai Fu expression was filled with shock and disbelief. He knew that Hu Niu was a bit strong, but it was still largely unexpected that she was strong enough to fight one-vs-ten.

He hurriedly took to his heels. Behind him was the Star Brilliance Palace Hall, and many strong cultivators kept watch inside. A few of them could easily suppress everyone, he just had to ask one randomly. Normally, he couldn't order these people, but now Ling Han fought at the Star Brilliance Palace Hall's doorstep, so these strong cultivators weren't jut going to sit by and watch.

However, as he began to move, he saw a man blocking him.

It was Ling Han.

"Someone like you living in the world is just wasting food, go to hell!" Ling Han's was boiling with murderous intent.

"Hehe, youngster, don't run on such a short fuse, talk it out." An amiable voice called out. A fat ball-like middle-aged man walked out from the large palace hall, actually looking the same in width and height.

"Captain Meng, quickly help me kill him!" Cheng Kai Fu shouted hurriedly.

"Meng Mao Cai?" Zhu He Xin swept a glance and interjected, "This child is not one from the Star Brilliance Palace Hall, since when can he order the Star Defense Force?"

"Master Zhu." The fatty nodded slightly towards Zhu He Xin, and then said with a wry smile, "He is Master Cheng's blood-related younger brother, even I have to give some face. However, I have to give Master Zhu face as well. How about this, everyone put down their sabers and swords, sit down and talk it out—peace breeds well."
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