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Chapter 283: Hound to Death
Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Hu Niu jumped out and leaned on Ling Han's back. Her small face was full of excitement—she hadn't fought for long time, which made her feel uncomfortable.

"Young Master Fu, please! Please!" Seeing the youngster in embroidered clothes about to leave, the farmers chased crawling on their knees one after another; some blocked his front, and two hugged his legs.

The youngster in embroidered clothes instantly revealed an expression of extreme disdain, flicking his legs and sending the two who hugged his legs flying. With a resentful face, he said, "Contemptible things, you dare to touch this young master with dirty hands? Beat them!"

The two servants immediately started to move, rolling up their sleeves. They were about to catch the two that were sent flying.

"Pa! Pa!" A young child ran out and dove onto one of the farmers' body, turning to say, "I won't allow you to beat my pa!"

The two servants halted slightly, but the youngster in embroidered clothes snorted and said," What, you two can't even win against a child?" This made the two instantly shiver, hurriedly breaking into a run again.

"Brute, not even letting children go!"

"Fight it out with him!"

"We're going to starve to death anyways, why not kill him? A life for a life!"

Hearing what the youngster embroidered clothing said, the farmers' fierce nature was completely incited; since they weren't given a way out, then other than putting up a desperate fight, what else could they do?

However, in front of someone in the Gushing Spring Tier, no matter how strong their will to fight to the death was, it would be useless.

"Such an arrogant child!" Guang Yuan spoke out in a coldly.

The youngster in embroidered clothing turned and saw Guang Yuan. Filled with ferocity, apparently not a member of a large sect or family, his attire was extremely garish and presence strong. Obviously, the other party was a lone martial artist.

He turned around and said, "Such foolish audacity, actually daring to insult this young master! A mutt from the Nine Nations of the Desolate North that thinks himself strong and able to run amuck in the world? Bullsh!t, let this young master teach you how to be a proper mutt—tuck your tail in!"

"Such a cheap mouth needs a beating!" Guang Yuan snorted, taking large strides forward.

"This young master is Cheng Kai Fu, you dare touch a single— ah!" The youngster in embroidered clothing thought to threaten Guang Yuan a little, but didn't expect to be slapped onto the ground by Guang Yuan; it was so painful that he couldn't continue the words that came after.

Unless the youngster had Ling Han's ability, it was only a given that someone in the Gushing Spring Tier would end up like this when facing an opponent in the Spiritual Ocean Tier!

Seeing this youngster called Cheng Kai Fu slapped to the ground, quite a few farmers instantly started crying out, all of a sudden harboring a favorable impression towards Guang Yuan.

"You actually dare to hit this young master?" Cheng Kai Fu crawled up with a face full of dirt, appearing extremely disorderly. His expression was like that of a cannibal, greatly revealing his viciousness.

Pa , Guang Yuan threw another slap and sent Cheng Kai Fu sprawling onto the ground again. This was Guang Yuan holding back; otherwise, a Spiritual Infant Tier warrior's attack could have killed him in one hit.

"This lord, please show mercy!" A middle-aged farmer pleaded with Guang Yuan.

Guang Yuan was startled, and then said, "He's hounding you guys to death and you actually plead for him?

"Young master Fu is an important person who won't argue with us," the farmer said. "This lord, please let young master Fu go, we'll plead with young master Fu again. Young master Fu will definitely show magnanimity of an important person, giving us a way out."

This was the standard servant behavior; even having been forced to destruction, they still held an unreal delusion.

It had to be said that there was a big market for such delusions, immediately moving many people. They were just farmers and not warriors, picking up the hoe to fight after being hotheaded all of a sudden; now that they were blown by a cold wind, their courage disappeared without a trace.

"This lord, please let go of young master Fu!" Several farmers knelt down, pleading for Cheng Kai Fu.

Guang Yuan only felt like his chest was about to explode, feeling furious for these people who weren't willing to put up a fight. He let them be, turning around directly to leave—out of sight and out of mind.

"Hahahaha, you know that you're meddling in other people's business now? Cheng Kai Fu climbed up, staring at Guang Yuan's back, and said threateningly, "Still want to leave after hitting this young master? Not so easy!" He pointed at Ling Han and the others, and said, "You're all with him, right? Hehe, this lord has remembered you all!"

Ling Han shook his head and laughed. "Where do you get the sense of superiority, has water gotten inside your brain?"

Hu Niu bared her teeth; she would never let off those who dared to have evil thoughts towards Ling Han.

"Haha, do you know who this young master is— ah!" Cheng Kai Fu wanted to act arrogant for a bit, but he didn't expect Hu Niu to charge over and slap him fiercely on the face, knocking him onto the ground.

He was knocked down once more—this time, by a little girl.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Cheng Kai Fu threw a fit, his eyes so fierce as if he really wanted to kill people.

Pa , Hu Niu threw another slap, and Cheng Kai Fu was naturally slapped to the ground again. In front of Hu Niu, he was only just a dish. This left Can Ye and Guang Yuan speechless; this little girl was truly brutal.

After several slaps, Cheng Kai Fu finally knew how to behave, knowing that these people didn't act following normal rules. His eyes full of hatred, he didn't dare to act arrogant again.

Ling Han drew his sword, its chilling light like water.

Cheng Kai Fu was finally scared, and said with a shiver, "What do you want?" If he died here, how wrong would that be?

"This lord!" The farmers shivered in their boots. If Ling Han attacked and killed Cheng Kai, they couldn't escape the responsibility.

"I'm warning you, my brother is Yan Fei…"


Ling Han's hand rose and the sword fell. A gush of blood splattered—Cheng Kai Fu's arm was cut off.

"Ah!" Cheng Kai Fu instantly screamed tragically.

"Shut up!" Ling Han roared, his voice like a sword, shaking him so much that Cheng Kai Fu involuntarily stopped screaming, then looked at Ling Han with fearsome and hateful gaze. "The reason I didn't cut you down is because of these people…" Ling Han pointed at those farmers.

"Follow last year's price to buy the medicinal ingredients. Otherwise, I will find you and cut of your damn head!" he said coldly.

Cheng Kai Fu was so pained that his face twitched, but as it concerned his own life, he chose to lower his head, nodding in a very minute range.

"Heard it or not, answer me loudly!" Ling Han swung his sword.

"I heard!" Cheng Kai Fu yelled loudly, tears flowing out.

"Get lost!" Ling Han put away his sword.

Cheng Kai Fu hurriedly turned to run. The two servants picked up the severed arm that was on the ground, following Cheng Kai Fu. If the arm was immediately reconnected, there was still a possibility it could work.

The farmers looked at Ling Han with a reverent gaze. They suddenly scattered on one command, leaving only a few behind.

"Thank you, Young Master, for helping!" These people knelt down to salute Ling Han; they were still quite sincere and honest.
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